Step forth and be counted, proud people of Balder. Bravery Ahead!

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The uniform of The Balder Brigade

The Balder Brigade

The Balder Brigade represents a second wave of knights, travelling from the 'ancient land' of Balder, to succeed where their former comrades had failed: to bring peace to the lands of men. With the Knight King Rendal gone or lost, the members of the brigade are the few survivors who have yet to succumb to the Hollowing themselves. Most are not truly knights, but with no king to anoint them the truest way to prove their worth is to succeed here and now. Go forth with bravery!

Covenant Requirements

  • You must be wearing a full Balder Armour set at all times. (Expect a lot of equipment farming in Undead Parish)
  • You may only wield the following weapons*, in whichever manner or combination you wish:
  • For the sake of making summoning easier, you must be a part of either the Way of White, Warrior of Sunlight or Princess' Guard covenants.
  • Be brave!
*You may however collect the legendary dragon items, for bragging rights only. Balder Knights are Drake-Slayers, and we have a reputation to maintain!

Code of Conduct

  • Do bow to other players. The people of Balder are polite, even when undead.
  • Do not invade the world of others. That is not your calling.
  • Do maintain your humanity whenever possible. For the good of Balder and to better face your foes.
  • Do offer your summon sign for others. The Balder Brigade does not turn a blind eye to another's plights.
  • Do not lie or deceive others. The Orange Guidance Soapstone is for aid and communication, not griefing!
  • Do leave the message 'Bravery Ahead' at the sight of victories. Let others know that Balder is not to be forgotten!
  • Do not mourn the slaying of the Undead Knights. They are beyond saving and you need their equipment more than they do!


Role-play wise, all knights in The Balder Brigade are considered equals: much in the same way that King Rendal retained his title of Knight even as the ruler of Balder. As such almost all members of the Balder Brigade are ranked as 'Knight of Balder'. The only exception to this is the title of 'Balder Auxiliary', which is specifically for the character of Zarya and the role she takes (more information further down the page.)
This table lists all current and active members. Currently we have a strong XboxLIVE presence although we are not exclusive to any one platform. If you are a member of this wiki who wishes to participate in the covenant, please feel free to add your details below with the rank 'Knight of Balder'!

Knights of the Brigade

Character Name
Knight of Balder - Founding member
Balder Auxiliary (See below)
DeadGaiko (XboxLIVE)
Knight of Balder - Founding member
TheCoatman (XboxLIVE)
Knight of Balder
Sakurabon (XboxLIVE)
Knight of Balder
Nolan KiraLover (XboxLIVE)
Knight of Balder
Knight of Balder
SupportedJoker (XboxLIVE)
Knight of Balder
Mantis9 (XboxLIVE)
Knight of Balder
EternalSpartan7 (XboxLIVE)

Zarya the Balder Auxiliary

Zarya is a role playing character, controlled by DeadGaiko on XboxLIVE, who helps fulfil a role similar to that of NPC characters. Rather than enable covenant membership and rank progression though, Zarya's primary function is to aid low level characters with boss fights and with acquiring starting equipment. Here's what you need to know:
  • Players can request Zarya's aid in-game by messaging DeadGaiko on XboxLIVE.
  • If available to play DeadGaiko will reply to the message, in-character when possible, and will facilitate summoning signs at a disclosed location.
    • DeadGaiko will not reply to messages that make demands, insult, or contain excessive profanity and/or sexual language. Use of good English is preferable.
  • Zarya can be summoned by characters between the levels of 9 to 33.
  • Zarya can provide Balder-specific equipment, help fend off invaders and take part in boss battles. She follows the Balder Brigade's covenant requirements and code of conduct rules, and will expect summoners to do the same.

A Side note on playability

A great example of Balder gameplay can be found on the number 2 spot of this compilation video (fast forward to 6:10). Whilst the following shows a Red Phantom Balder Knight (which is something we do not encourage in this covenant), it does illustrate just how effective a Balder build can be.

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