Welcome to my build, Street Fighter. This is a dual dragon bone fist build that buffs up and puts out hella damage, with the ability to stun lock/parry.
note: this build requires TWO soul of iron golem, and is an invader build.
Starting Class: Bandit


  • VIT 30
  • ATT 12
  • END 25
  • STR 35
  • DEX 9
  • RES 11
  • INT 25
  • FAI 10 <---- 10 NOT 25 edit: thanks to OhVertigo for noticing


  1. When in PVP ALWAYS use your Power Within FIRST
  2. When in PVP after Power Withing use Crystal Magic Weapon
  3. After you backstab a player immediately use R2/RT uppercut, most players will try to block it it will still do a bit of damage, if they roll away you are safe.
  4. If players are only going for a backstab or constantly roll, use the L1/LB to hit them this attack can also be used to stun lock large weapon users.
  5. Intelligence should be the last stat increased, because that should be the last part of the build you get.
  6. If you happen to be behind a summoning phantom use R2/RT close to when they are finished summoning for an easy kill.

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