A very dark Tomb located below The Catacombs full of giant skeletons. To make it easier to navigate it recommend that you follow our walthrough by exploring Anor Londo and Lost Izalith before coming here. And obtaining the Skull Lantern, Sunlight Maggot (Lost Izalith), or the spell cast light so that it is possible to see, as the area is full of treacherous falls. 

Tomb of Giants Walkthrough


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Tomb of Giants Map

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  • Giant Skeleton( Sword/Archers )
  • Giant Skeleton Dog
  • Bone Tower
  • Baby Skeleton
  • Pinwheel
  • Hollowed Clerics
  • NPC Invader: Leeroy (after you have opened the golden fog-gate he will invade you after entering if you are human.)


Full Tomb of Giants Walkthrough

It is not recommended to enter this area unless you have obtained the Lordvessel from Anor Londo as otherwise you will not be able to complete or access all of the area. In addition, the Tombs should only be explored by those with a Soul Level of at least 55-60, otherwise this area will be exceedingly frustrating. There are 2 Bonfires, at about 1/3 and 2/3 through the area.

Your goal when first entering the tomb of giants is to reach the bonfire. The good news is that there is a bonfire right after defeating Pinwheel, the bad news is that it's extinguished, for good. Traversing this area will be much easier if you have the spell Cast Light, the Sunlight Maggot or a Skull Lantern, but neither is a necessity. You should follow the placed prism stones carefully to avoid falling, and generally watch out for pairs of white glowing eyes that indicate a giant skeleton.

After crossing the first coffin (yes that's what they are), hug the right wall going forward and you will encounter the first giant skeleton. You have a bit of room to fight him so don't worry too much about falling off the ledge. After dispatching him, follow the path down and you'll come to a coffin slanting downwards into the darkness. Man up and slide down it. You'll come out onto a ledge with another downward-slanting coffin just in front of you. Before continuing down it, turn to your right and pull the skeleton hiding there. It's a good idea to kill him because he may drop down on you once you continue your descent.

When you're ready, slide down the aforementioned coffin, but BEWARE, there will be a skeleton waiting to either side of you on the ledge. The best way to survive this particular ledge is by heading straight to your right and rolling past the skeleton onto another coffin-slide. It's likely that you'll die here until you get the hang of exactly where to go, but take heart! At the bottom of this 3rd coffin-slide is Patches the Hyena (ignore him for now) and a ladder to the left that will lead down to a small ledge with the BONFIRE (prior to sliding down the third coffin, be sure to position yourself as far to the right as possible, and continue pressing your stick in this direction so you'll be sure to land on the ledge with a corpse holding Humanity). You may choose not to kindle this one as there is another closer to the boss, Nito, but if you die here without it you will have to retrace your steps from your last bonfire. Now that you have a checkpoint within the Tomb, you can feel free to explore around a bit. The first thing you should do is acquire the Skull Lantern. The easiest way to do this is to talk to Patches the Hyena. Read up on Patches to see what he offers after this area.

Answer NO when he asks if you are a cleric and YES to his offer to find treasure, and he'll kick you off the edge down into the area below. Yes it's a bit of ***** move, but it's actually a good thing because you will find yourself near three corpses with items, the most important of which being the Skull Lantern. Pick up these items quickly and equip the lantern (preferably in your alternate left hand slot so you can swap easily between shield and lantern).

Explore around the lower level that you fell into and you'll find the NPC Reah of Thorolund who is guarded by two hollow cleric bodyguards that are rather tough, so be careful in eliminating them. You'll also find Skeleton Pillars. Try to take them out from a distance or use quick in-and-out melee attacks as they have a slam attack and a thrash attack, both of which do substantial damage. Follow the path which leads towards a ladder. After climbing that ladder, you'll find a fork.

  • Following the left path (beware of the skeleton archers that are trying to pin you to the wall) will lead you first to a giant coffin which you can enter by dropping down through a small square hole. You'll find yourself on a ledge above bottom of the coffin, where 6 giant skeletons are lying in wait for you, as well as a dead blacksmith with a Large Divine Ember and a corpse with a large soul. This area can be difficult, but the Giant Skeletons have a short agro range and the Archers won't be able to hit in some areas. Take your time and be ready to heal at any moment. Continuing upwards past the giant coffin will bring you back to the start of the area where you fought Pinwheel and will allow you to nab the item on the body that you probably saw up and to the right for the very first prism stone. Alternatively, once you drop down the hole, make a running jump over the ladder leading down to the skeletons, and continue along the ledge around the inside of the coffin. Once you reach the other side, you should be able to target the skeletons below you, toss down some fireballs/chaos fireballs/firebombs etc to thin out their numbers and get some easy souls and a Large Divine Ember (see Ember page for more strategies).


