Combines Multiple Un-Balanced Elements And Converts Them Into One Near Undefeatable Build, Also Features 2 Under Used Yet Extremely Useful; Red Tearstone ring + Power Within. Main Weapons, Great Scythe+15 w/ Darkmoon Blade, Power within and Red tearstone ring, Ultimately, The AR is well above 1600!


RH 1-Great Scythe+15 > Scales Incredibly With Dexterity, A. They'res Actually Not Such A Good Moveset, The Moveset Is Basically Limited Down to, 2H Running + RB/R1, 2H Roll attack and the 1H / 2H R2/RT, The 1H R2/RT Is A Useful Wake-Up Attack From Backstabs and Ripostes. Incredible Damage, With 40 Dex/35 Fai, Darkmoon Blade, Red Tearstone ring + Power within Activated, The AR is: 1793, Out Of All the Power Up builds I Made ( Blueprint, Not Posted ), This One Does The Most Damage.
RH 2-Pyromancy Flame+0 > Don't Upgrade, Power Within Is In Use And That's The Only Pyromancy You'll Be Using.
LH 1-Crest Shield+5 > Acquired Quite Early In The Game, Has Lot's Of Magic Resistance.
LH 2-Canvas Talisman > With 35 Fai, This Has 181 Magic Adj. And Darkmoon Talisman Does 142 Magic Adj.


Helmet: Mask Of The Mother > +15% HP.
Armor: Brigand Armor+10 > Weighs 3.1, Defense In Order; 56.0/61.0/51.0/50.0, Elemental Defense, 48.0/32.0/41.0, Resistances In Order, 0/28.0/28.0/0
Gauntlets: Dingy Gloves+10 > Defense In Order, 21.8/27.2/21.8/21.8, Elemental Defense, 31.5/19.4/24.5, Resistances In Order, 0/19.6/14.0/19.6
Boots: Havel's Leggings > Weighs 11.5, But the Defense is Crazy And This Is You're Only Source of Poise, 54.0/45.9/62.1/54.0, Elemental Defense In Order, 32.0/32.0/29.0, And Resistances, 28.0/27.0/5.0/13.0


Class: Bandit / Cleric
Vit:30 > 10 Levels Below The Average Vitality, But Ring Of Favor & Protection + Mask Of The Mother=1518 HP, That's Above The Average.

Att:19 > 5 Slots.
End:45 > + Rofap,192 Stamina, 25.3 / 102.0 Equipment Load.
Str:14 > Enough 1H Great Scythe.
Dex:40 > For The Scaling Of The Great Scythe.
Fai:35 > Enough For The Miracles.
Res:11 / Int:8, Base Stats ( For Both Bandit/Cleric ).

Sub-Stats / Invasions

- HP:1518
- Stamina: 192
-Stamina Regeneration Speed: 44/Sec ( 4.36 Seconds to Fill )

White sign: 98-142
Red Sign:120-713
Blue Eye Sign: 98-142

Rings / Spells

-Red Tearstone Ring: +50% Atk. Boost ==> At 20% HP.

-Ring Of Favor & Protection: +20% HP, Stamina And Equipment Load, Can Fast Roll So Darkwood Grain Ring Is Not Needed.


-Power Within

-Darkmoon Blade
-Sunlight Blade
-Tranquil Walk of Peace ( Use When They're Cheap )
-Gravelord GreatSword Dance ( Use With Tranquil Walk Of Peace ).

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