Soul of Artorias

Soul of Lord Gwyn's Knight Artorias, who was consumed by the Abyss.
The Legend that Artorias repelled the Abyss only told half of the story.
It seems that he was defeated, and his honor preserved, by some unsung hero, who is the true victor over the Abyss

Soul of Artorias is a Soul in Dark Souls.


Soul of Artorias Usage

Soul of Artorias Location


  • Besides using the Soul of Artorias to create the Abyss Greatsword, it can also be used to obtain other weapons. Exchange the soul with Lord's Blade Ciaran for the Dark Silver Tracer and Gold Tracer - she can be found in the arena where you encounter Artorias after he is defeated (it may require dying or warping for her to appear). It is worth noting that the soul does not need to be traded to get Ciaran's weapons, as she will drop them if killed, but it is one method of gaining them (also there will be placed some Lloyds talimans in front of Artorias grave in the presence when you do so, being in contrast to nothing if you trade). Killing her has no other effect, good or bad in the game.
  • If you consume the Soul of Artorias or have it in your Bottomless Box before Ciaran appears, she will not spawn. Make sure you talk to her with the Soul of Artorias in your inventory.




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