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Shiva Of The East - Dark Souls Remastered

Shiva of the East is a Character in Dark Souls.



Shiva of the East is a Character in Dark Souls. He is the assumed Second-in-Command of the Forest Hunter Covenant. He can be found standing next to the castle where Alvina lives, and he will give you some friendly advice if you speak to him after joining the Covenant. He is wearing the Eastern armor, a complete set of which can be found on the eastern edge of the cliff in the first part of the forest after the big sealed door.
If you belong to the Hunter's Covenant, Shiva will appear as a merchant in Blighttown, standing next to the waterwheel. See the Merchants page for more information.


  • Darkroot Garden - First encounter, after you join the Forest Hunter Covenant, he's located near the ruins entrance. He will tell you some background information on the Forest hunter covenant. His bodyguard is behind him.
  • Blighttown - Afterwards, if he's not in Darkroot Garden, he becomes available as a merchant in the Blighttown swamp in front of the waterwheel elevator. However, you must still be a member of the Forest Covenant for him and his bodyguard to appear there.



If killed he drops(equipment may vary):


  • If you decide to kill Shiva and his bodyguard for their items after joining the covenant, you may have to break the covenant by attacking them in Blight town. I cancelled the covenant via Oswald and although Shiva vanished from the swamp, he didn't reappear in the forest. To make him reappear I had to rejoin the forest hunters.


  • Located in Blighttown under the water wheel. In order for him to appear in Blighttown, you must first join the Forest Hunter's Covenant by talking to Alvina in the Darkroot Garden.
  • You must talk to Shiva at the forest hunters base before he will appear in Blighttown and sell you his wares.
  • Note: If you leave the covenant by any means, Shiva will no longer appear in Blighttown.
  • Note: Shiva will reappear if you talk to Oswald of Carim, absolve your sins and rejoin the covenant.


Icon Name Use Price
 flamberge Flamberge   10.000
  Stone Greatsword   15.000
  Demon Great Machete   10.000
  Shotel   10.000
  Uchigatana   5.000
  Washing Pole   20.000
  Demon's Greataxe   10.000
  Claws   5.000
  Demon's Spear   15.000
  East Wood Grain Ring This ring slows the loss of weapon durability and is particularly useful to bearers of delicate swords crafted in the East. 10.000



It was leaked he was going to be a much more evil character, due to the leaked info he was going to have a black eye orb. So either he was going to hunt the firekeeper in Queelag's Domain or he was going to kill Alvina and you had to rescue her soul. Either way you would have had to invade him to get something back from him. Another plausible thing would have been him taking the Covenant of Artorias ring from you and you having to invade him in New Londo.
A third speculation was the after obtaining the Chaos Blade, Shiva would talk about it in envy and betray you by backstabbing you and killing you. This would then result in the loss of the Chaos Blade and in place of it, a Black Eye Orb was given to the player. To reobtain the chaos blade, you would have had to hunt Shiva down in the Painted World. After killing him, you would re-obtain your Chaos Blade, along with a soul of reprisal.

Video Showing you how to get him as a merchant and more info.

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Character Info


Click to see Dialogue (Contains Spoilers)

I've heard all about you. I'm Shiva of the East, captain of the brigade. Let's teach you the clan basics now, as there is no time to chat in the midst of fighting. Except there's little in the form of rules, you hear? Fight and hunt as you like. Whoever's fastest gets the prey. That's the way we do it. Only... Don't forget what Alvina said. Traitors aren't given a second chance, for any reason. That's about it, then. Don't worry, it's a good old time, isn't it? Great to have you with us. Good hunting to you.




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    • Anonymous

      I would have loved to see mr.deceased have his questline but I guess it kinda makes sence because it would have needed the choas blade but that requires the soul of qulaag and for killing on of the best NPCs after doing all of that and probably not getting much in return. You cant really blame the dev's. It would be annoying to do and you would get nothing in return.

      • I just 2 shot both Shiva and his bodyguard in the swamp. Thorulund Talisman + Gravelord Greatsword Dance x 2 with 11 faith. Now to absolve sin I guess.

        • I despise this guy so much words cannot describe it, I even made an account just to trash him

          I was doing an all ring run and unknowingly aggro'd him by attacking one of the Forest Hunters, and I tried to jump off of a cliff so I could get Oswald to absolve me and the idiot jumped off with me. 5 hour run trashed because of this absolute virgin

          • Anonymous

            If u switch covenants at the bonfire and not by killing the forest npc people there is no sin to absolve so how do I get Shiva back? Please help I'm doing s samurai build and want the other katana he sells

            • Anonymous

              You’re better off not triggering Alvina’s dialogue about him being untrustworthy. It’s tied to his cut quest line and it feels out of place because he does nothing but good throughout the game. Welcomes you to the team in Darkroot, sells strong weapons in Blighttown that you would otherwise need to farm for and even some exclusive weapons that can’t be obtained elsewhere.

              • Anonymous

                Using Cheat engine you can add his black eye orb to your inventory, and if you use it you'll be transported to the painted world of ariandel to fight him, he don't drop anything and there's a blank textbox when you appear in the world. I wonder why they cut this content when it was already halfway programed in the game

                • Anonymous

                  If you don't manage to kill him the first time he will disappear and you will have to absolve your sins and rejoin the covenant to try again

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