The Izalith Brotherhood

We strive to clear Izalith clear of harm towards The daughter's (and brother) of chaos
Our goal: To stop the suffering of the daughter's of chaos
The suffering of the daughter's of chaos has to stop we are a group of people burdened by the suffering and we plan to make it stop. we will fight against the threats against the daughter's of chaos to keep the daughter's of chaos from perishing. We are one!
How to join: to join you must be part of chaos servant and the bed of chaos must be alive. to join you must impress me by doing something awesome.

Our member's
darkblades (our leader)

Our rules
1. Always respect the fallen by bowing
2.humanity gained will go to our covenant
3. have fun and play dark souls!

pyromancer: starting out
chaos servant: 10 humanity offered
chaos pyromancer: 30 humanity offered
chaos breather: 80 humanity offered
chaos champion: 80 humanity offered and helped get a fellow Chaos servant to the next rank
chaos leader: 80 humanity offered help get 2 fellow chaos servants to the next rank and be able to 2v1 kill in 2 min.

unofficial allies:
guardians of Anistacia

unofficial enimies:
dark stalkers

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