Sorcerer is a starting Class in Dark Souls

Sorcerer of Vinheim. Dragon school. Casts soul sorceries.


Sorcerer Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • With 15 Attunement and 15 Intelligence, the Sorcerer is the best choice hands down to specialize in Sorceries as they accel innately with Magic
  • Uniquely, this class starts with the lowest Resistance among all classes giving it a better base stat investment. 


Builds That Use This Class

  • As can be expected from a class called the Sorcerer, it is in fact the best for builds focused solely on sorcery or weapons that scale with Intelligence such as the Moonlight Greatsword.

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    • Anonymous

      If you really want wrath of the gods level only to 28 faith and use velkas talisman to use your int for your miracles.

      • I could swear that, when playing with the sorcerer, enemies drop fewer items. I checked it at the beginning of the game by comparing it to the pyromancer with the same amount of liquid humanity.

        • Anonymous

          ..:: Easy-Mode Darksouls Sorcery Guide ::..

          Starting Class: Sorcerer, Pyromancer or Wanderer (if you really really want for some strange reason you can also pick Warrior, Bandit or Hunter)

          *Vitality - 50 (because it's always good to have lots of health, especially with some rings)
          *Attunement - 23-50 (23 gives you 6 spell slots while 50 only 10)
          *Endurance - 40 (max stamina at this point, while spells do not use it, other actions require it)
          *Strength - 16 (enough for use some of the best weapons for sorcerer)
          *Dexterity - 14 (same reason as above)
          *Resistance - none, do not level up
          *Intelligence - 50 (main damage dealing and most importat stat, at this point you can use every sorcery possible)
          *Faith - none, do not level up

          Starting Gift: Master Key or Old Witch's Ring (pick the second one if you play for first time or like to chat with NPCs)

          *Havel's Ring (boost equip load, sometimes you may need to wear heavy armor)
          *Red Tearstone Ring (extreme damage at low health, use only if you can dodge attacks)
          *Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (your main ring(!), boost sorcery and pyromancy damage, but you don't have to use it 100% of the time)
          *Lingering Dragoncrest Ring (increase durations of your magic buffs)
          *Dusk Crown Ring (cuts your max hp by half but all your spells have twice more casts, can be usefull)
          *Wolf Ring (with it most enemy attacks won't interrupt your spell casting)
          *Dark Wood Grain Ring (give you fast flipping rolls so you can quickly evade and gain distance for next spell)
          *Rusted Iron Ring (to move normally in places slowing movement)
          *Ring of Fog (partial invisibility allowing to cast spells before most enemies see you)
          *Ring of Favor and Protection (boost health, stamina and equip load - actually not required for magic build but many players love it)
          Important: Since you could use only two rings at a time you will have to swap them depending of location, enemies and used spells or weapons.

          Melee Weapons:
          *Moonlight Greatsword (+5, sword dealing pure magic damage, can shot magic bolts draining it's durability, so don't forget about repair spell or powder)
          *Moonlight Butterfly Horn (+5, spear dealing pure magic damage, very light and very long)
          *Dagger / Bandit's Knife (make it to +15 Regular upgrade and use for magic weapon buffs)
          *Claymore / Bastard Sword / Flamberge / Zweihander / Uchigatana / Gargoyle's Halberd / Great Scythe (+5 Enchanted, +5 Lighting, +5 Chaos or +10 Fire, do as you like)
          Important: You don't have to get all weapons weapons above. You can even use other weapons. They're listed only because they're good and don't require big stats. Remember to have weapons dealing different damage type for enemies that are resistant to specific damage. If you have problem with keeping at least 10 Humanity all the time use Fire upgrade instead of Chaos. Also it's wise to have one weapon at +10 divine for killing skeletons.

          Ranged Weapons (Optional):
          * Longbow / Composite Bow (+5 Enchanted for Moonlight Arrows or +5 Chaos / +10 Fire for Heavy Arrows / Poison Arrows / Fire Arrows)
          * Heavy Crossbow / Avelyn (+15 Regular for Heavy Bolts or +5 Lightning for Lightning Bolts)
          Important: You don't actually need ranged weapons at all since your spells allows you to hit from distance. But some players like to shoot things so you can have something for sniping.

          Special Weapons:
          *Logan's Catalyst (your main sorcery casting tool against common enemies, requires high Int so use Sorcerer's Catalyst or Beatrice's Catalyst before you get it)
          *Tin Crystallization Catalyst (stronger than Logan's but every spell will use 2 charges instead of one, you can counter this with Dusk Crown Ring)
          *Pyromancy Flame (Ascended +5, used to cast pyromancies, it takes lots of souls to upgrade but damage is really nice when you do it)
          *Dark Hand (in right had use it to steal free humanity from certain NPCs, in left hand you can block light attacks or parry with it)
          *Velka's Talisman (talisman scalling with Int, get it only if you wan't to use Gravelord Sword Dance and Gravelord Greatsword Dance miracles)

          *Grass Crest Shield (nothing special in terms of blocking, but boost stamina regen, use it if you don't need any other specific shield)
          *Spider Shield (blocks posion/toxic attacks, use it against dart snipers, rats, etc.)
          *Crest Shield (best magic blocking shield, use it against spellcasters)
          *Black Knight Shield (best fire blocking shield, use it against things breathing fire or throwing lava at you)
          *Effigy Shield (best lighting protection, use it against lightings but keep in mind, that some enemies deal magic damage even if it looks like electric bolts)
          *Eagle Shield (best stability from all shield listed here, use it against enemies dealing heavy poise damage like some bosses)
          Important: For all shields pick normal upgrade path since it's the only one that can boost stability when blocking and blocking is one of two main reasons for using shield (2nd is parrying).

