Sentinels from the Eastern Realm this is your calling!


Ornsteins_Successor- PSN name Shadow_End1

if interested in joining

go to the page Sentinels from the East signup or post in the thread on the forums (do not post in both only one) and put specified info all entered members will be put on this page


this is a fun covenant that will focus on pvp and helping members with any questions or troubles
this covenant is focused on mainly invading any area in dark souls to claim it for the eastern realm by killing people who invade a member's world or a member invading and killing people in another world. it will also focus on helping players who need help with areas and other things
You may be in any of the covenants (since this covenant attacks all)
when fighting a player use the prayer gesture (if able) before engaging if the other person uses the prayer gesture back use the praise the sun gesture (if able, if not use proper bow) and back out. when helping a player use the prayer gesture as well
This covenant has no affiliation what so ever with Gwyn or the player covenant P.O.L.G. or any other player covenant as our objectives are a whole lot different and our real goal remains a secret to the everyone outside our covenant and as described in the game the painting guardians do not remember their objective and that will be our place to have one

Ranks/ Invaders from the east

it is time to invade other territories in order to claim the lands in the name of the eastern realms
Ninja - shadow armor
Eastern Retainers - eastern armor
Shogun - black set (officers)

New Rank

Eastern Dragon Knight - this is the new rank added to the sentinels of the east the dragon knight wields the sword of moonlight and dragon crest shield, a signature helmet is the gargoyle helmet and armor consists of steel armor, steel gloves, and leggings of the channeler, armor set may be switched out but signature equipment of the dragon knight is the gargoyle helmet, sword of moonlight, and the dragon crest shield


Officers will wear the specified armor and must apply for a position


PSN/Xbox name

Wiki Name


Shadow_End1 (PSN)
Leader/Grand Commander
lBrand0nBl (PSN)

Ninja/Pact maker
jt9652vsG (PSN)

Eastern Retainer/Pact maker/ clan second
Lazykid5545 (PSN)

Eastern Retainer/pact maker (slv 50)
Shooter_Junky (PSN)

Ninja/ pact maker

Eastern Retainer/ Pact Maker




killed by

Priscilla the Crossbreed
Shadow_End1, lazykid5545, shooter_junky
Blueberryvibe (Priscilla's life hunters)
The 4 kings
shooter_junky, lazykid5545, Shadow_End1
Great Grey Wolf Sif
Shadow_End1, lazykid5545, DarkStar_35
Gwyn Lord of Cinder
Shadow_End1, shooter_junky


The Grave of Artorias will be ours! Now we shall head for the forest destroy any who gets in the way! For the Eastern Clans!


Knights of the Kino Order

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