Sorcerer is a starting Class in Dark Souls

Sorcerer of Vinheim. Dragon school. Casts soul sorceries.


Sorcerer Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • With 15 Attunement and 15 Intelligence, the Sorcerer is the best choice hands down to specialize in Sorceries as they accel innately with Magic
  • Uniquely, this class starts with the lowest Resistance among all classes giving it a better base stat investment. 


Builds That Use This Class

  • As can be expected from a class called the Sorcerer, it is in fact the best for builds focused solely on sorcery or weapons that scale with Intelligence such as the Moonlight Greatsword.

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    • Anonymous

      I wouldn't advise picking Sorcerer on a first playthrough, especially if it's blind - magic can be OP, but only when you know where to get all the proper gear and spells. And if you do manage to make your character OP, it just becomes boring I suppose

      • Anonymous

        Easiest PvE build?

        50 INT, 40 END, 40 VIT, 20+ ATT and a little bit of STR/DEX just enough to use your favorite weapon in Enchanted upgrade or some unique INT scalling weapon.

        Combine this with Sorcery and Pyromancy mix to simply annihilate any mob, npc or boss.

        Lots of health, lots of stamina, lots of big damage at any range.

        Just do it.

        • Anonymous

          Key to being a pure sorcerer build is distance, stealth and well placed unsuspecting magic attacks. The best melee weapon I can suggest right off the start is the Jagged Ghost blade, it dose a LOT of damage and makes short work of up close enemies. You can get the dagger very quickly and early by first boosting your liquid humanity to 10, get the homeward bones from the secret spot under the elevator from the undead church to firelink shrine, head to new Londo, get the transit cure and begin farming. (Also, be sure to get The Wolf Ring ASAP for poise.) Be sure your intelligence is over 20 and you have heavy soul arrow, you can one shot the ghosts and if they don’t drop the knife, they will drop more transit curses. I’m able to get the jagged blade in 1-2 runs using this tactic. Two spells I highly recommend getting ASAP is the Distraction Spell and Hidden Body. The distraction spell works on just about all enemies and even some bosses, you can use this to keep them off you and spell spam them to death. It works WONDERS for the Capra demon battle. Hidden body is very useful for the catacombs and especially getting around those wheel skeletons. Also, you can run up with your ghost blade and assassinate the necromancers. Anyway...just a few tactics I use for my pure sorcerer class runs. Only downside I have is lightning...I should really look into getting that Occult Shield.

          • Anonymous

            My favorite class all around! In DS1, first thing I do is choose the master key a just make a mad run for blight town. From blight town I go straight to ash lake, make a run for the great stone dragon, gain the dragon headstone, become half dragon and now fun begins! I use firebreath when I run out of magic's sort of a nice look! Only downside is watching my character drink estus...through his an idiot. I hope they fix this in the Remastered Version.

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