Thief is a starting Class in Dark Souls

Guilt-ridden thief with quiet footsteps. High dexterity. Has Master Key by default.


Thief Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • The Thief is a class suited for more experienced players due to starting with a short ranged dagger and a small shield with low stability. However, a high strength is the fact the Thief starts with the Master Key by default, granting early access to much of the game, while still essentially being able to choose a second starting gift.
  • The Bandit Knife does high critical damage, which can be used in conjunction with the Target Shield's extended parrying frames to quickly dispatch strong opponents, like hostile NPCs or Black Knights.
  • The Thief starts with some extra points in Attunement, Intelligence and Faith compared to other melee-based starting classes. It is highly recommended to start as the Thief if you also plan on using either Sorceries or Miracles in addition to close-range combat, making it great for hybrid builds. 


Builds That Use This Class

  • Hybrid builds. The Thief's stat distribution grants it the ability to utilize both miracles and/or sorcery as the player sees fit. If set on utilizing the Thief primarily for PvP purposes, it is recommended to be within the Soul Level 125 to 135 range to optimal stat distribution. 

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    • Anonymous

      Thief is actually really good pick for PvE play. Why? Few reasons.

      1) Since you have best gift already aviable for free you can pick whatever you like for second.

      2) Att, Int and Faith are actually usefull combination. You don't need to go into offensive spells. Raise all of them a bit and then you have sorceries and miracles as utility tools. Additional heal to not waste estus? Hidden Body? Repair? Bonfire teleport? Little weapon buff? All of this helps greatly in PvE and requires less than 20 int/faith. Go for thorolund talisman and ivory catalyst for best adjustment.

      3) As for physical stats... You are welcome to pick any path. You may of course stick with dex build but thief's still not bad for str builds since for PvE you will need some decent bow anyway and for black knight weapons even more dex is required.

      4) Starting outfit. Yeah. It looks very cool. It's also very lighweight. Bleed/poison restances are also decent. You may stick with it until you boost endurance for something heavier.

      5) Starting shield and weapon are great when it comes to parry/riposte fighting style if you are into it.

      • Anonymous

        Pick thief
        Get black firebomb as gift
        Kill asylum demon with bomb without escaping
        Get his hammer
        That's why speedrunners usually pick thief

        • Anonymous

          While not min-maxed to beat hell, this is a great starting class. Want to stay quick thief? Fine. Want to build a melee focused build but also want magic to buff/heal you through a tight spot? Go for it. Want to build a tank? Then take Knight and be done with it. Long and short, it is a great swiss army knife class that has one of the best gifts as a class feature and amazing offensive abilities (bleed knife go shwink).

          • Anonymous

            Seems like the person who wrote these class descriptions is a bit sour. This isn't the first time I've seen somebody absolutely sh*t on a class because it wasn't "optimally efficient for pvp/pve".
            Considering people have beaten the game on SL1 taking zero hits, I don't think efficiency matters in this game. It's all about skill.
            Don't let this biased page get to you, play the thief if you want to.

            • Anonymous

              I'm a little shocked by how this article goes out of their way to call this the worst class for new/experienced players. In my personal view, the Intelligence and Faith stats could allow an Int focused build to put only a few points into faith to use a few utility miracles such as Replenishment or Force, while being able to wield the Effigy Shield or Sanctus. This class starts with poor Strength, Vigor, and Endurance but that can be offset with the Mother mask or RoFaP while investing slightly into Strength.

              • Anonymous

                I always start a new character with the thief because i get the Master Key and any other starting gift i choose. high dex and balanced attunement, intelligence and faith for some great noteworthy. 9/10 rating for me

                • Anonymous

                  I think Fextralife should show the thief some love. Even though it might not be good for max efficiency per level it is very nive starting with so high dex since you can two hand a lot of weapons allready. You also get the master key plus anything else and you get a very nice crit and bleed weapon

                  • Anonymous

                    Not really! Since you can carry both Master Key and Old Witch's Ring right at the beginning, it is a useful class for adventures.

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