The Darkstalkers

No Matter how Honourable you think you are, We all have a Dark side.
Mass invasion of the Catacombs, The darkness shall rise
Our Goal
We are the Darkstalkers, we are the followers of the Great Serpent Kaathe. We have been hidden away, shunned by society, but no more. We shall take our REVENGE, against those very undead that we tried to free, from the cycle of the never-ending flame. By the guidance of Kaathe, and our leader, The Dark Lord, we shall do what our ancestor, the Furtive Pygmy, wished for us to do. We shall end the flame, we shall destroy Gywn, we shall win! For the Humans to be truly free, the Dark must fall, we shan't falter, we shan't abandon Kaathe, we will let the Dark fall! For the Dark Lord

Our Lore
Kaathe, is a Primordial Serpent. He has been around since the Dragons, and has been awaiting in the Abyss, forever waiting for the Dark Lord. Kaathe showed the power that comes with the Dark, and with this he tempted the Four Kings and his Knight's. The Knight's surround the Abyss, serving as a test to find those worthy of joining the Darkstalkers. But now, we need not hide any longer. The Dark Lord has returned, we shall leave our home New Londo, and slay all those foolish enough to believe in the Gods. We shall not falter, as we invade all of Lordran, until Dark has ruled the world.

Our Members
Billy-Bayonet PSN Corruption+5(Council of Lords)
Jovias86 PSN Corruption+3 (Council of Lords_
Glatts17 PSN Corruption+4 (Council of Lords)
TehInfamousAmos PSN Corruption+4(Council of Lord) Trader/Trainer of unhonor
Roanispe PSN Corruption+3(Council of Lords, Trainer)
Cloudyeki PSN- The lords shadow
Demonslayer- PSN
Wilkinson3424- PSN
Garl vinland XBL
Ser Issac XBL
Quarik XBL
reim0027_5 PSN
Carphil PSN
DamageCK PSN
Globulus PSN
Bell_pepper_000 PSN
Delvanoc PSN
Serious_much psn

How to join
Joining is no easy matter you must personally impress Billy_bayonet or be invited by another member

The Rules
Those that are a Darkstalker must follow the Code of Kaathe, and promise to kill in his name
1. Always kill without any remorse
2. Obtain the host's humanity at any cost
3. Don't feel restrained by these fools pathetic "Code of Honour"

Ranks & Corruption
To increase your Rank, You must proove your worth in combat, Using your SL55 you must eitha proove to a council member, or Capture footage
Servent of the Dark- New Recruit
Shade - Must proove they can Counter BS
Wraith - must proove they can Parry
VoidWraith- Must proove they can Chain BS.(Must be corruption+1)
Blade of Kaathe - Must perform 2 OHKO in one minute Corruption+2 (Healing is allowed)
闇魂 - Yami Tamashii - Must show proof of Beating a 3v1 Corruption+3 (No healing) Can help plan wars etc.

The art of corrupting ones soul to further walk the path of darkness
To earn corruption you may recruit someone into our ranks or, proove your self in a duel against our lord and the lords blade either one 2v1 match or 3 seperate 1v1 so 6 wins in total
Corruption brings privileges to you, such as:
Corruption+1: Can aquire items from our Trader
Corruption+2:Can roleplay as DarkWraith.(With Armor & Darksword)
Corruption+3:Can get a job (Trader,Trainer etc)
Corruption+4:Can roleplay as Kirk
Corruption+5: Can roleplay as Artorias

Dark lords elite guard
The lord's blade-??
The lord's Shadow-Cloudyeki
the lord's wrath - TehinfamousAmos
Corrupter of souls- Baal-Avatar


Brothers of the dark!

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