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Titanite Farming List

Titanite Shard - Blacksmith Andre, Balder Knights in the Undead Parish, Giant Blacksmith. Also, The Crestfallen Merchant in Sen's Fortress. As an alternative you can also feed Kingseeker Frampt a green titanite shard, which drops from Slimes and in batches of five from Giant Leeches. One green shard gives you five normal shards.

Large Titanite Shard - Crestfallen Merchant/ Slimes/ Giant Leech; In Forest Hunter covenant drop for PvP kills when summoned (not 100%); Steel Knight in Painted World of Ariamis, just before Priscilla (100% droprate). As of 1.05 the Giant Blacksmith also sells them (3800 souls, infinite supply).

Green Titanite Shard - Crestfallen Merchant/ Giant Leech/ Slimes / Giant Blacksmith

Titanite Chunks - Drop from Darkwraiths in New Londo Ruins ; Black Knight (Sword) in Kiln of the First Flame; as of patch 1.05, 2 Giant Knights near boss area in Anor Londo (this was true before 1.05 as well, just very rare)

Titanite Slab -Extremely rare drop from Darkwraiths in New Londo Ruins ; Defeating Stray Demon in Undead Asylum ; Siegmeier of Catarina quest line [ [[#|reward]]] (only if he survives Lost Izalith with more than 50% Hp, and you save Sieglinde). The Crystal Lizards in Great Hollow (not 100%). In a chest near where you face Kalameet (PTDE).

Red Titanite Chunk - Chaos Eaters in Lost Izalith; Sunlight Maggots in the shortcut between Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith; Black Knight(Greatsword) in Kiln of the First Flame

Red Titanite Slab - Chaos Eaters in Lost Izalith ; Found in a poisonous labyrinth underneath The Bed of Chaos, accessed by following a tree bridge on the right and hugging the left-hand side there will be a treasure next to a huge trap-pit. Follow the tree bridge closest to the left and follow it down and you will see alot of red octopus enemies, you'll have to drop down there so kill them with ranged attacks and make sure to equip the Rusted iron ring, Be very careful when engaging in melee as its easy to get back into a corner and killed by their grab attack (This can be done without having to fight the Chaos Eaters, Follow the tree branch all the way to it's end and you will end up on a raised platform with some stairs down, follow them and go around the corner to your right, there will be a chaos eater in front of you but it will walk towards you and fall down the hole, run straight past that hole and the second one, take a left and then a right and the chest with the slab should be in front of you, you can retrace your steps backward to leave). Once dispatched follow the only exit out and take a left followed by another left ( watch out for the bottomless pits) take the next right and in a chest will be the slab. One can also be acquired by trading a +0 ascended Pyromancy Flame to Snuggly the Crow.

Blue Titanite Chunk - Crystal Golems in Darkroot Basin, The Duke's Archive, and the Crystal Cave; Black Knight(Halberd) in Kiln of the First Flame. Can also be found in a body inside Crystal Cave and Moonlight Butterflies in Crystal Cave.

Blue Titanite Slab - Crystal Cave; in the middle of cavern after you pass a giant crystal with a golem in the middle, fall between the 2 little crystal on the right and head back, there will be 3 crystal lizards, [[#|continue]] in the invisible patch to the corpse on the other side. NOTE: The path essentially consists of a 90 degree right turn followed by a 90 degree left turn, with straight sections in between. To help find the path, shooting an arrow, aiming down with a shield+Spear and attacking, and/or White Dragon Breath Spell and/or Soul Arrow (White Dragon Breath and Soul Arrow need [[#|confirmation]]) There is another in the first section of the Royal Woods. It can be found in a chest hiding in some tall grass in a small pond. It's guarded by a Stone Guardian and some Treants.
Confirmed drop from the butterflies inside the Crystal Caves, although absurdly rare.

Demon Titanite - Titanite Demon in Lost Izalith (only known respawning Titanite Demon)

White Titanite Chunk - Tomb of Giants Skeletons ; Black Knight(Axe) in Kiln of the First Flame

White Titanite Slab - Pinwheels in Tomb of Giants; Found in a body shortly prior to fighting Nito in Tomb of Giants: facing the entrance to the boss encounter but before the platform where it is, one has to drop down to the left. One is also found shortly before Manus in the Chasm of the Abyss. On your way down the last ramp to his fog gate there will be a path off to the right. At the end are two Humanities guarding the slab on a corpse.

