This is a tweaked version of my previous ''Hornet mage'' build, except, this one requires more skill, a small inventory and knowledge on mages and parrying; This build also uses power within and red tearstone ring and Velka's rapier+5 for a +100% Dmg. boost.


RH 1- Velka's rapier+5 > This, out've my memory, this is the only intelligence scaling Occult weapon. Scales very good, E/C/B/--, Strength for E, C, Dex and B for Intelligence. Has 110 Occult damage, which deals +10% Damage against Hosts/White phantoms, Along with Power within ( +40% Dmg. Boost ) + RTR ( Red tearstone ring, +50% Dmg. ) = +100% Damage boost, like all Thrusting-swords, the kick animation is switched with a Back-stepping Horizontal slash which will slightly pierce your enemies guard. the 1H R2/RT = A double-striking attack. Weighs 2.0 + Durability: 130

RH 2- Velka's Talisman > Scales with Intelligence instead of Faith.

- Vit - Att -End -Str -Dex -Res -Int -Fai


30 28 30 16 34 --- 40 28

-Vitality: With Rofap, HP = 1320

-Attunement: 7 Slots, with Pyromancy, Miracles and Spells, This'll be very good.

-Endurance: 30 + Rofap = 159, Which is 1 Stamina point less than 40 Endurance.

-Strength: 16 is enough to wield a 1H Claymore and similar weapons.

-Dexterity: 34 is good for the scaling within Velka's rapier.

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