From Patches, go to his right and you'll find a path that leads to a fog wall and your first encounter with a Skeleton Dog.

Skeleton Dogs

There are several of these quadripedal monsters in the following area and they are tough to deal with, even though they have very low health. The main danger of these enemies lies in their forward flurry attack that has significant range and seems to ignore all armour other than shield (need confirmation, but regardless the damage is insane). It is sometimes possible to block all the damage from this attack (eating most of your stamina) by facing at the right angle with your shield up, but it seems that the attack can sometimes reach around the shield, dealing very heavy damage.

If your stamina is not full, or if your shield/endurance/poise are not up to par, this attack can easily drain your stamina or simply knock away your shield; if the flurry is not finished when you are left exposed, you will almost certainly die. They will rear up when they are about to leap at you to perform this attack, so try to back up and keep your shield raised.The best strategy to adopt in facing them is to minimize time spent fighting them; they have relatively low hp, so killing them quickly is feasible and necessary, even if it means eating a few of the Dog's minor hits. One effective strategy is to pull them using a powerful ranged Pyromancy (Fire Orb etc), after which you should be able to take them out in 1 or 2 hits.

Another way to deal with them is to move arround them and attack them from the rear, they take too long to turn around. However be careful not to fall off, since you will mostly find them in narrow corridors and the low visibility only makes things worse.

Alternatively, equipping the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring (found in Sen's Fortress) reduces the agro range of the Dogs to the point where all but the first and the Dog next to the hole just past the location of the fog door can simply be run past, almost always without them noticing. This makes travelling between the first bonfire and the location of the golden fog door considerably easier.

Be careful in the first area after the fog wall, as there are several Skeleton Dogs, a Skeleton Archer on the other side of the room, and a Black Knight that will start to attack you. Try pulling the black knight all the way back the way you came so that it can be fought outside the Dogs aggro range, allowing you to fully concentrate on the Knight. After clearing and exploring the little area, advance down the ramp onto the lower level. Start by going down the right path to find a corpse with an Effigy Shield item at the end . Then, go down the left to fight a Skeleton Dog and a Giant Skeleton with a sword. After fighting them, continue around to the left, following the faint blue lights, and you will come to the 2nd BONFIRE . It is highly recommended that you kindle this bonfire, as it will be the one from which you will fight Nito.
[Directions: While facing Patches, turn right and go until you see a Skeleton Dog (I recommend using a long pole arm or thrusting weapon, striking with just the tip. Roll backwards immediately after hitting them and go for a second thrust to finish them off), Continue going right, where the skeleton dog was, until you see another Skeleton Dog. There will be an archer sniping at you. Fight the Dog, turn left and go straight to where the arrows are coming from to fight the giant Skeleton Archer. To get the Effigy Shield: Turn left from the giant Skeleton Archer. Fight another Skeleton Dog and go down a somewhat steep ramp into a lower area. Immediately turn right and move along a thin path until you see a body with the shield. Go back and head up the ramp, turning right, to reach the area where you killed the giant Skeleton Archer.
To get the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring: Near a cliff face, right where you fought the giant Skeleton Archer, you will see a body with an item. If you walk straight off the cliff from where the body is, you'll fall onto a ledge that leads to the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring - But watch out!! Going to the body will trigger a trap that surrounds you with Bone Towers (great place to farm White Titanite Chunks). Once you get the ring, move back to the ledge you landed on, jumping a ravine. There are 3 ways you can go at this point: Staying to the right will lead to the bonfire. Going left, on the high road, will lead you to a Skeleton Dog and Giant Skeleton. Going left, on the low road, will lead to a fantastic area with an White Titanite Chunk from a corpse in an alcove, plus 3 Skeleton Dogs, plus an additional Skeleton Dog and Giant Skeleton from the highroad area if you ignored it earlier, and a path that's very well hidden (unless you just walk off a cliff) to continue on your merry way. ]

After resting at the Bonfire, go back towards the Skeleton Dog and Giant Skeleton. Next to the second column, right before the Skeleton Dog, is a path that leads down. The Skeleton Dog will follow you down the path so make sure you take him out first. Proceed and you'll find a corpse in a small gap to your right White Titanite Chunk. There are 3 Skeleton Dogs ahead slightly to the left. The two far Skeleton Dogs may be ignored. Kill them and take the down right path. Slightly down the path turn around to your right and go back a little to find another corpse with Soul of a Brave Warrior. Drop down the short ladder and you'll exit the pitch black part of the Tomb of Giants.

