Soul of (Great Wolf) Sif

Soul of Sif the Great Grey Wolf, who guards the grave of Artorias the Abysswalker.
Special beings have special souls. Use the soul of Sif, who inherited the divine knightsword, to acquire a huge amount of souls, or to create a unique weapon.

Soul of (Great Wolf) Sif is a Soul in Dark Souls.


Soul of (Great Wolf) Sif Usage



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    • Anonymous

      18 Nov 2019 05:20  

      hey i was playing the game and some dude invaded me to gift me 77 souls of sif, let me pick them up (and then backstab me lol). Why would someone do this? Did they literally play the game 77 times? am i supposed to gorge myself on them, or pass them on after making boss weapons?

      • Anonymous

        24 Oct 2019 13:06  

        " Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed) " the name is confusing , you think it is name (cursed ) when you trying to create it , but its not both of them " Greatsword of Artorias " dagger+10 = Greatsword of Artorias physical 178 ( this is the cursed , after you create this you will find in the description says its cursed ) broken straight sword+10 = Greatsword of Artorias physical 120 magic 85 (not cursed )

        • Anonymous

          23 Oct 2019 08:54  

          I like to think the soul of Sif lives on inside the sword. I used it to deliver the killing blow on the Four Kings, and it felt like avenging Sif against the ones who forced me to kill him.

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