Looking for a chance to call yourself one of THE BEST in Dark Souls PVP? Had Enough of the bull tactics people have become accustomed to when fighting? Actually want a TRUE challenge? Then register for the Unofficial Dark Souls Tourney for PS3 players. We're trying to prove that the clones suck, and bring skill back to an amazing game.

Head to https://darksoulswiki.chatango.com/ and take a look for Arkelsa or KillaDonCKarma to register. All rules are posted below and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Time:

  • June 2, 2012, Dueling Commences 20:00 Hours UTC. The first Duel will be announced.


Registrations as this point in time are going to take place in the chatroom, for organization reasons mostly. Currently, if you would like to join, or remove yourself from the Tourney, please PM either Arkelsa or KilladoncKarma at this time.

This does not mean that you are required to register for the chatroom, Anon users please feel free to register for the tourney and join. We are going to be doing the match ups with PSN names and not frequented chatroom names. We will be using a seperate chatroom to assign duels, to keep the main chatroom free of un-neccessary clutter, located at: http://dark-kar.chatango.com


  1. You are only allowed to enter ONE character for the tournament. This is to promote equal fairness and prevent players from having five different builds for five different situations, the idea is to have one build for all situations.

  2. Every round MUST begin with a Proper Bow or a Bow, as a show of respect for each others skill before fighting.

  3. All fighters MUST allow each other a 20 second window before fighting, to ensure each player has any required buffs or resins activated.

  4. There is a level requirement to enter this tournament, the minimum allowed level to enter is 90, the maximum allowed level is 99. We have added these caps to ensure more creative builds from everyone interested in joining, and less cloning.

  5. Duels must be fought on agreed upon terms, if players can or will not agree on terms of dueling, then a Judge shall intervene and outline further details.

  6. There is to be no health restoring items or spells of any kind during duels, this includes but is not limited to: Healing and Restoration Spells, Humanity, Divine Blessings, Estus Flasks, and so forth. (Please Note: Sanctus Shield is allowed)

  7. Each match is going to be a required best of 2 out of 3 rounds to win.

The Match Up:

  • All match ups will be randomly generated and stated at the time of appointed dueling. We trust that most players will fight fair and report their own wins and losses, so that we do not need to judge EVERY single match being held.

  • Winners of each Match up will automatically move into the next stage, where the dying party of each match will have a chance of redemption.

  • The easieast way to describe this matching system is using the following round as an example; 4 Players

Player 1 vs Player 2; Player 2 Wins = Player 2 Moves On.

Player 3 vs Player 4; Player 3 Wins = Player 3 Moves On.

(Redemption Round)

Player 1 vs Player 4; Player 1 Wins = Player 1 Moves On.

At this point player 4 would be removed from the tournament.

  • Depending on the amount of players who enter the tournament, this match up will continue until a substantial amount of players have been removed and we can begin the Semi-Finals stage, at which point a one match loss will equal removal.

Judged Matches:

  1. All 'Judged Matches' are going to be timed at 5 minute rounds, if a round continues after the 5 minute point both players are to stop fighting immediately and whichever player has the most HP remaining, through a visual percentile value, shall be determined the winner of the round.

  2. A 'Judged Match' is going to take place when two parties can not come to agreed upon dueling terms, or an argument is ensuing where one player has accused another of cheating. Under these circumstances both players will meet in a special arena and be summoned by the Judge via Red Summon Sign.

  3. When a Judge determines a player has been cheating that player will be disqualifed from the tournament immediately, however, if there are no signs of cheating during the judged match, then the winner shall move on without prejudice.

The Arena:

It has been decided that our dueling arena is going to be the blighttown pit. Located behind the bonfire, we have chosen this location for two main reasons.

  1. Blighttown, in our experience, has the least amount of invasions, due to the low quality frame rate, and therefore we hope will have the least amount of interruptions.

  2. This area actually is as close to a closed off arena as we are going to find, one of the reasons we are battling in the pit is for the spacing as well, anyone climbing the ladders, and essentially running away from the duels, will forfeit the current round.

Removed Items:

The following items have been removed from the tournament and are not allowed to be consumed while dueling, appropriate reasons as to why have been listed for each item individually.

  1. Divine Blessing - Status Ailment Removal and Health Restoration

  2. Estus Flask - Health Restoration

  3. Humanity - Health Restoration

  4. Twin Humanity - Health Restoration

Under the circumstances that you require a Status Ailment Removal use the appropiate consumable Moss as required.

Removed Spells:

The following spells are classified as cheap and unfair, amongst most of the community members, and under no circumstances should be classified as fair to use in the tournament. Anyone observed using these spells will be immediately disqualified.

  1. Tranquil Walk Of Peace

  2. Wrath Of The Gods

  3. Heal

  4. Great Heal

  5. Great Heal Excerpt

  6. Soothing Sunlight

  7. Replenishment

  8. Bountiful Sunlight

Removed Equipment:

The following equipment pieces have been classified as OP when used in multiple comboes online. Regardless of the level cap, we have decided to remove the truly OP pieces of equipment. As stated numerous times, the goal of this is to encourage unique PVP builds, and remove cloning

  1. Great Lord Great Sword

  2. All Pieces of Havel Armors

  3. All Pieces of Black Iron Armors

  4. All Pieces of Giant Armors

  5. All Pieces of Smough Armors

Removed Tactics:

The following tactics are classified as cheap and unfair, amongst most of the community members, and under no circumstances should be classified as fair to use in the tournament. Anyone observed using these tactics will be immediately disqualified.

  1. Combustion Spamming

  2. Dead Angle Backstabs

  3. Chain Backstabs

  4. Charging Backstabs

  5. Lagging Backstabs

  6. Rolling Backstabs

  7. Continuous Fishing

  8. Over Turtling

Our idea is to promote dueling without backstabs, and good clean fighting.


Disqualifications will happen if you are reported as cheating and using the illegal tactics as posted, or the removed items as posted. When reported cheating both players will then have to participate in a 'