stone greatsword
Stone Greatsword +5

physical damage dark souls 222 critical dark souls 100
magic damage dark souls 150 stability dark souls 38
fire damage dark souls - durability dark souls 800
lightning damage dark souls - weight dark souls 18.0
Requirements & Bonus
strength dark souls icon dexterity intelligence dark souls faith dark souls
40 10
Weapon Type Greatsword
Attack Type Regular
Enchantable No
Special Yes

Stone Greatsword is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


The Stone Knights who guard the Darkroot Garden wield this moss-covered greatsword."
"The same magic which created the Stone Knights is imbued in the sword. Unleash this power by wielding the sword with two hands."


How to Get / Where to Find the Stone Greatsword


Hints and Tips:

  • Can be given to Kingseeker Frampt to receive 100 Souls.
  • Stone Greatsword can be upgraded by using Twinkling Titanite.
  • Special two-handed heavy R2 attack costs 200 Durability to use, and inflicts Slow status to players and some monsters in a very wide area around the caster. This is the same effect as Miracle: Tranquil Walk of Peace, but the magic effect of the Stone Greatsword is not hampered by Miracle: Vow of Silence.
  • While this sword technically scales with Intellect, its high Str requirements, very heavy weight and E Int scaling make it a very unattractive option for Sorcerer/Spellblade builds.


Youtube relevant videos:

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Stone Greatsword Upgrade Table

Unique Upgrades are performed by any Blacksmith or by using the Weapon Smithbox.
Regular Reinforcement Scales 60% for strength dark soulsStrength and 55% for dexterity dark soulsDexterity and 15% for intelligence dark souls Intelligence to increase your AR.
To reach max, you need: 10,000 souls and 10 twinkling titanite dark souls s Twinkling Titanite.

  Attack Values Parameter Bonus Auxiliary Damage Reduction (%) Stability
Stone Greatsword physical damage dark souls magic damage dark souls fire damage dark souls lightning damage dark souls strength dark souls dexterity dark souls intelligence dark souls faith dark souls divine dark souls occult dark souls physical defense dark souls magic defense dark souls fire defense dark souls lightning defense dark souls stability dark souls
Regular 148 100 - - C C E - - - 60 10 40 40 38
Regular +1 (twinkling titanite dark souls sx1) 162 110 - - C C E - - - 60 10 40 40 38
Regular +2 (twinkling titanite dark souls sx1) 177 120 - - C C E - - - 60 10 40 40 38
Regular +3 (twinkling titanite dark souls sx2) 192 130 - - C C E - - - 60 10 40 40 38
Regular +4 (twinkling titanite dark souls sx2) 207 140 - - C C E - - - 60 10 40 40 38
Regular +5 (twinkling titanite dark souls sx4) 222 150 - - C C E - - - 60 10 40 40 38

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    • Anonymous

      to all the people who ***** about twap death completely understand its op as balls but thankfully the amount of people that actually do that **** is incredibly low. ds1 pvp isnt filled with the instant win glitches as many think. try learning the pvp its fun

      • Anonymous

        Doing a stone knight cosplay pvp build and I had never used this weapon until I used it in my build this weapon is great!! R2 is very strong and damage is pretty good 2!!

        • Anonymous

          Walk of peace for strength wielders! But I haven't seen many gankers play with this weapon. Walk of peace is so common for township gankers and gravelords who want to obliterate all spirits. I don't see a reason why they don't choose this (since they love backstabbing oneshot using crystal great club they should have enough strength to wield this weapon).

          • Anonymous

            Since it scales with Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence, would it be possible to use it for a magic quality build?

            • Anonymous

              I think this might be the best split damage weapon in the game. Over 400 hundred physical at Str/Dex 40 and 150 magic damage at Int 8. It's quite good weapon actually.

              • Anonymous

                I wish disconnecting didn't result in a 24 softban, now I literally just have to stand there as I slowly die to tumble-buffed Stone-GS.

                • Anonymous

                  this or black knight gs? got both pretty early on and i'm trying to work out which i'm better to work towards using. thought i'd check some other opinions

                  • Anonymous

                    I've been invading with this thing for awhile now and it legitimately makes me feel like *****ing dirt. I've been indicted so much that I could paper my walls with them, and if I got cancer IRL I would simply chalk it up to karma. Ganked or not, the only time an invasion hasn't gone in my favor is if they managed to make it to the boss fog before I got to them, and all I had to do was press R2. If you use this sword for PVP, then I'll see you in the deepest depths of video game hell

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