Sorcerer is a starting Class in Dark Souls

Sorcerer of Vinheim. Dragon school. Casts soul sorceries.


Sorcerer Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • With 15 Attunement and 15 Intelligence, the Sorcerer has exactly one option and that is to cast sorcery. This is the starting class best suited to using sorceries as early as possible, and best suited to builds that use only sorcery and nothing else.
  • This class starts with the lowest Resistance among all classes. This is not actually a good thing, since your starting Resistance does not affect your level in any way, so all it really means is you'll have slightly less defense compared to other builds of your level.


Builds That Use This Class

  • While this class can technically use the same 50 Vitality, 16 Attunement, 40 Endurance, 10 Strength, 40 Dexterity, 32 Intelligence build that the Wanderer can at level 125, it is actually slightly less optimal with it due to the lower Resistance. With 0 Humanity the difference is 5 fewer points in defense, and with 99 Humanity the difference is 1 less point in defense.
  • As can be expected from a class called the Sorcerer, it is in fact the best for builds focused solely on sorcery or weapons that scale with Intelligence like the Moonlight Greatsword. With 50 Vitality, 16+ Attunement, 40 Endurance, 16 Strength, and 50 Intelligence, you too can be a mighty wizard with magical lasers and a giant sword made of moonlight.

    • Anonymous

      07 Mar 2018 04:11  

      My favorite class all around! In DS1, first thing I do is choose the master key a just make a mad run for blight town. From blight town I go straight to ash lake, make a run for the great stone dragon, gain the dragon headstone, become half dragon and now fun begins! I use firebreath when I run out of magic's sort of a nice look! Only downside is watching my character drink estus...through his an idiot. I hope they fix this in the Remastered Version.

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