Sunlight Spear

Image Sunlight_Spear.png
Spell Type Miracle
Requirements 50 Faith, and member of the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant.
Slots Used 2
Spell Amount 5

Sunlight Spear is a Miracle in Dark Souls. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talismans or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles



Miracle born from the fading soul of Gwyn. Hurl sunlight spear.
In the war that marked the dawn of the Age of Fire, Gwyn wielded these rays of sunlight, which remains fierce even as they fade.



  • Attack, Ranged
  • Draws a Sunlight Spear, from the hand that holds the Talisman, which is hurled towards the target.


Acquired From

This miracle is attained through the Warrior of Sunlight covenant. As for covenant item, you can have it only once per character.



AoE effect that does no damage but knocks back most surrounding enemies.

  • Must be a member of the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant to use this Miracle.
  • If you leave the covenant and rejoin you do not have to regain rank +1 to use the miracle, only to obtain it.
  • Compared to the other lightning spears, the Sunlight spear is larger and has a reddish coloring. Not only does it give increased amounts of damage compared to earlier spears, but it also has a heavy knockback effect.

At 50 faith, using sunlight talisman and ring of the sun's firstborn, the three lightning spear miracles does the following damage on a random undead in the undead burg:

Sunlight Spear in action with Darkmoon Talisman, Ring of the Sun's Firstborn and Crown of the Dark Sun.
- Darkwella



  • In DS2, this Miracle is described as being powered by immense, wondrous souls.
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    • Anonymous

      Thats what Elden Ring is missing for me, Sunlight Spear my beloved. Hope they add an upgraded Lightning Spear for Godwyn, if he is in Elden Ring DLC

      • Anonymous

        if you have the ring of the suns first born and the crown of dusk giving this a 40% boost,it will destroy every boss in the game easily

        • Quick question. Can you offer the soul on NG, because someone dropped me one and I would like to get the miracle trophy without having to go back through the game (to get to all the pvp hotspots). Just wondering, if I can't I will probably still do it, it would just be less convenient

          • Anonymous

            "the three lightning spear miracles does the following damage on a random undead in the undead burg"

            Imagine just chilling and someone hurls a spear made out of lightning at you

            • Anonymous

              I’m playing remastered on PS4 and I offered 10 medals in NG to get the first rewards and abandoned the covenant reducing my offerings to 5. In NG+ I reached the altar with 5 medals on hand to reach rank 1 again but I was given the option to offer Gwyn’s soul immediately. Confused, I exited the menu, checked my rank and it was not +1 as it shouldn’t be but I was able to go back into the options, offer the soul and obtain the sunlight spear which also netted me the miracles trophy I was chasing. It appears that being rank 1 at any point in the characters time is enough to offer Gwyn’s soul even if you have abandoned and lost that rank since. Any confirmations of this?

              • Anonymous

                is it worth having for coop over the other lightning spears? 2 attunements slots AND less uses is alot less kills id think. Dx

                • Anonymous

                  This should be the last miracle that I needed to obtain the Prayer of a Maiden achievement. I offered the soul of gwynn to the altar and got this miracle. The problem is that I didn't get the achievement. I have all the miracles listed in the wiki. Does somebody else have this problem?

                  • Anonymous

                    Who gives a **** about the DS2 description, whats the point in posting the item description from a game that isn't DS1?

                    • Anonymous

                      So, can I get the spear if i'm not +1 or do I have to join again and raise my rank to +1 ? Becauae I need to leave it for a bit and I want to know if I will have to co-op again to get the spear later ?

                      • Anonymous

                        Anybody know why I can't offer Gwyn's soul to the altar even though I'm in ng+? I'm Warrior of Sunlight +1 and have a few souls of Gwyn but I wonder if that's why. I got multiple souls before I entered ng+ because I helped a friend out.

                        • Anonymous

                          1. 10 sunlight medals needed to obtain rank 1 for sunlight spear

                          2. Soul of Gwyn required for sunlight spear

                          3. Only one is obtainable per playthrough.

                          How is this hard I wrote this in 2mins without contradicting myself yet this guy can't seem to pull that off.

                          • Anonymous

                            What does that mean "you dont have to be +1" but then it states "soul + 10 medals"? Thats contradicting itself

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