The Core

Keepes ofSanity, and Holders of the truth
Keepers of reality, and Holders of Order
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Above the well known Good and Evil, lies the true definity of Chaos and Order. As a Keeper of the Core, it is your job to keep peace and hold order throughout Lordran. It is the Keepers of the Core who hold the fragmnts of reality together to keep pure chaos at bay. Keepers come in many shapes and sizes, but all are united with the duty of restorng order amongst the people. Keepers however, are not fond of those who wish to achieve their goals through less honorable means. Keepers work to kindle the flame throughout all realms, and keep the boundaries from collapsing. We only despise the grouping of the unorderly servants of chaos,and the dishonorable Darkwraiths who work to let chaos engulf the world.
With recent events throughout Lordran. Chaos has grown and Order weakened. The time to answer the call and keep the realms from near collapse is now. These are the codes of the keepers

  • Always use the point up gesture, to honor the keepers who work to hold it up
  • Must work to kindle the flame to restore order to realms
  • No sins present, and must not kill Gwynevere
  • Only invasions permitted are Darkmoon's, red sign soapstone, and the dragon eye
  • You must never join the above covenants, or you are justified as a worker of chaos
  • Make sure to help others as much as hurt chaos spreaders.

To Qualify to join, make sure you have the qualifications first to prevent confusion. I will designate Leaders on my own terms but I must still be the one messaged on ranking up. You must then prove your dedication by fully kindling the firelink bonfire to keep the darkness at bay. We have no formal dresscode, as Keepers tend to take different paths. Below I will show you the ranks

  • Disciple(Recruit)
  • Relinquary
  • Ascetic
  • Seer
  • Paragon(Leaders)

We keepers do not show our rank through worthless ornaments as many others choose so, as a keeper grows in rank by the amount of time they are in the order and the feats they accomplished. Sorry for the uneven chart.


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