All soul farming methods can be improved by equipping either the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring or the Symbol of Avarice, which will increase the number of souls earned for killing enemies by 20% each. If both are equipped, the effect stacks, increasing soul rewards by 44%. 

There's also the possibility to get the overkill bonus, worth an additional 20%, which will stack with the ring and headpiece for a total of 72,8% soul bonus. Overkill bonus is rewarded when causing >150% damage to any enemy during one hit, which often happens when using Power Within together with a powerful attack.

See also: Farming, Titanite Farming, Humanity Farming.



  • Recollected information about farming methods. NEED CONFIRMATION IN NG+ AND VERIFY THAT THE SOUL GAIN IS CORRECT.

Anor Londo


Soul rates

  • 4,500 every 2 minutes


  • (Need a stats and spell recommendation)

Location: Anor Londo bonfire
Go left toward the dukes, then use your strongest spell to kill the three giant knights and run back

Soul rates

  • 9000 every 2 minutes (18000 Souls potentially in NG+, but method untested and may take more than 2 Soul Spear or Crystal soul spear for each giant)



  • 36 int stat minimum



Location: Anor Londo bonfire
Equipment: Use the dusk crown ring and any gear to upgrade sorcery power, recommended 2 slots of Soul Spear minimum. <25% movement recommended.
Run to the right, shoot 2 successive Souls Spears at each giant, run over towards dukes and then do the same to 3 giants there. Soul Spear and Crystal soul spear cause giants to be stunned so that a second shot before them guarding is possible.


Soul rates

  • 12,600 Souls every 4 minutes (first playthrough(15120with CSSR))



  • SL 50+

In Anor Londo there are 12 silver knights situated in the palace area. When you first get in the palace there is a bonfire on your left through the door. Start here. Exit that room, and go to room across, 1st silver knight (spear), kill 2nd silver knight (sword) at bottom of stairs, past him go through the door to your right for the 3rd and 4th silver knight (spears), go back and run up the stairs, go through left door for 5th silver knight (spear), go back past the stairs and kill 6th (archer), through the door on the right 7th, 8th and 9th (sword wielders) (personally i lure them out one at a time), up the stairs to the top (outside) for 10th and 11th (sword and archer), down the stairs to the right of the stairs where you came up for the12th (sword). Exit that room at the far end and down the stairs to return to the bonfire.

This does seem like more trouble than its worth, but if you take the time to master parrying, you can kill them in one riposte using a lightning spear (mimic drop, Sen's Fortress) at +3, hence the 4 minutes.

Short version of this is clearing 4 Silver Knights near the bonfire - not wasting too much time for running, you don't even need to heal yourself (using bonfire to reset knights often gives enough healing), and it's doable in 90 seconds, full route including getting back to bonfire.

*With the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, you can easily get ~12k in just a few minutes. With an upgraded Pyromancy Flame and Combustion you could kill everything in 2-3 hits, making it fast and easy. Definitely the best way to farm before end game. There are also some good rare drops like the Silver Knight Shield which at the very least is another 100 souls from Kingseeker Frampt

Also, you can kill the 2 giants and silver knight archer in the hall before Smough and Ornstein, as well as the 2 guarding the doorway to the courtyard were all the gargoyles are. This is especially easy to do with the Hawk ring and a decent bow. These 5 enemies will give 10300 souls, 12360 with the CSSR. A full run through this area will give 27480 souls with the CSSR.


  • Resting at a bonfire does not respawn these two NPCs. You need to go through a loading screen for that to happen. Farming without Homeward Bones or the Homeward miracle requires one to warp out and in again.
  • If killed, the player character will sometimes end up at the first bonfire on the level despite not resting there recently.
  • In New Game+, with Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, each NPC yields 18,000 souls.

Firelink Shrine


Soul Rates

  • 1,000 souls in less than 1:00



Drake Sword and Fireball will help with this method. Go from Firelink Shrine to the graveyard. There are 2 Giant Skeleton that give 500 souls each and also some weaker skeletons. Kill the small ones,then cast some fireball on the big Skeletons to kill them easily. If it is your first time here you can also find a useful item.

