Smough's Gauntlets

icon_prot_phy.png 61 Poise Resistence 21
Strike Protection 53.1 Bleed Resistence 33
Slash Protection 70.2 Poison Resistence 16
Thrust Protection 61 Curse Resistence 5
Magic Protection 31 Durability 700
Fire Protection 40 Weight 10.4
Lightning Protection 33    

Smough's Gauntlets is a Gauntlets in Dark Souls. It is part of Smough's Set.


Smough's Gauntlets Description

"Gauntlets of Smough, the Executioner, protector of the cathedral at the forsaken city of Anor Londo. It offers extremely high defense and can be worn by humans, but not without great difficulty."


Where to Find \ Location






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