The Dark Trinity, the three original Knights of the Abyss, stalwart servants and protectors of the Everlasting Dragons. The Trinity first arose at the hands of the stone dragon, first intended to protect the stone dragon from all harm but their loyalty became questionable when the Dark Trinity begun delving into the Ancient Sorcery of Oolacile and chaos Pyromancy. The three begun to operate behind the back of the stone dragon, stealing lucid subjects from the undead burg and performing twisted experiments upon their captives. However the stone dragon soon became aware of the Trinity's operation and had them banished to the Abyss, to live an eternity of emptiness.
The three remained dormant in the Abyss until the day of the Four Kings Imprisonment, the trinity saw these new captives as formidable foes and attacked. The battle raged for hours but the trinity were ultimately victorious, their brutal show of power attracted the attention of the Stone Dragon once more and a deal between the Trinity and the Stone Dragon was struck, the trinity would be given freedom in exchange for eternal servitude with the Everlasting. The Dark Trinity seized the oppurtunity without question, and to the surface they rose. But what they found was no longer the Lordran they had once lived, it had become a place of all manner of Horror and Demonic Beings, this pleased them greatly, Lordran had been reduced to that of a brutal playground for the most sadistic of beings, a perfect home for the Dark Trinity.
The Dark Trinity called forth an army of followers to aid them in their ultimate goal of becoming the most feared warriors in Lordran, this army became known as the Knights of the Abyss, a true force to be feared. The Plague of Knights set out across Lordran, slaying all who stood in their path. However, a great force of good arose to combat the Knights, and they proved no match for them. The knights retreated back to Ash Lake, with only one survivng member of the Dark Trinity remaining and over half of the knights slain in battle.
The knights of the abyss seek to return to their former glory, but to do so we will require the trinity to be complete once more. If you feel you are powerfull enough to join, contact us, we are in a time of great need.
The Trinity
Disarray (Fallen In Battle)
Magic, Evasiveness.
Dishonour (Fallen In Battle)
Stealth, Light Weaponry.
Disorder (Left to lead the knights to safety)
Brute Force, Speed.

Recruitment -

This process is simple, all that is required is proof that you meet the requirements stated for the position of either Disarray, or Dishonour and display your power. Unfortunatley you must be high enough in soul level to operate with the other members of the Dark Trinity, as we frequently work as a trio to overcome the most difficult challenges Lordran can lay in our wake.
Disarray must be profficient with magic, especially the sorcery of ancient Oolacile and heavily offensive and defensive magics.
Dishonour must be profficient in the art of stealth and speed, must posses and use the Dark Wood Grain Ring but still be able to deal large amounts of damage in small amounts of time.

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