Twinkling Titanite - Clams in Ash Lake (3) , Clams in Crystal Caves (6) just prior to Seath the Scaleless battle, and Crystal Lizards; after patch 1.05, Giant Blacksmith sells for 8000ea(infinite)

Dragon Scale - Drakes in Valley of the Drakes, Drop from Hydras, found on corpses in various areas, also the undead dragons drop scales. Obtained by trading with Snuggly the Crow in exchange for an egg vermifuge. Dragon Eye invasion from the Path of the dragon covenant will always award the winner with a dragon scale.

Detailed Titanite Farming


Titanite Chunks and Slabs

New Londo Ruins (lower area)

Any weapon that OHKOs Darkwraiths with a backstab is a good weapon. The darkwraiths are fairly weak to lightning. If you don't want to use up a rare Titanite Slab on a Darkwraith-farming weapon, Lightning Winged Spear +4 is a pretty good starting point. Other than that, equip the lightest weapon, so that you can give yourself more poise armor.

For the switch, use the Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5

Most builds aim for 40 endurance, as that gives maximum stamina, so that is a good starting point for planning out your equipment load. 40 endurance gives 80 equip load.

Equipping the Symbol of Avarice will give you additional souls and increase your Item Discovery by 200 (same as Covetous Gold Serpent Ring). It's a great item for farming as it frees up at least 1 ring slot. It also stacks with the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, giving you even more souls per kill.

For the rest, try to maximize your poise while remaining under 40 equip load, or 20 if you wish to use the Dark Wood Grain Ring or move more quickly. Symbol of Avarice + Havel's Gauntlets + Hollow Soldier Waistcloth gives 50 poise (enough to take a hit from the Darkwraiths and not be stunned) and only weighs 23.

Might as well maximize your souls while farming for chunks. Use Dark Wood Grain Ring + Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, it will stack with the Symbol of Avarice for a total of 44% more souls. If you don't care about souls, you can put on the Hornet Ring as your 2nd ring, it will let you OHKO backstab a Darkwraith with any weapon. (you might want this if you're on NG+ or beyond).

Great Fireball, Great Chaos Fireball. Another option if you're feeling particularly gutsy is Power Within. It will let you OHKO-backstab with a normally weaker weapon.

-20 estus flasks - you'll need these since you'll be constantly taking damage from the Symbol of Avarice. So make sure you kindle the bonfire before the Valley of the Drakes up to 20.
-99 Transient Curse - necessary since there is a room with 2 ghosts + 2 darkwraiths + another final darkwraith near the fog gate. You can try to ignore the ghosts, but it may be hard to deal with the last 3 darkwraiths while the ghosts are constantly attacking you. Ingward sells unlimited Transient Curses for 1,000 souls each.
-99 homeward bone - to bone out when you're finished for the next run. Buy these from the female undead merchant for 500 souls each.


You can get there by way of the darkroot basin bonfire, going through the Valley of the Drakes. Run past the drakes.

The absolute fastest way I have found to kill the Darkwraiths is by using Great Fireball & Great Chaos Fireball. With an Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5 they will die in 1 hit from these spells. Just throw it at them while they are charging at you; most of the time they will either charge at you for a lunging thrust, or walk up to you for a regular melee attack (or soul grab). Sometimes they will put their shield up first thing and block the fireball, but that is pretty rare.

Take the elevator from the bonfire down to the Valley of Drakes. Make sure to trigger the elevator again at the bottom so you don't have to wait for it on the next run. Run through the drakes, backstab the first 2 darkwraiths. Fireball the rest, but make sure you save 1 for the darkwraith behind the illusory wall.

When you get to the room with 2 darkwraiths + 2 ghosts, use a Transient Curse, lure the 1st darkwraith out, kill him, then lure the 2 ghosts out and kill them. If you time it right, you can kill all 3 of these with a single Great Chaos Fireball.

Kill the last 2, then homeward bone back. Repeat until you have enough chunks.

-Dex builds: at 40 dex, a Quelaag's Furysword +5 with 10 humanity will OHKO-backstab darkwraiths

-Minimum weight: a Lightning Mail Breaker +4 weighs .5, only requires 12 dex, doesn't use up a slab, and still kills a darwraith in one backstab (on NG only).