Darkroot Garden

7,000 souls in less than 1:30 (21,000 in NG+)
Recommended SL: 20-30
Careful farming of the NPCs past the Crest-locked gate in Darkroot Garden is quite good. In the Black Forest, there are 4 NPC's: a mage, a thief who is using the Ring of Fog, which makes players semi-transparent, a cleric, and an axe warrior. From the bonfire, head down the stairs to the area they are in. Run right out into the forest on the left to come upon the mage with a round shield. He casts Soul Arrow and Heavy Soul Arrow. You can use the trees as cover from the Mage's spells. The next enemy might be the thief. Although hard to see, you can hear him/her running at you. Enemy 3 is a mace and shield fellow, looks like a cleric. The last enemy is an armored axe and shield enemy. With the Catarina Armor and a 2 handed greataxe, the enemies stagger from your hits and go down fairly quickly. Mage=2000 souls, Thief=2000 souls, Cleric-type=2000 souls, Axe Soldier=1000 souls. Run to the bonfire up the stairs and repeat. Coaxing visible enemies with arrows seems a lot safer than tanking with low melee prowess.

7,000 Souls in approximately 2-3 minutes
Recommended SL: Any
De-equip all armor and heavy weapons. When approaching the NPCs in the forest, run straight at the Sorcerer NPC. He will cast Soul Arrow, but his aim is slow and it should go over your shoulder or hit a tree. Run directly to his left and keep going. As you approach the cliff face, the Priest on the right will notice you and begin to approach. Ignore him and continue straight until the Warrior with the Axe sitting on the top of the Cliff stands to pursue you. Immediately turn right and head back into the woods. Keep the glowing flower on your left, and run straight towards the stairs again. You have now gone around the semi-invisible Thief, and he should follow as well. He is very fast, so de-equiping everything for maximum speed is best. As you approach the stairs, run to the right of them and push your character into the corner between the base of the stairs and the ledge of the cliff. As the enemies approach, their AI pathing will lead them up the stairs, and then over the side to get you. They should then glance off your head (no damage) and fall to their doom. Keep your shield up, and face the cliff. If they do land, one blocked swing will force them over. Use the camera to watch for the approaching NPCs. If they get stuck on trees and turn away, leave the corner and run out and circle them again to get their attention before returning. They will always exit the forest area well away from the cliff, thus forcing them to take the stairs as they approach and fall when they reach you.This nets 7000 souls with almost zero risk. Even if you fail, your bloodstain is always within sprinting distance.

Alternately, instead of running back to the stairs, you can keep running along the cliff (towards the direction you'd be coming from if you came from Darkroot Basin). If you follow the cliff to your left, you should eventually be able to tell where there's solid ground under the ledge since you'll start seeing trees again. Drop down to the right of the leftmost tree and walk left around it and you'll end up in a small crevice between the cliff wall and oblivion. Just like with the stairs spot, the chasing NPCs will go flying right off into the void. This is slightly faster but the walk back to the bonfire is longer, so it's better if you have access to Homeward. If you don't have Homeward and you are confident, you can jump off the cliff and pick up your blood stain each time you head out.

There are three additional NPCs in that area, a knight (3000 Souls), a Bandit (5000 Souls) and an archer (5000 Souls + Black Bow of Pharis + Pharis' Hat), all cloaked, that won't respawn.

Undead Burg

Hellkite Dragon
555 souls in ~30 seconds.
665 souls (+20%) or 798 souls (+44%)

Brief Synopsis

  • From the first Undead Burg bonfire, climb the ladder and go up to the bridge.
  • Take a step onto the bridge, then run back down the stairs to safety.
  • The Hellkite Dragon will breathe fire and incinerate the enemies on the bridge.
  • Return to the bonfire, and repeat.

Detailed Walkthrough

At the first bonfire in Undead Burg, after the ladder has been lowered, climb the ladder and head up the stairs to the top of the bridge. Take one step onto the bridge, then run back down the stairs to safety. The Hellkite Dragon should incinerate the enemies on the bridge, earning you 555 souls. Return to the bonfire, rest and repeat.

It is possible to accelerate this method by exploiting a quirk of the Hellkite's attack trigger. If the player takes a step onto the bridge to trigger an attack, then immediately runs down the stairs, across the small room, and drops off the side of the stairs to the bonfire quickly enough (less than 25% equip load is essential), the Hellkite gets 'stuck', in a sense, in being triggered to breathe fire; presumably, this is due to the player moving far enough away before the attack is considered to have finished, although the exact nature of the trick is unknown. As a result of the trigger 'sticking', every time the player reaches the top of the ladder, they will be back within the trigger radius for another attack, and so the Hellkite will incinerate the enemies without the player even having to go up to the bridge. The player should simply climb the ladder, start up the stairs, then when the Hellkite roars, wait a moment before dropping off the side of the stairs again to preserve the trigger 'sticking'. This approximately halves the time taken per run, which therefore roughly doubles the efficiency. Note: If the Hellkite doesn't attack as you proceed from the top of the ladder, you didn't complete the 'normal' run down from the bridge quickly enough, and will have to try it again to make the trigger 'stick'. Once it does 'stick', however, it is quite easily maintained.