Another alternative if you don't mind dying a few times to figure out the route and missing out on some soul items is simply equipping the lantern and run past everything. Starting from where Patches stay right past the first dog, after the fog door run towards the skeletal archer and roll straight off the ledge where the item is. You will land on a platform which leads towards the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. Unless you really want it face directly behind you and roll off the ledge again. Following the right path will lead you the second bonfire. When heading to the left make sure to hug the right wall and keep heading down until you see the hole with the ladder in it which leads out of the dark area. Most skeletal dogs that do follow you will most likely to fall off and die. However, on a rare occasion one might follow all the way to where Paladin Leeroy spawns, so take a minute to make sure its clear. Once you master this route it will make any successive trip to the Tomb of Giants much quicker.

Before entering the cave you will be invaded by the Black phantom Paladin (if you are in human form). After defeating the BP you will receive the Grant (weapon), Sanctus (shield), 2 Humanity and 5 or 10k souls (need to confirm, 1/6/12 Killed BP, only dropped 1 Humanity, 20k souls - confirmed in that is what you are given automatically. The weapon, shield and the two extra humanity are items that need to be picked up). NOTE: Do NOT kill Paladin Leeroy by knocking him off the ledge. You may be unable to retrieve his equipment and humanity. NOTE: If you do knock him off the ledge, if the drops are not showing just quit and reload the game, VOILA! the drops should be sitting there. (: (I killed him normally without knocking him off, but he didn't drop anything at all. I didn't summon him earlier, might that be it?) I just killed him normally and got his drops, i did not summon him for Pinwheel either.

Enter the cave to the right (After placing the Lordvessel, The orange seal will be gone.) and sprint to kill the crystal lizard, once done move on to kill the bone towers. Be careful when dealing with the archer since another Giant Skeleton is hiding behind the corner and some bone towers will spawn behind you. Equip some fire resistant equipment before proceeding since you'll find some lost copies of Pinwheel throwing fireballs at you. To minimize the risk, kill the one standing at left on a barely walkable path near the wall and take that path. Doing this, you'll avoid dealing with the infinite respawning baby skeleton from the lower ground (they're not strong, but they'll take your energy bar in no time leaving you open to the more damaging fireballs). kill the remaining enemies in your path and before proceeding through the mist door (and the boss) mind on grabbing a **White Titanite Slab** from a hidden corpse in the left corner, you will notice a hole in the wall. Take note - If you do encounter the skeleton babies, they are your first priority. In large enough numbers, they will cause you to go toxic.
Also note that, although the Baby Skeletons only yield 121 souls apiece (First Playthrough, with overkill bonus; which is almost a garuantee since they have less than 60 HP each)(174 souls with Covetous Silver Serpent Ringand and Symbol of Avarice; 3 times 20%), this is an excellent place to farm for souls due to their infinite respawning. Also, with 410 Item discovery (using the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and a humanity of 10 or more), they drop Humanity fairly regularly. Make sure to bring some blooming purple mossclumps in case they toxify you, and a weapon with a wide sweeping attack (Gravelord Sword, Battle Axe, etc.), so you can take out alot of them with every swing. Make sure to pick up anything they drop as fast as possible though, as they fade fairly quickly due to their respawn rate (items WILL fade in just the brief amount of time it takes to swing your weapon once more, just to put into perspective how fast they will go away). In about two hours, this user racked up an astonishing 400,000 souls and 130 Humanities.

ALTERNATE METHOD OF DEALING WITH THE PINWHEEL COPIES: If your strength and dexterity values are respectable, three shots from the Dragonslayer Greatbow one finds in Anor Londo should be sufficient to kill each one. This user accomplished such with 50 strength and 35 dexterity. Using this method, one can draw the attention of the Pinwheels individually, to minimize danger.
(EDIT: Dragonslayer Greatbow is not essential here, the Pinwheels can be taken down with Standard Arrows & Longbow+14. Dex 29 Str 24 - only took 4 shots and each shot stuns the Pinwheel so they don't have time to get their fireball charged.) Gregor Lenko 03/10/12


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

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