Undead Rapport


Spell Type Pyromancy
Type Support
Slots Used 1
Uses 7

Undead Rapport is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls. To cast a pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies


Advanced pyromancy of Quelana of Izalith. Charm undead and gain temporary allies.
The living are lured by flame, and this relationship is part and parcel to the art of pyromancy. Can be used by either gender.



  • Support
  • Duration: 30 Seconds
  • Melee ranged spell with about 2 second cast time. Gain temporary allies.


Acquired From



  • Some charmed undead will pursue and attack enemies within their aggro range.
  • Most charmed undead do not move and stand still until other enemies approach.
  • A good way to make charmed undead move, is to use Aural Decoy, or throw Alluring Skulls.


Acid Surge  ♦  Black Flame  ♦  Chaos Fire Whip  ♦  Chaos Storm  ♦  Combustion  ♦  Fire Orb  ♦  Fire Surge  ♦  Fire Tempest  ♦  Fire Whip  ♦  Fireball  ♦  Firestorm  ♦  Flash Sweat  ♦  Great Chaos Fireball  ♦  Great Combustion  ♦  Great Fireball  ♦  Iron flesh  ♦  Poison Mist  ♦  Power Within  ♦  Toxic Mist


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    • Anonymous

      04 Jul 2021 22:26  

      Fun fact: if you push the Male Undead Merchant into a standing position you can use this spell on him. He remains friendly to you and attacks any hollows you bring near him with his uchigatana. Pretty cool. It makes me think that hollows affected by this spell actually do not realise that their will has been magically altered, and believe that their actions are of their own will, even if they do retain some fragments of sentience.

      • Anonymous

        19 May 2021 22:36  

        wow fun fact, when you "charm" something with this it gains white eyes, almost like your making it lucid again so it can fight those disgusting hollows it hangs out with

        • Anonymous

          19 May 2021 22:35  

          wow i lOVE this spell, i wasnt gonna use this but i found out what it did while trying it out and let one hollow soldier kill all the rest just so i could kick back and watch the sunrise XD

          • Anonymous

            03 Nov 2018 09:54  

            Do charmed enemies attack invaders? I'm wondering because normally invaders can't be damaged by enemies even by accident.

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