700-800 Souls +green and large titanite shard drops
SL: 20+
Time: 1 minute or less
Place: Depths at bonfire behind locked door

This method is basically the same method as the farming for green titanite method. The obvious benefit is that you get shard drops along with the soul farming. Basically go to the bonfire behind the locked door in the depths kill the 2 hollows and slimes in the hallway just outside. Rinse and repeat. Works better if you have a strong weapon or spell to dispatch the slimes quickly. Fire works well on the slimes. Have some loose humanity up if you want more drops. Works best before your kill the area boss as your humanity will slowly increase as well.

3,000 souls in 3 minutes
This method is done in the Depths after you've unlocked the shortcut back to the bonfire. It involves killing the curse frogs, so if you can't one shot them or don't feel comfortable killing them, try something else. From the bonfire, go down the stairs, down the ladder and more stairs to the hallway where the merchant sits. Go kill the 3 large rats, then continue around the corner where the frogs are. The first 2 are solo, then there are 2 frogs together to the left. Continuing on, there is one frog still on the upper level that will patrol towards you. After that, to the right a frog will notice you, but will get hung up on another frog when trying to path to you. You can take these out with a fireball, or drop down and kill them from behind. The other three frogs can then be killed from behind without them attacking. Each frog drops 241 souls, for 2,410 souls for the frogs, plus ~600 from the rats you killed. If you want to farm humanity and/or shards, kill the slimes near the bonfire, and before you head down the ladder, go to the next room where 5 rats are gathered in a corner.

Painted World of Ariamis


Combined Soul + Large Titanite Shard Farm

Souls: 12,600 base (more with both Covetous Silver Serpent Ring + Symbol of Avarice)

Time: 1:20 per run, with use of a homeward bone. ~2:30 without.

One of following spells:
Fire Storm (Costs 30.000 souls)
Fire Tempest (Awarded)
Chaos Storm (30 Humanity)


This method relies on the use of a homeward bone and some form of AOE pyromancy for efficiency. Like other farming methods, you will warp to the Ariamis bonfire and kill the Phalanax. However, instead of returning to the bonfire to reset the Phalanx mobs, you will run straight through the doors on the other side and kill everything on your way to the Priscilla boss arena. There final enemy is a Berenike Knight which drops a guaranteed Large Titanite Shard. With the Berenike Knight finished, use a Homeward Bone to warp back to the Painted World of Ariamis bonfire and begin the run over again. With this method, it is easy to combine a soul farm and Large Titanite Shard farm with minimal additional time or effort.

Standard 30 Second Soul Run
Souls: 7,000, 8,500 with ring, 10,080 with both Covetous Silver Serpent Ring + Symbol of Avarice (NG+ 18.000-23.000)
Time: ~ 30 seconds per run, which comes to ~20k souls / minute if you have Covetous Silver Serpent Ring + Symbol of Avarice
Required Equipment (Miracles):

Required Equipement (Pyromancy):

  • Pyromancy Flame +6 minimum (NG), Ascended Pyromancy Flame (NG+)
  • One of following spells:
    1. Fire Storm (Costs 30.000 souls)
    2. Fire Tempest (Awarded)
    3. Chaos Storm (30 Humanity)

Optional Equipment:

Pyro method:
Pyromancy path in this section is the highest netting soul farming method in the game, just marginally beating the farming of souls method behind the Crest of Artorias sealed doors, in all NG or NG+ playthroughs. Having one of the three spells, cast by appropriately enforced Pyro flame, ensures the maximum soul collection via overkill in shortest possible time. The most efficient run consists of running toward the Phalanx formation, sprint-killing the undead in the way with melee weapon (with both the Ring and Symbol, each undead overkilled yields just over 1000 souls on NG+ and over 500 on NG), equipping the Pyromancy flame if you have not already and starting to cast the Fire Storm spell variant while running up to the Phalanges. The spell's cast duration is aproximately 2 seconds. The first second you are still able to spring, while the other second you are reduced to walking, before finally releasing the spell. Correct timing of the spell's cast so it's thrown right at the moment you are nearest to the first Phalanx ensures maximum efficiency. Ensuring you have maximum Poise so you're not staggered out of the casting is reccomended, but not neccessary. Since the fire pillars rising from the spell are randomised, some luck is required to hit every Phalanx with 17 pillars that are cast by default. Casting the spell twice is usually the norm, though.

