Helpful items that can be used indefinitely.

Image & Name Usage Location
Skull Lantern
Holding it in the left hand (shield-hand) and holding L1 or LB causes it to light an area around the character like a torch. Drops from necromancers in Catacombs.
It is also found in the Tomb of Giants. You will receive it at the lowest level of the area.
Using it as an item causes you to use the binoculars to see further.
Can be used to aim Crossbows for long-distance shooting.
Found in the Graveyard at Firelink Shrine. Can also be taken as a gift upon character creation.
Sends the user back to the last used bonfire upon death.
Can be used as an item (unlimited uses) to warp back to previous bonfire at any point, losing all souls and humanity
From the beginning
Dragon Head Stone
Turns your head into one of a dragon. Gift from joining Path of the Dragon.
Dragon Torso Stone
Turns you completely into a Dragonoid. Offer 30 Dragon Scales to the Everlasting Dragon.
Black Eye Orb
Invade the world of the murderer of a firekeeper Found on the corpse of the murdered firekeeper. It is used in Anor Londo.
Silver Pendant.png
Silver Pendant
Creates a field around the player that deflects Dark Magic for a few seconds. It is activated in a way similar to Force, though the player is able to move briefly whilst the pendant is still in effect. Found behind an illusory wall in Upper Oolacile Township, though unlike other illusory walls, it will require a light source of some sort to uncover. Skull Lantern, Cast Light spell and Sunlight Maggot are confirmed to work.


Carvings are a special tool Item in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. They were first introduced in the Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition.

Carvings act as voice chat items. When you use them, your character throws a carving (much like throwing a prism stone) which explodes when hitting the ground and generates a sound depending on the carving you drop. The sound generated is a voice saying the corresponding sound. The voice is very deep and resembles the one of a giant (like Hawkeye Gough or the Giant Blacksmith).


All Carvings of Dark Souls


Hello Carving

Says "Hello" when it makes contact with a hard surface.

I'm Sorry Carving

Says "I'm Sorry" when it makes contact with a hard surface.

Very Good Carving

Says "Very Good!" when it makes contact with a hard surface.

Help Me Carving

Says "Help Me!" when it makes contact with a hard surface.

Thank You Carving

Says "Thank You" when it makes contact with a hard surface.


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