Undead Dragon

Location Valley of Drakes/Painted World of Ariamis
Health * NG: 3,480/3,956
NG+: 5,881/6,210
Souls * NG: 3,000/5,000
NG+: 9,000/10,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.5

Undead Dragon Information


The Undead Dragons are found in the Valley of Drakes and in the Painted World of Ariamis.

The Valley of Drakes dragon is located near a wooden bridge close to the New Londo Ruins entrances. He's guarding three items. This mini boss is completely optional and will not attack you until you go to pick up one of the items he is guarding. Two of the three items can be acquired safely without aggroing the dragon. 


A second Undead Dragon is found blocking the bridge in The Painted World of Ariamis. He's guarding two items. This dragon is also optional, but it provides a shortcut to the boss area and some decent drops, if you for some reason would like to avoid the enemies of the level's underground area.

After this dragon is defeated its hind part will be left behind on the bridge. The dragon's remains are similar to the Bounding Demons of Izalith, but totally harmless. To be able to pass under it you have to do a jumping attack (Forward+R2/RT) to make it stand up.



Drops (Painted World of Ariamis)



Toxic Breath

The dragon will breathe a purple haze in an area towards you, if out of melee range. This attack is toxic and can build up quite quickly. Avoid this by running out of the breath range. 


Claw Swipe

 Swipes its claw horizontally. This is short-ranged attack and deals high strike damage, but is slow, which gives you enough time to roll away to safety. This attack can track the player but also deals a bit of AoE damage, just like the Toxic Breath.


Claw Slam

The dragon slams its claw into the ground, dealing dangerous damage but can easily be rolled away from.



Head lunges forward and takes a bite off of you. This medium-ranged attack is its highest damaging attack, and should be avoided. 


Strategy - Ranged

The Dragon can't move from it's spot and has limited range for all of it's attacks, which makes a ranged kill extremely easy, if difficulty is not a matter of patience. Position yourself just outside of his attack range, to be effective with ranged attacks while reducing the dragon's effectiveness to nothing. If you stand out of his breath attack range, you can spam Lightning Spear to get in more damage; you do not need a lock on with the spell if you manually aim your character properly. Aim for its wings as it seemed to hurt it the most. Depending on your level this might take a while, but for the amount of souls, a Dragon Scale, and the items it was guarding, enduring a little tediousness is a small price to pay.


Hyper Mode Strategy

Equip the Red Tearstone Ring, which can be acquired in one of the two locations the Undead Dragon is present- please visit our page 'End of the Valley. Lowering your HP below 20% will significantly increase your damage dealt, while being at no risk of death, if you keep the proper distance. The Symbol of Avarice may do the trick in reaching your optimum HP level. Even with a modest bow, it should take no longer than a minute of two to dispose this Dragon.

Strategy - Melee (Valley of Drakes)

If you have a melee weapon least moderate range (such as a longsword) then you can also engage the dragon, mano-a-talon while not getting hurt too much. Start at the ledge, on the left of the Undead Dragon, then aggravate it any way you like. Wait for it to breath it's poison breath and then for the gas to dissipate before you run up and attack the closest foot (a running stab works well) with a single hit. Once your hit lands then roll back and run out of range of it's next poison breath (back to where you started), then repeat the process until you can remove the 'Un' from 'Undead Dragon'. 

Strategy - Melee (Painted World of Ariamis)

Run up to the left, in front of its right foot, by the small column and attack the foot with no lock-on. It will hit you with its poison breath, but if you have decent Vitality you should be able to withstand the blasts without losing too much health. If you stray too close to the foot for too long it will lift it to smash you. Roll backwards to avoid this and then get back into position. If you want to avoid the poison as much as possible, you can bait the first breath attack by standing next to one of his feet, then running to the other. Attack this foot a few times, then run back to the other one and his breath attack should be targeted at the foot you just left. Keep switching like this and watch out for the foot smash and he'll be down in no time.


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    • Anonymous

      I don't know why the guide doesn't mention this but there is a much easier to cheese the Ariamis dragon with melee. Jump on your left (or to his right), he will begin to breathe towards you, use that moment to run on the middle path and attack him a few times, run back to the tower when you're done. Rinse & repeat. Just be patient because he will use his poison breath in the middle path after you're done fleeing.

      • Anonymous

        I killed the painted world one like a coward, outside its aggro range with an obscene amount of arrows and a composite bow

        • Anonymous

          The undead dragon charging down the bridge in the painted world is both epic and terrifying as hell if you got too close

          • Anonymous

            you can loop the boss and make it do two attacks only, being claw swipe and toxic breath. you stick to it's right hand and move back after it does the swipe. then when you go back it should use the poison move and you repeat hitting it's arm until it dies.

            • Anonymous

              FYI to those looking to range it down, it took me just over 140 standard arrows with minimum stats for the longbow (not upgraded/+0).

              Aim for the wings, as they don't move and yielded the highest dmg per-shot for me (25) vs. the body (variable), neck (23) or head (24).

              Best of luck, fellow undead!

              • Anonymous

                Just spam arrows from the closest range possible but still out of reach for the first one you encounter (easy souls and weapon at the start of the game)

                • Anonymous

                  If you are a melee build you can also try firebombs that you can buy from the undead merchant in at the earlier region from undead burg!

                  • Anonymous

                    I saw it and tough to myself "this thing can't be alive, it's just a prop". Well it wasnt literaly alive, but still ****ed me up pretty nicely

                    • Anonymous

                      "Two of the three items can be acquired safely without aggroing the dragon. "

                      You know, it probably might be helpful to mention which of the 3 items...

                      • Anonymous

                        Protip: If you have sufficient STR and don't want to shoot it with a bow for 8 hours, the dragon greatsword's R2 attack can be used to quickly kill it from a safe distance

                        • Anonymous

                          I wonder where this beast gets all this poisonous puke from. Note that its lower half is coking on a lava lake somewhere in Lost Izalith.

                          • Anonymous

                            I just killed him in painted world, then used dark hand on his legs/tail. He leaves them at the end and runs up to you body only.. Once I did his lower legs stood up. I am standing beneath them in fear of moving as we speak.

                            • Anonymous

                              This is a bit confusing from a lore perspective, because the curse of undeath is usually only for humans, but somehow an actual dragon is afflicted by it,is it an experiment on the immortality of dragons or something completely different, I figure they're just making a cool enemy in this case but the implications do make some things a bit weird

                              • Anonymous

                                I think I encountered a bug with this one, as well as the red one guarding the bridge. I died while fighting them, respawned and returned to fight them, and they were gone. Anybody else encounter anything along these lines?

                                • Anonymous

                                  It is actually surprisingly easy to just run in and slash the dragon to death by attacking its chest. Lure it to use its breath attack on the right or left sides of the bridge, then run up the middle and hit it two or three times and then perfom the crucial observation: if it moves for a claw attack, retreat the minimum distance and return to slicing it up; if it uses its breath attack again, keep piling on the blows. This should kill it remarkably quickly.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    While a little time consuming, it is quite possible to dodge past the dragon's first sludge wave to end up on the other side (from the Basin entrance) and, if the player stands just out of range of the toxic breath on the path beyond, it is quite possible to take around 30-40 standard arrows and shoot it to death from close range (targetting the neck/head for additional damage).

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