With all of the enemies dead and overkilled while wearing the two bonus items, yield from Phalanx enemies alone is at ~11.800 souls at NG, and 20.192 souls in NG+. This, coupled with the Undead you killed at approach and two more you're going to kill when going back, yields at around 23.500 souls in ideal run. Realistically, some fire pillars are likely to miss and you're going to have to deal with a few remaining Phalanx with your primary weapon or re-cast of the spell. If you're not overkilling the last few ones every other run, plus a few added seconds, you are still accumulating at around 21.000 souls average, on a run lasting between 30-45 seconds.

Ideally, if your run lasts 35 seconds, and you collect 23.500 souls per run, in one hour you have time for 102 runs, rounded down to 100 runs for seconds used in animations of sitting and rising from bonfire, you are collecting 2.350.000 souls per one hour. Realistically though, with extra seconds, ocassional Estus, and some non-overkilled enemies will still net you at over 1.5 million souls in one hour.

Miracles method:
Open the shortcut door from the Phalanxes to the bonfire. From the bonfire, run past the dregling, walk right next to the phalanx, and cast Wrath of the Gods. It should kill most of them. Walk next to the remainder and cast it again, then run back to the bonfire and repeat. Once you get used to doing this you can do it in arond ~30 seconds. For builds that have 28+ faith this is the fastest method for gaining souls.
Depending on your rings + endurance, equip the highest amount of poise you can while remaining at fastest speed. Ideally you want enough poise to withstand a hit from the dregling or the phalanx without getting stunned.
The Phalanxes are also weak to poison, so one or two casts of poison will take them all out (2 casts only if the first one's positioning didn't hit all of them). It takes a bit of practice, but start casting right as run halfway past the box. At around of dozen of them for 250 each, that's a good chunk of souls. With the ring for 20% bonus souls, that's 4.2k for casting 1-2 spells. Then, you can either continue on to the big black knight or go back and up the stairs at the beginning. The main thing is to give enough time for the poison to kill all of them. Fighting the black knight is riskier, so at first you may want to play it safe. Die too early and you get nothing for the poison.

*Instead of using Pyromancy or Miracles it's also possible to use the Dragon King Greataxe's special attack, in fact if you held it in two hands and a power attack is used (R2 or RT), it releases a shock wave in a 360 degree radius almost identical to the Wrath of the Gods miracle. Of course you'll have to repair the weapon at the bonfire every time.
10,000+ Souls every 3 or so minutes.
This requires Pyromancy: Poison Mist, front gate opened, and annex key. Miracles: Homeward and Force help but are not required. From the bonfire run straight. Kill the Hollow guarding the front gate. Run to the right of the large blocks and directly into the right side of the legion swarm. Cast Poison Mist. This should hit all of them and only occasionally miss 1-2. Immediately run through the annex door and up the stairs. Take the first left and head up the stairs. Kill the pyromancer. On top of this building will be a large hole and 2 crow-headed demons (to start). Just stepping foot on the roof agro's the first crow. Run along the wall up to the other crow and the large hole in the ground. Stand about half way onto the ledge then turn around to see the crow. Shield up and the crow should swing only to fall into the hole and net you 900 souls. Run up stairs and run right back down. 2 more crows will land leaving 3 in total. Coax them down the stairs and make them fall in the hole the same way. Beware of going to the corner of the ledge, their jumping grapple can hit you easily there. In addition if they jump at you simply run to where they jumped from. Occasionally they will leap over the edge and get stuck, but at that point they are harmless and to be ignored. If all goes well you will kill the legion and the 4 crows. Next you can run down the spiral stair cases to fight the knight but this is risky. Usually after the crows the legion is about to die from the poison so returning to bonfire or fighting the knight is up to you.

