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Battle of Sen's FC 1/12/13

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YouTube Guides

These guide have commentary on the basics, defeating bosses, and finding secretss.

  • Gamer World Champion 2011 Plays Dark Souls
  • He makes some great guides for bosses and other guides for early item gathering in the beginning of the game. Very helpful videos, decent upload rate, check him out.
  • A comprehensive walkthrough including the location of pretty much every item in the game along with boss strategies and other helpful tips.
  • These videos will show the locations of most of the items in the game. The videos have description notes that can be clicked for quick access to finding items, npc's, etc...
  • AndroidX1138 is a Brit gamer located in LA. This is a 5 Part quick start guide designed to give new players an unfair advantage right from the outset.
  • A playthrough of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edittion on a PC on a russian language by Rik064

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