Spartan training




PvE challenge.
Spartan training is cruel and hard way of playing Dark Souls which is meant to teach player (not his character) a lot of lessons.
The build and gameplay is proceeded with bare minimum as it does not require nor aim for specific level, stats or class.


NOT recommended for:

  • Absolute beginners
  • People who play first time


Recommended for people who:

  • Want to get better in combat, timing, dodging and parrying...
  • Improve their patience, endurance and spirit of never giving up
  • Want challenge, or tryharders (see "Extreme" recommendations)



  • 1x sword (any basic)
  • 1x spear (common)
  • 1x rounded shield (that have less than 100% physical reduction)
  • no armor
  • also no rings (unless necessary)
  • no magic / miracles / bows / crossbows / pyromancy / firebombs
  • (optional) any throwing knives and purple moss
  • solo all bosses


Extreme level (all basics plus):

  • no shield
  • no 2-handling
  • no upgrades on weapons, just +0 normal
  • always in human form (reverze-hollowing asap)
  • (recommended) lowest Soul level as possible


What's the point?

Short answer = to git gud.
Long answer = making a habit to not rely on strong weaponry and gear, giving an opportunity to have longer fights (as monsters don't die on one hit) which forces players to be careful. Also player is learnt to not hide behind shield and parry from time to time

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