45,000+ Souls/60,000+ Souls in NG+
There is a much better method to farming if you have the patience to wait for someone to summon you. Once you have defeated the boss and understand her techniques you should be ready to fight her repeatedly and win. Simply place your sign near the bonfire and if you are in the proper level range, (I farmed to over 1 million souls at level 75, getting summoned at an average waiting time of 30 seconds to 8 minutes.) you will be set up to start a fast run. Most players have the initial gate opened and then want help with the boss and/or the rest of the level. The thing that's tricky to get people to understand is that you MUST kill King Jeremiah before the boss, otherwise they are screwed. The trouble is your average player doesn't even know about the existence of King Jeremiah the invader. Enticing them is a good idea, and on the PSN this isn't too complicated as the message system recognizes your previous word sequences. I would simply go under "players met" and from there scroll to the top to find the player who had summoned me. Then I would quickly send the message "follow me for 30k souls + the boss." This usually worked :) From there, lead them as quickly as you can (fighting the Undead dragon along the way if you'd like) to the courtyard with all the cages and impaled humans on pikes. Lead them to bottom of the area where the two items are, letting them grab the items if they haven't already, then head back toward the stairs. The Xanthous King Jeremiah will invade at that point. Kill him quickly (using the lightning spear +5 only takes 3 R2 thrusts to do so) and you will have your 30,00 souls. Note: I'm not sure if this yields 30k souls for the human player but I'm positive it does for a phantom. From there, lead them to the boss either through the last door (if they have already opened it) or up and under the undead dragon. Getting past the lower half of the Undead dragon is simple. Just do a leaping attack by pushing forward and R2 at the same time. He'll stand up and you can drop down only suffering minimal damage. From there simply lead them past the large knight and to the boss. Also, if you are wearing the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring it will make your farming go quite a bit faster. I have confirmed this technique by going all the way over 1 million souls as a Sunbro and will be going for 10 million souls in NG+. Praise the Sun!

19,000+ Souls per average time of 50 seconds in NG+
Once you reach new game plus you should have already acquired the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. This will be necessary to make sure you receive just shy of 20,000 souls for each run. You should also have your pyromancy flame boosted to +15, then ascended, then boosted to maximum of +5. Make sure you have firestorm equipped, along with a strong weapon that will do more than necessarily brutal R2 attacks. I personally used a +5 Chaos Iatio. Start from the bonfire, running right up to the first gate (make sure you have already opened it) and kill the undead with a quick R2 attack. You will gain bonus souls for doing a major hit, probably over 400 points in damage. From there, quickly switch to your pyromancy flame and sprint to the phalanx-type collection of enemies and cast firestorm as close as you can to them. If done perfectly it will kill all of them or close to all of them. Quickly finish off any stragglers for the souls. Now, sprint back to the gate and kill the remaining two undead with a strong R2 attack as well and then right back to the bonfire. Rinse and repeat. The benefit of this type of farming is that it can be done extremely quickly, offline, and in contrast to the above technique you don't have to wait to be summoned. Additionally, the Berike Knight in front of Priscilla's boss room guarantees a Large Titanite Shard drop. Running to the end to farm this enemy adds an easy extra item farm to an already easy run.


The Duke's Archives

8000 souls every 2 minutes (Pisacas)

Head to the Prison Tower in Duke's Archives and make sure , that the alarm has been turned off, all doors except the one to the bonfire are closed (to prevent Undead Crystal Soldiers from annoying you when running down the stairs), and that you rested at the bonfire to homeward back to it. Then, simply head down the stairs to where the Piscas are held, killing them with your favourite method (they only have 350 health each and are especially weak to any kind of elemental and slashing damage). Since they are placed closed together, AoE Spells also work very well here. There are 10 of them here, each one giving 800 souls (or 1152 when using Symbol of Avarice and Covetous Silver Serpent Ring) netting 8000/11520 souls per run. As a bonus, they occasionally drop Humanity as well, making it a great way to farm those too. Homeward back to the bonfire and repeat.

Tomb of The Giants

4,000 souls every minute (Skeleton Baby Slaughter)
Recommended SL: 50+
Directly before the fog gate that leads to Gravelord Nito there are a few pinwheel servants that give you a few souls, but that's not the enemy you will be farming. In the watery area below most of the pinwheel servants, there are skeleton babies that spawn in packs of 5-10. Each baby gives you 121 souls (145 each with the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring) and they respawn about 1-2 seconds after you have killed them. I suggest farming them around a ramp, because only 1 or 2 of them follow you up the ramp and you'll have time to heal if you get into some trouble). The babies die in 1 hit (They have about 40-50 health each). I personally suggest that you use a weapon with a long reach (such as a spear) because the babies still do a bit of damage, but once you get the hang of it, you won't be hit very often. If you use the Evil Eye ring, you will more than likely out heal their damage, unless you let yourself get hit a lot. The main benefit of this strategy is that you don't have to run back and forth to a bonfire, you can continue farming these babies until the end of time. As an added benefit, the babies also have a chance of dropping humanity.