Ring of Favor & Protection It's possible you need to farm chunks/slabs after putting on the RoFaP ring.
At 40 endurance, RoFaP will put you at 96 equip load, 96 / 4 = 24 weight to still be able to move as fast as possible while wearing the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

  • Symbol of Avarice
  • Havel's Gauntlets
  • Hollow Solider Waistcloth
  • Mail Breaker
  • Small Leather Shield

These come to exactly 24 weight, letting you move as fast as possible and maximizing your souls gained. Again, if you don't care about souls, use the Dark Wood Grain Ring, this will let you go up to 48 weight and flip, which should be more than enough for any weapon/shield/armor combination you want.

Demon Titanite

Lost Izalith


[[#|Start]] from the Chaos Servant bonfire then go down the lift to Demon Ruins. Drop down and turn left towards the big branches. Go straight to Lost Izalith and fight the Titanite Demon on the bridge. After killing it, it will drop 2x Demon Titanites. Head back to Demon Ruins and proceed to the bonfire downstairs near the main entrance to Lost Izalith. Using that bonfire, warp back to the Chaos Servant bonfire and do the same cycle again. Notice the Titanite Demon respawn.

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      if you wanna waste your time with the farming How to Farm Titanite Slabs - How to Farm Red Titanite Slabs - How to Farm Blue Titanite Slabs - How to Farm White Titanite Slabs - How to Farm Demon Titanite - How to Farm Dragon Scales -

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        Easier method for slabs that doesn't require as much thought, especially at end-game: Use Firelink Shrine as your bonfire of choice and use a fat weapon that does a good chunk of damage two handed. Run from the bonfire down the stairs and down again to the elevator down to new londo. When it reaches the bottom make sure to press the button before exiting so you don't have to wait every time. Jump over the two walls as soon as you exit the door and cross the two bridges at the end of the path. If you run onto the breakable pot before the first bridge you won't be slowed down by falling. Run past the first two ghosts and drop down onto an arch to the right of the stairs. Drop further to a pool area. Here you should be aggroed by a Darkwraith a little to your right. Use a running attack, or bait his jump and do a jumping attack. You should easily one-shot him and all the others. Turn around until you see an entrance to a large hall type area, kind of like stables. Run in here. There should be a Darkwraith to your right - kill him with a running attack. Turn around to run towards the other end of the hall. On the second door to your left is another one. Kill it with a running attack. Go back out into the hall and there should be another Darkwraith in a door to the left of the room you were just in. Again, kill it with a running attack. Exit the hall using the door on the opposite side of where you originally entered. There should be another Darkwraith to kill with a running attack. Follow the path through the wooden house-like structures until you exit into an open area. There should be another Darkwraith at the bottom of some stairs. Kill him with a running attack, or do a plummeting attack off of the short ledge adjacent to the stairs. Homeward Bone back, and repeat. I use running attacks as they are usually quick enough to kill the Darkwraiths before they can swing. If this fails, a heavy attack also works. Make sure you are 2 handing your weapon as well. Some useful items: Homeward Bones - buy 99 from the female Undead Merchant, or the guy on top of Undead Parish. Symbol of Avarice - can be hard to get, but is worth it to free up a ring slot. I use this and heal before entering the large hall. A rare drop from Mimics. Grass Crest Shield - very useful for letting you run more. In fact, this is one of the best items in the game when you 2 hand a weapon in general. If you don't have it pick it up from Darkroot Basin. Ring of Favor and Protection - get this from killing Lautrec. Useful in general, but gives you more equip load so you can handle the weight of Symbol of Avarice. Covetous Gold Serpent Ring - if you don't have SoA, or don't like the weight/health drain, this is a good alternative. What I used for this was a +14 Great Club (I was farming slabs for the final level), and I had 40 strength. I could easily one-shot every Darkwraith with this build (657 2 hand RH1 damage). By the end of farming for one slab, I levelled up to 46 strength. It takes forever. Remember to hold your weapon with 2 hands, and good luck!

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          Do red titanite chunks actually spawn from any enemies ever? I've been farming maggots, chaos eaters, and worms for 3 hours now and haven't seen ONE red titanite chunk other than the ones in chests or the one I got from the twinkling titanite bug.

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