Female Undead Merchant

Location Lower Undead Burg

The Female Undead Merchant is an NPC in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. She sells useful consumable items and throwable weapons as well as special ammunition. Please see Undead Merchant for the male NPC.

Where to find Female Undead Merchant

  • The Female Undead Merchant is located in the lower parts of the Undead Burg (Section 2), on an aqueduct that links to a shortcut taking you to the Firelink Shrine.
  • Be mindful not to confuse her with a Hollow and kill her.
    • If the merchant is attacked, she will retreat farther down the aqueduct where you cannot attack her, and will begin a very long rant on how useless you are. However, she can be killed if you attack her with a weapon powerful enough for her to lose all of her HP.
    • Drops: 60 Souls




 Female Undead Merchant Inventory

Icon Name Use Price (Souls)
  Bloodred Moss Clump Reduces the accumulation of Bleed 300
  Purple Moss Clump Reduces the accumulation of Poison and cancels Poisoned Status 500
  Blooming Purple Moss Clump Reduces the accumulation of Poison and Toxic and cancels Poisoned/Toxic Status 1000
  Poison Throwing Knife A poisoned throwing knife 100
  Dung Pie Inflicts Toxic status on enemies but also on yourself 200
  Alluring Skull Item lures enemies towards it 500
  Charcoal Pine Resin Applies Fire to your right hand weapon 500
  Transient Curse You become cursed for a short period of time, able to fight with ghosts 4000
  Rotten Pine Resin Your right hand weapon becomes poisonous 1000
  Homeward Bone Transports player to the last visited Bonfire. Player does not lose souls or humanity 500
  Prism Stone Allows you to measure the depth of a cliff 10
  Humanity Consume to gain +1 Humanity. Only 1 is available from this merchant. 5000
  Purging Stone An item that removes the status effect Curse from the player 6000
  Fire Arrow   100
  Poison Arrow   100
  Standard Arrow   10
  Large Arrow   50
  Wooden Arrow   3
  Standard Bolt   30
  Heavy Bolt   100
  Wood Bolt   10



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