Souls: 8640 with both Covetous Silver Serpent Ring + Symbol of Avarice (NG+ 17000)
Time: ~ 30 seconds per run, which comes to ~17k souls/min


Required Equipment:

  • Pyromancy Flame +5 (upgraded version)
  • Great Fireball(NG)/ Great Chaos Fireball(NG, NG+) ( Great Chaos Fireball can be used even with a lower pyromancy flame, although in NG+ it will have to be maxed out.)
  • Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
  • Symbol of Avarice
  • Lantern (optional)


Detailed Walkthrough

Go to the last bonfire before Nito and rest, leave the bonfire and go up the path killing the first skeleton beast on the way (forget about the skeleton sword in there), then, walk down the path and run until you see three skeletons beast on the way, kill them and head back to the bonfire, basically you need to kill each one with a single fireball.

This video shows the above:

12,100 souls every 30 seconds (CSS Ring + Symbol of Avarice + Overkill).
With Crystal Soul Spear, equip Crown of Dusk and the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. Next, from the second bonfire, kill the skeleton beast and the giant skeleton(with Crystal Soul Spear of course). Keep moving forward and you will see 3 skeleton beast, target the first one and move to the right so u can line up 2 of the beast, and use crystal soul spear, it should go through and kill the second one, and use your last one to kill the remaining beast. Since the bonfire is very near you wont need to homeward back. The first 2 enemies should net you exactly 4321 souls, and the 3 beast 7779 making exactly 12100 souls. Aprox. 1,452,000 in an hour.

Kiln of the First Flame

Soul Rates

  • 10,000 Souls in ~ 2 minutes 30 Seconds, 14,400 with Symbol of Avarice + Silver Serpent Ring 


  •  A high level weapon, preferably a strength weapon

Brief Synopsis

  • Progress to the entrance of the Kiln of the First Flame without killing Gwyn
  • Buy the Homeward Miracle or Homeward Bone, if you don't already possess either
  • Use the Lordvessel to set your spawn
  • Progress through the area, killing the Black Knights as you go, without passing the fog wall
  • Repeat as necessary 

Detailed Walkthrough

After collecting the Lordvessel, speaking with either primordial serpent,  proceeding to the antechamber of  the Kiln of the First Flame, and collecting all of the four lord souls you can begin your farming.

Set your spawn at the Lordvessel bonfire, you'll be given 20 Estus for the area, and open the door. This is where you'll begin your run. From the bonfire run directly down the staircase and follow the pathway, taking as much time as you need to appreciate the scenery. You'll encounter exactly five Black Knights throughout the area, all using shields, two using Black Knight Swords, one using the Black Knight Greatsword, one using the Black Knight Greataxe, one using the Black Knight Halberd. All five will drop upgrade chunks, titanite, red, white, and blue respectfully (all upgrade materials will drop 100% of the time at 10 humanity).

After killing the Halberd Black Knight and collecting the blue titanite that drops use the Homeward Miracle or Bone to return to the Lordvessel and restart your run, note that you don't need to rest at the Lordvessel unless you need Estus as the Homeward effect acts as an area reload.

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    • Anonymous

      phalanx in painted world on NG+7 with maxed equip and overkill by fire tempest give you around 30000 souls per run, fastest run is 32 sec, so its around 3000000 souls per hour including fails like death, missing kills etc
      on 300 lvl you need 800k souls to level up

      • Anonymous

        I'm level 180 with nearly 300 hours on my first playthrough. I've farmed a lot. The Covetous Silver Serpent Ring has never once boosted my souls at all. I've tested this thoroughly on many occasions, many times. It does boost item discovery but, not souls. Is there something I'm missing?

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, question: I'm currently trying to grind enough souls to buy Orensteins armor (I've already bought the chest plate), and upgrade my strength so that it becomes a medium or light roll usage. However, I only have a short amount of time per day, an hour, and I'd rather not spend a ton of time grinding. Any locations in general that yield massive amounts of souls, quickly? (I believe my current soul upgrade cost is 22-something thousand souls.)

          • Anonymous

            Just spent my weekend grinding souls at darkroot garden just so I could Max out my consumables, what am I doing with my life, I'm not even going to play ng+, when am I going to need 198 purging stones, I've only just opened sens fortress

            • Anonymous

              Not sure the undead burg shortcut method works. Just tried it on my Xbox 360, I got the hellkite dragon to 'stick' and work once, but then I tried it again and it played a death sound then gave me 10,000 souls. So it seems like the dragon can't comprehend what you're doing and has a stroke or something. Oopsie.

