Silver Pendant

"One of the ancient treasures of Anor Londo. Presented to Artorias for facing the Abyss.
Effectively deflects the Dark of the Abyss, especially in its magic forms."

Silver Pendant is a Tool in Dark Souls.


Silver Pendant Usage

  • Deflects Dark Magic for a short duration when used.
  • This item is reusable.
  • Time period is very small, practically the same for parrying.
  • Actually deflects the magic, rather than provides protection against.


Silver Pendant Location



Binoculars  ♦  Black Eye Orb  ♦  Darksign  ♦  Dragon Head Stone  ♦  Dragon Torso Stone  ♦  Skull Lantern


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    • Anonymous

      Unlike Red Soapstone you can pick this mutliple times and stack it. So if you pick it every time you can check how many you have and thus know exact number of NG+ cycle you are in.

      • Anonymous

        I have a funny story with this item, in my playthrough of the Daughters of ash mod for PC, i had literally no light source for the tomb of the giants, and no idea where to find them since the locations were changed for the mod.

        I then realized that i had obtained this by the time i went to the area, and also found out that this very slightly lights up your surroundings when you use it.

        With no other choice at the moment, i legit beat the map and got every item just by using this thing everytime i took a step, because it barely generates any light, and was mostly only useful to know if i was going to fall to my death in the next step or not lol.

        • Anonymous

          Just wondering, can you use this item while in multiplayer session? Does it work?
          Even if it works against player's dark magic it is definitely super useless for pvp, I know, I just wonder.

          • Anonymous

            The timing window is much longer than a parry. Seems like almost 3 seconds, which is actually pretty long. Can also be spammed to basically make it infinite as far as I can tell. The gold dust doesn't disappear until well after the next use begins. It seems to be safer to use it early rather than trying to time attacks like a parry

            • Note to self, look for this. I was doing relatively well against Manus at first, but then he pulled out the closing circle move and wrecked my sorry butt in one move. Man did that catch me off guard.

              • Anonymous

                Didn't need it for manus, nor sif, just a good combination of +5 black knight sword and havels armor easy as pie

                • Anonymous

                  Damn. Wish I would had known about this before defeating Manus. Those Dark Wave attacks gave me so much trouble. Well, atleast I know about it for next time lol.

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