Created by: WC Glorfindel(XBL) + OPG korey108(XBL)
Soul Level: Varies
Starting Class: Any

- Great fun
- Looks cool
- Great way to annoy others
- High stamina, High HP

- Low Defence's
- Hard to succeed when using
- May result in hate mail
- Purely for trolling when in PvP


During my time playing this game and enjoying the PvP theres one thing i noticed, nobody uses the dragon covenant and i have never actually had a dragon invader, my friend here (OPG korey108) came up with the fun idea of a BBQ Build and just for poops and giggles, I have decided to post it on the wiki because we were having a tonne of fun making people fall off cliffs and "cooking" them with the fire breath, and ill tell you this, when used co-operatively with even just ONE friend, if you catch an opponent in you're torrents one after the other they will NOT be able to block for long and their poise will most likely break, read onwards if you want to shake it up in the PvP (I prefer the forest), or click away and move on, none the less, I hope to see more dragons in PvP and I'd love to fall victim to my and my friends idea...

This build should only be used when you are bored with regular PvP and either want to mix it up and try something different or just want a challenge, The reason I have not provided stat tables is due to the fact that this can be used at any level and with virtually any build although high endurance and Vitality is recommended, this build revolves heavily around the dragon covenant and what it rewards you with namely the Dragon Head Stone and the Dragon Torso Stone

This build is quite simple to make and hard to use due to low defensive stat's, the concept revolves around the Path of the Dragon and using the head and torso stones as much as possible and for as long as possible. All you need to do is acquire as many dragon scales as possible and rank up the dragon covenant(optional), level up your endurance as much as you can before reaching the desired level as you will need the stamina (a bit of strength and vitality will help as-well), get the Cloranthy ring and Grass Crest Shield for stam regen between bursts and Green Blossoms never hurt to have around, my ring choice would be Cloranthy Ring and the Ring of Favor and Protection.

Things to note with this build:
Your poise will NOT hold out and if you get hit your fire torrent will stop so good timing is essential, you can use the Wolf Ring but that doesn't do all that much as it only provides 40 poise, the best thing about this build is it will DESTROY your opponents stamina and has a good chance to break their poise if you catch them will their shield down. When using the roar ability it acts as a free force and can be used with a friend to give them a free back stab or free spell hit, if you want to use this build, I recommend using your fist as it does deal a decent sum of damage with the dragon torso active and when you use the roar the damage buff increases further (as far as i know the "Fist" class weapons don't get the buff). Keep a shield in your off hand for doing PvE, this is purely for trolling and just "dicking around" in PvP with friends, hope you enjoy this build and I hope it serves you all well... Credit goes to OPG korey108 for "Coining" the name and idea, I'm just the messenger... Grab some sausages and some rolls coz we gonna' have us a BBQ

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