Seek Guidance

Seek Guidance
Spell Type Miracle
Requirements 12 Faith
Slots Used 1
Spell Amount 5

Seek Guidance is a Miracle in Dark Souls. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talismans or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles


Miracle of clerics on an Undead mission. Display more guidance from other worlds.
Guidance facilitates communication between Undead, but their value varies greatly. A balance of faith and wisdom is required.


  • Support, Self
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Seek Guidance allows the player to see more online messages on the ground as well as their positive and negative ratings. Even helpful hidden messages from the developers are shown in some places.


Acquired From



  • Seek Guidance can be cast while other buffs are active, but doing so will not show any messages.
  • Seek Guidance is a Self Buff and interferes with other such buffs (i.e. Great Magic Barrier, Green Blossom, Power Within, etc.). As long as it's active it's not possible to cast other Self Buffs and vice versa.
  • The Lingering Dragoncrest Ring will not extend the duration of the spell.
  • Seek Guidance's animation and effects look exactly like Tranquil Walk of Peace, making it a good choice to deceive other players into thinking you're casting TWoP and winning you some time as they retreat.


Known hidden developer messages (through patch 1.05)
These hidden messages have an icon of a Knight of Astora beside them, instead of one of the variable icons that accompanies normal online messages from players depending on how many votes the message has. This may be a hint that one of the knights you encounter, either 'Oscar' or Ricard, have left them on their journey.

Area Message Location
Undead Asylum "Exchange" Near Snuggly, in the large bird nest to the right as you exit the Asylum.
Firelink Shrine "Path ahead" Drop off point from the elevator, before the path to the egg-nest above the old shrine.
Firelink Shrine "Here!" At the base of the flying buttress, reached by jumping/rolling, on the path to the egg-nest.
Undead Burg "Imminent Merchant" Under the aqueduct, in front of Domhall of Zena once he relocates there from the Depths.
Undead Burg "Imminent drake..." At the start of the Hellkite bridge, beside basement door.
Undead Burg "Jumping off ahead" Before barrels where two Hollows hanging from railing climb up to ambush.
Undead Burg "Prisoner ahead" In front of the house where Griggs of Vinheim is trapped in Lower Undead Burg.
Undead Parish "Prisoner ahead" Inside Undead Church, in the upper doorway towards Lautrec's cell.
Undead Parish "Blacksmith ahead" On the start of the bridge towards the old church, where Andre of Astora is located.
Darkroot Garden "Follow the shining flowers" Right outside the exit from the old church, before entering the garden.
Darkroot Garden "Are the trees moving?" Past the first living/killable tree on the right side of the Moonlight Butterfly area.
Depths "I can't take this" Inside the bonfire chamber.
Depths "Try sliding down" In Giant Rat chamber, on far left side next to top of waterfall.
Depths "Imminent shortcut" Before the shortcut.
Depths "Weakness: Head" In Gaping Dragon boss area, near pillars on left side.
Blighttown "Path Ahead" Near first bonfire, on approach to nearby fire hounds.
Quelaag's Domain "Illusory Wall" Just before illusory wall leading to Chaos Servant covenant, below Second Bell of Awakening.
The Catacombs "Try divine" Right below the first ladder in the Catacombs.
The Catacombs "Treasure" Near weak looking and breakable brick wall.
The Catacombs "Blacksmith ahead" In the wheel skeleton pit, right outside the entrance to Vamos.
The Catacombs "Liar" Near Patches at his bridge turning switch location.
The Catacombs "Up" At the base of the ladder, along the path from the tomb where the Darkmoon Seance Ring is found.
The Catacombs "Shortcut ahead" Right after Pinwheel, on the route to the drop leading back to the Catacombs
New Londo Ruins "Need Curses" Right before the rickety bridge that leads to the old city.
New Londo Ruins "Imminent jumping off ..." At bottom of broken stairs, outside building holding Sealer.
New Londo Ruins "Need Covenant" Outcrop at bottom of staircase leading to Abyss/Four Kings.
Sen's Fortress "Prisoner ahead" In front of breakable wall where Big Hat Logan is kept.
Anor Londo "Path ahead" At the base of the flying buttress leading to the upper floor of the church with the painting.
Anor Londo "Try Projectile" Right inside the door in the Chamber of the Princess.
Valley of Drakes "Ring Ahead" Before the bridge with the wyverns, approaching from the Darkroot elevator.
Demon Ruins "Safe Zone Ahead" In Centipede Demon room, to the right on approach to patch of ground out of the lava.
Crystal Cave "Path Ahead" On the first invisible bridge.



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