Soul of a Great Hero


Great soul of a hero of legend who has long ago gone Hollow. Use to acquire an incredible amount of souls.
Souls are the source of all life, and whether Undead, or even Hollow, one continues to seek them.

Soul of a Great Hero is a Soul in Dark Souls.


Soul of a Great Hero Usage

  • Gives 20,000 souls when consumed.


Soul of a Great Hero Location

  • Lost Izalith: After the Centipede Demon, equip the ring it drops and cross the lava with the giant creatures. You will find one inside the first temple in the middle of the lava, in a chest.
  • The Duke's Archives: After you kill Seath The Scaleless, go back to the place you first fought him and go up some stairs and there will be a corpse.





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    • Anonymous

      I think it would have been cool if the soul at the lowest point of the world were instead found on a withered corpse that was bowed prostrate before the Everlasting Dragon. It would give the soul and its owner a little more of an identity and connect the owners of both souls to the dragons. Also, I feel like it would make more sense being there since Ash Lake is the bedrock of the world from a lore perspective.

      • Anonymous

        There's only two Great Heroes. Only two people who got as far as we did, and earned the title of "GREAT HERO". Rest easy, you made our journey much easier.

        • Anonymous

          Its interesting that there are only 2 "Great" hero souls and those are at the highest and lowest points of the game u can possibly reach.

          • Anonymous

            Reading descriptions always kinda got me. "Great soul of a hero of legend who has long ago gone Hollow". I remember how useful these were on my journey.
            Thank you hero, rest in peace.

            • The one in the archives is probably the Crystal Knight and the one in izalith probably a dead Daughter, no that cant. Female corpses have a bra. So...maybe King Izalith? Or that one Pyromancer Quelana is brabbling about?

              • Anonymous

                ( BEST FOR OFFLINE PLAYERS )
                i got a glitch! dragon head stone using this soul and doing the dragon head stone will work. it will give u billions of souls if u have enough patience by just holding a button can be AFK OR AFC (controller) for hours

                • Anonymous

                  There’s no illusionary wall for the chest, just the bonfire. Whoever wrote this needs to play the game before writing this

                  • Anonymous

                    Tried using it and there was no animation or souls given to me, it just left my inventory. This happen to anyone else?

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