          Armor: Dusk Crown or Crown of the Dark Sun for headgear. Both boost any spell damage you deal. First one is better but also increase damage you take from magic. So it's your choice. As for the rest armor parts it's not that important actually. If you're good at rolling and evading wear something lighter. If you get hit often pick some heavier stuff. What sould you wear actually depends on ring you use. FaP or Havel's ring allow you to equip something heavier while Wolf Ring gives you stability even if you are naked. Just pick something that looks good at you and match your playstyle. You are magic user so most of the time you should kill things before they get close to you.

          Spells: EVERY SINGLE YOU CAN GET AND USE (but some are worth notice)
          *Crystal Soul Spear / Soul Spear (not many uses but casting time is very short, damage very large, and can pierce more than one enemy)
          *White Dragon Breath (slow but with high damage, many uses and also can pierce more than one enemy)
          *Dark Bead (DS version of Avada Kedavra, fast spell shooting spreading fan of dark balls like shotgun, extreme damage at close range when all balls hit one target)
          *Great Heavy Soul Arrow / Heavy Soul Arrow / Dark Orb (long casting, decent damage, many charges, good for most enemies if you keep distance)
          *Great Soul Arrow (light damage, fast casting, many charges, great for quick killing weak enemies)
          *Homing Crystal Soulmass / Crystal Soulmass / Pursuers (summon balls levitating around you, they will automatically attack closest enemy, bit tricky to use)
          *Crystal Magic Weapon / Great Magic Weapon / Magic Weapon (weapon buff giving additional damage on every hit, use it with fast weapons like daggers)
          *Great Chaos Fireball / Great Fireball / Fire Orb (just throw big ball of fire, dealing high damage on small area, range is quite small compared to sorceries)
          *Great Combustion / Combustion / Black Flame (fast fire atacks with very small range and good damage, quite deadly if you spam them)
          *Fire Tempest / Chaos Storm / Firestorm / Gravelord Sword Dance / Gravelord Greatsword Dance (aoe attacks hitting everything around you, good for big bosses or groups of enemies but you have to get very close)
          *Power Within (powerful buff boosting your damage and stamina regen but slowly burning your health, use it against strong enemies for quick kills)
          Important: Other spells also have their own uses, especially utility spells like Cast Light, Hidden Body, Repair, Remedy, Fall Control, Hush or Strong Magic Shield / Magic Shield. You will have to swap and change spells depending on enemies you want to fight and location you are in.

          For spells keep distance and kill things before they hit you. And that's all. That's why I called it Easy-Mode. Just stay away from enemy claws, swords, paws, axes, jaws, maces, tentacles, etc and shoot spells at them. You can defeat any boss or any enemy by using spells only. Some bosses (especially ones from dlc) are jumpy and have long range attacks or can cover large distance in short time. And here you have two options. Go for heavy armor and big shield to tank and block them or learn to roll away before they hit you. This way you'll save your stamina for defence and use magic for offence since spells do not require stamina. And I'm not saying that this will be piece of cake or walk in the park (it's still Dark Souls!) but shooting auto-targeting high damage spells is much easier and safer than attacking at close range. So why so many weapons? Well at some point you will realize that some enemies are not anymore worthy using spells because you can defeat them normally. Or you may run out of spells. That's why weapons listed above have good range or/and good damage.

          • Anonymous

            I wouldn't advise picking Sorcerer on a first playthrough, especially if it's blind - magic can be OP, but only when you know where to get all the proper gear and spells. And if you do manage to make your character OP, it just becomes boring I suppose

            • Anonymous

              Easiest PvE build?

              50 INT, 40 END, 40 VIT, 20+ ATT and a little bit of STR/DEX just enough to use your favorite weapon in Enchanted upgrade or some unique INT scalling weapon.

              Combine this with Sorcery and Pyromancy mix to simply annihilate any mob, npc or boss.

              Lots of health, lots of stamina, lots of big damage at any range.

              Just do it.

              • Anonymous

                Key to being a pure sorcerer build is distance, stealth and well placed unsuspecting magic attacks. The best melee weapon I can suggest right off the start is the Jagged Ghost blade, it dose a LOT of damage and makes short work of up close enemies. You can get the dagger very quickly and early by first boosting your liquid humanity to 10, get the homeward bones from the secret spot under the elevator from the undead church to firelink shrine, head to new Londo, get the transit cure and begin farming. (Also, be sure to get The Wolf Ring ASAP for poise.) Be sure your intelligence is over 20 and you have heavy soul arrow, you can one shot the ghosts and if they don’t drop the knife, they will drop more transit curses. I’m able to get the jagged blade in 1-2 runs using this tactic. Two spells I highly recommend getting ASAP is the Distraction Spell and Hidden Body. The distraction spell works on just about all enemies and even some bosses, you can use this to keep them off you and spell spam them to death. It works WONDERS for the Capra demon battle. Hidden body is very useful for the catacombs and especially getting around those wheel skeletons. Also, you can run up with your ghost blade and assassinate the necromancers. Anyway...just a few tactics I use for my pure sorcerer class runs. Only downside I have is lightning...I should really look into getting that Occult Shield.

                • Anonymous

                  My favorite class all around! In DS1, first thing I do is choose the master key a just make a mad run for blight town. From blight town I go straight to ash lake, make a run for the great stone dragon, gain the dragon headstone, become half dragon and now fun begins! I use firebreath when I run out of magic's sort of a nice look! Only downside is watching my character drink estus...through his an idiot. I hope they fix this in the Remastered Version.

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