Tranquil Walk of Peace

Spell Type Miracle
Requirements 18 Faith
Slots Used 1
Spell Uses 5

Force is a Miracle in Dark Souls. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talismans or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles



Outland miracle, foreign to the Way of White. Slows all walking within effect area.
This miracle is normally used to flee, as it slows walking but does not affect attacks, but nevertheless defines peace perfectly.



Applies a de-buff to nearby enemies which slows movement speed. Its best use is almost the exact opposite of its official description, as fleeing with the spell active merely allows opponents to leave its area of effect and then pursue you normally, while it is very effective for chasing down enemies.

  • Can not run or roll while within the area of effect. A hostile opponent that attempts to roll while under the effect of this spell will instead stagger, leaving themselves extremely vulnerable to backstabs, stunlocking, or point blank spell attacks.
  • If you have trouble dealing with fast rolling or DWGR "ninja flipping" players, this is the miracle for you. TWoP is particularly powerful in a co-op setting, where it affects invaders but leaves the host and any summons free to operate normally. Its use is generally frowned, particularly in duels and formal PvP matches, but it can be a real lifesaver in high invasion areas that require a lot of time to transit, such as the Oolacile Township.
  • Often paired with spells that usually require rolling to safely evade, such as Wrath of the Gods, Pursuers, or Dark Bead. This is considered unfair, but is undeniably effective.
  • The easiest counter is to recognize the spell when it is cast and just run away until its short duration is over. Another effective counter is to cast Great Magic Shield in anticipation of the likely spell or weapon spam to follow, which will allow you to soak all the attacks for little or no damage or stamina drain. It is also possible to respond with attacks such as Wrath of the Gods, Fire Tempest, Dark Bead, or even Crystal Soul Spear to punish reckless players that cast TWoP and then simply charge at you. Finally, the silver pendant item may allow you to block dark magic such as Dark Bead or Pursuers.


Acquired From

  • Catacombs - From the second bonfire, go across the bridge to the spiral tower with two skeletons. There's a breakable wall with a big skeleton behind it. Go through a hole on the right side of the room and follow it up until you get to a necromancer. There's an easily missable ladder to your right, past the doorway. The miracle is at the top of the ladder.
    Detailed Guide can be found here, as the miracle is on the way.



  • Same effect as the Stone Greatsword's special attack. However, unlike the Stone Greatsword, players affected by Vow of Silence will not be able to cast this miracle.
  • Can not use Green Blossom while miracle is active. Also, can not use miracle while Green Blossom is active. However, can still use miracle with Grass Crest Shield equipped.
  • The description of this spell is misleading. It actually functions as an aura from the caster that causes any enemies that come within it's radius to be affected until they leave said radius. This means that you can cast it from safety, then run up to enemies who will be slowed once you get within the spell's range. Similarly, if you cast it when an enemy is nearby, but allow them to distance themselves from you, they will stop being affected.



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    • Anonymous

      04 Jan 2018 09:14  

      I actually created a ornstein pvp build using this miracle I never lost once its offensive capabilities are pretty much endless, however when I got greedy and leveled up too much I joined NG+ and got destroyed by better players so I consider it more useable the lower level you are.

      • Anonymous

        14 Feb 2017 08:24  

        "This is considered unfair.." You are playing Dark Souls you kiddos! Get over it! This literally IS unfair. Learn to live with it or quit trying to play!

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