              • For the cloaked npc's in the darkroot garden, you can just get their attention 1 by 1 and lure them to the cliff's edge. Then just position yourself so that the enemy is closer to the cliff and pull a Patches on them by kicking them off. Embrace you inner Leonidas by screaming "THIS! IS! SPARTA! as you do.

                • Anonymous

                  Eeeerrrmm… Just use the soul dupe glitch (works on console and on latest patch).
                  You use a stack of 999 from each soul.
                  So doing this with the soul of a great hero gives you 19.980.000 souls.

                  EZ Max level

                  Can also be done with humanity.

                  And there is also a glitch which lets you creat stacks of 99 for every item, even covenant items.

                  Just google it, i thought this is common knowledge at this point.

                  Ain‘t nobody got time for that brainless farming, eh?

                  • Anonymous

                    Easy sorcerer method: Demon Ruins bonfire with the 5 Minor Capra Demons and Demon Statue. 4360 souls (6.3k wth ring and avarice) in approx. 45s (without homeward/bone), Soul Spear and Bellowing Dragoncrest ring only requirements. Start at bonfire &gt; kill statue &gt; kill Capra Demons upstairs &gt; walk off the corner to lower level &gt; bonfire &gt; repeat.

                    • Anonymous

                      I spent a lot of time in the depths. I used it for titanite farming, with varying degrees of success, but also humanity farming and getting evil eyes. It was good for the gravelord covenant, but at the time I didn't care and just fed them to Frampt for 500 a pop. The souls were just a nice bonus.

                      • Anonymous

                        best farm is Painted World. run behind Phalanx enemies and cast an AOE with high dam. use Homeward tele back and repeat. roughly 8k a run and you can do it in like 45 seconds with a good cpu and a one hit kill.

                        • Anonymous

                          if a method doesn't ****ing work then remove it from the ****ing list, thanks for ****ing my game over for a 1 time spawn that, by being on this ****ing page, should've been farmable

                          • Anonymous

                            "the effect stacks, increasing soul rewards by 44%. "

                            This appears to disagree with the pages on Item+Discovery, Covetous+Gold+Serpent+Ring, &amp; Symbol+of+Avarice, which all claim there is NO stacking bonus. What am I missing?

                            • Anonymous

                              Fun fact: One-shotting enemies gives you 25% extra souls. By that I mean a single hit, not a combo. No I didn't read the article.

                              • Anonymous

                                buy as many prism stones from patches and sell them to frampt which doubles the amount of souls you spent on patches as frampt eats them for twice the amount of souls, so when you kill nito you have the best soulfarm in the game

                                • Anonymous

                                  An early-game farming spot I found by accident when I was determined to get a fire weapon and then found myself trapped at Vamos' bonfire: from the hole in the wall run right, and zigzag along the winding path towards the Pinwheel arena, doing your best to dodge the bonewheel skeletons who'll be chasing after you. Just at the last couple steps before the drop to Pinwheel's arena, stop and turn around. The Bonewheel skeletons will be still trying to chase and attack you, but they're literally unable to cross the boundary of their area and the edge of the Pinwheel one. The threshold is just an invisible line toward the end of the winding path - you can even see them rolling on the spot there. Once you know where to safely stand past that line you can easily barbecue or skewer them or whatever without them being able to touch you. There's six or seven of them in the area each giving 400 souls on NG, so you can easily get 2000+ souls in a 90 second run and then go back to the bonfire and repeat it, until you've levelled stuff enough that you feel safe to forge on out of there

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Hum im surpprise nobody point the "BEST" and "EFFECTIVE", "REAL" FARM My method = 20K = 12.5 sec for perfect run.. // 25 sec for "start" to bonefire and go to the spot + spell time + return (no boneHome) to bonefire. - Ariamis painted world - 13 PHALANX (1.44 K soul NG+) + fire storm = One Shot on all MOB yes this is repetitiv but the rating Time / soul seems to be the better spot for farming on the MOB, in all game.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Go to Oolacile Township bonfire, use dried fingers, wait for invader to spawn. Stand near them and use the Stone Greatsword 2HR2 or Tranquill Walk of Peace and finish them off with Dark Bead. About 1-2 million souls in 10 minutes on level 100. On higher levels you will get more ridiculous amounts. Be sure to have 99 Repair Powder if you use the Stone Greatsword.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Anor Londo 2nd bonfire (in the door to the left after you enter the main cathedral). There are twelve silver knights in the vicinity. Parry and riposte for easy kills. Rinse and repeat. Use the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring for an extra boost of souls. On NG++ I averaged ~48,500 souls every 3.5 minutes.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I tend to farm the clams in the crystal caves (with 10 humanity, symbol of avarice and silver serpent ring) 1 because they drop twinkling at a decent rate and two they give 1440 souls and drop purging stones which if you are working with frampt can net you 1000 souls each meaning by the time youve collected 99 of them and cached them in ( usually about 45 mins to an hour) you end up with 150-200k souls

