Titanite used for normal, raw, thunder, and crystal upgrades.

Titanite Shard can be purchased from Blacksmith Andrei in the Undead Parish for 800 souls. Can be bought from Crestfallen Merchant on top of Sen's Fortress for 1000 souls.

Large Titanite Shard is dropped by Slimes at the Depths, Leeches/Swamp Larvae at Blighttown, and Steel Knight at Sen's Fortress near the bonfire. Can also be bought from Crestfallen Merchanton top of Sen's Fortress for 4000 souls or from Giant Blacksmith for 3800 souls.

Titanite Chunk is dropped by Darkwraiths at New Londo Ruins and Black Knights at Kiln of the First Flame.

Titanite Slab is dropped by Stray Demon, and Crystal Lizards at The Great Hollow.

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