* Seath's Sorcerers *

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We are the eyes of the Scaleless. His immortality will guide us. We will serve him to find the true nature of magic. Our tridents will crush the invaders and protect the Crystal. Let the magic fill our body and praise the great Lord Seath !
* * *

[b]The Rules :[/b]
  • Praise the Master *

  • Protect the Duke's Archives at all cost *

  • Protect the Crystal Caves at all cost *

  • Use Magic to defeat your enemies *

  • Respect your superiors *

[b]* * *[/b]

[b]Introduction to the Lore :[/b]
[i]We are the servant of Seath the Scaleless. We are bound to him by the rite of true magic. We uses his power to protect his territory and to help him in his experience. Our goal is to find the unlimited source of magic. We can uses all the information that Seath has gathered to improve our power. We draw our power from the crystal and Seath himself. Any other power is forbidden : any one who try to find a new way of fighting will be punished. The rite of true magic can be passed by any one who has mastered at least the first level of crystal magic. To progress in the hierarchy you must offer rare type of chunck.[/i]

[b]* * *[/b]

[b]The Organisation :[/b]
[img] http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/file/view/sixeyed_helm_of_the_channelers.png/273187960/sixeyed_helm_of_the_channelers.png[/img]

- [u]The Wizards[/u] -

Apprentice : [i]new member[/i]

Crystal Sorcerer : [i]10 blue titanite chunks[/i]

Seath's Wizard : [i]30 blue titanite chunks[/i]

Chaneller : [i]80 blue titanite chunks[/i]
The Wizards must uses only magic and when they have no choice a magic weapon. The uniform should be only in the optic of magic. The one who will be granted the grade of Chaneller must use the Chaneller's set.
[img] http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/file/view/crystalline_helm.png/269849072/crystalline_helm.png[/img]

- [u]The Guardian[/u] -

Soldier : [i]new member[/i]

Crystal Warrior : [i]10 blue titanite chunks[/i]

Seath's Champion : [i]30 blue titanite chunks[/i]

Crystalline Knight : [i]80 blue titanite chunks[/i]
The Guardian are allowed to use magic weapon over magic. They are the sword of Seath. The one who will be granted the grade of Crystalline Knight must use the Cristalline's set.

[b]* * *[/b]

[b]Level and Relation :[/b]
We can PvP at all Soul Level but to have organized event you must respect some limitation. There is 4 stage : 60 ; 80 ; 100 ; 120. The 120 cap is the most used one so it is recommended to stop at 120 but if you prefer other SL cap you can do it but take the responsibility about that.

Our Relation aren't established yet but we are the ally of the other Lords but Seath is also called the Betrayer...

[b]* * *[/b]

[b]The Members :[/b]

[img] http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/file/view/2098.png/273202642/2098.png[/img]
- [b]Representative[/b] -

[u]Chaneller Master[/u] - Wareditor - PSN ( [b]God-of-Dream[/b] )

[u]Crystalline Knight[/u] - Ser Isaac - XBL ( [b]Ser Isaac[/b] )

[b]* * *[/b]

[b]How to Join :[/b]
To join us you need to be an adept of magic and Seath. You should post on this thread an introduction lore about your toon. Then you will be accepted as a member.


[size=14][u][center]Current State and News :[/u][/size]

[img] http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/file/view/avelyn.png/268933912/avelyn.png[/img]

[b][u]Event :[/u][/b]

[img] http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/file/view/moonlight_greatsword.png/268280434/moonlight_greatsword.png[/img]

[b][u]Wars :[/u][/b]

  • The Noble Knights *
[img] http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/file/view/crystal_greatsword_1.png/268279638/crystal_greatsword_1.png[/img]

[b][u]Ennemies :[/u][/b]

  • The Noble Knights *
[img] http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/file/view/Crystal_Shield.png/268945898/Crystal_Shield.png[/img]

[b][u]Allies :[/u][/b]

  • Assassins of Vinheim *

  • Lifehunters *


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