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Dark root Garden Hidden body+Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring+high crit weapon Equip the silver serpent ring &amp; the slumbering ring then as you exit the bonfire, cast hidden body. Sprint towards the caster, back stab. Sprint towards the thief on the hill, back stab. Re-cast hidden body again outside of view of the cleric, then backstab the cleric &amp; bandit. Homeward bone, Rinse &amp; Repeat. 10k souls per run and each run takes between 30-45s. Easy.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I like the prision in the dukes archives best for farming, you can get 150k souls or more plus tons of humanity in less than one hour, with both serpent rings and the sign of avarice, you get almost 10k only from the squids plus another 1000 from the serpent guards running towards the stairs. I also like the crystal cave, the golems might drop different ropes of titanite and the clams drop twinkling titanite , also at a 100k per hour, leave your summon next to deaths fog door and you are set to make a living out of it, same with new londo once you clear the elevator shortcut, leave your summon sign by the boss fog door and farm the darkwraiths, just risk-free backstabbing

                                              • Anonymous

                                                PRE-PATCH: BY FAR, the quickest and easiest farming method is in Darkroot Garden...HOWEVER everyone goes about it the hard way and I have absoutely no idea why. likes to run forward, aggro all or most of the NPCs, then run back. This simply takes too long to do and is unreliable, because the NPCs may double team you or decide they don't want to run off the cliff. As long as you have the UNPATCHED VERSION of the game where the first invisible knight still respawns, this is the quickest and safest method. Simply run down the steps from the bonfire and aggro ONLY THE INVISIBLE KNIGHT, run back towards the right side of the steps where the cliff is (there's a green dot on the cliff wall... stand directly in front of it) and place your back to the wall with your shield up. The knight will roll/jump/bounce off your shield and fall to her death. Simply run back to the bonfire and you've just made an easy 3000 souls in about 26-30 seconds. Sometimes she may drop down beside you instead of rolling off, but if you keep her pressed to the cliff edge with your shield up, her attacks will make her bounce off your shield and fall to her death. 3000 souls in 30 seconds... that's 7000 souls per minute with very little room for mistakes or NPC glitches. This is by far the quickest and most reliable method for serious farming. Equip the Silver Serpent RIng to boost the amount of souls you get by 20%, bringing the total to 3600 per 30 seconds. At 7200 souls per minute with little room for error, that's an easy and reliable 72,000 souls in as little as 10 minutes. I'm currently SL102, and farming for levels is starting to take some time now. I farmed 300,000 souls this morning and it really only took me somewhere around an hour. It simply baffles me that everyone loves to aggro ALL npcs and work harder for less! Godspeed

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  at painted world... I just kill the 3 skellys and the phalanx. souls per minute: 24708. using black knight greatsword+5. silver coitus (hehe) and the symbol formerly known as avarice on NG+

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    far better in the archives prison and quicker too, from the bonfire kill the 3 crystal soldiers and drop out the cell on to the ledge using the extra prison cell key, use the spell fall control and you can do it very fast after a few times, follow round the ledge jump off and down the ladder or jump over the ladder for quickness, turn around kill the 3 snakes with backstabs if they follow on the ladder so wait a few secs or they will ambush you ,then kill all the squid monsters , equip the gold serpent ring if you want more humanity drops (and have humanity at least 10 for even more) or the silver serpent ring for extra, then homeward bone back and repeat 1 trip around I can do now in 30 - 45 secs and net around 15000 souls. I spent an hour there and levelled up 88 times and gained max humanity on player and in inventory.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Actually in darkroot garden 7 NPCS exist: Two knights with claymores, a mage that casts soul arrows and etc, the thief wielding a bandit knife, the cleric with a mace and healing, the bandit using a brigand armor and a battle axe, and pharis with a bow, leathr shield and etc If u beated the game one time and ur doing your second playtrough this farming will give you 54000 souls

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        You need Frampt and maybe Homeward. Start in Firelink and go to the undead female merchant and buy 99 prism stones. Then go to the male undead merchant and buy 99 knives, 99 firebombs and 999 wooden arrows. Then warp back to firelink and sell them to frampt.

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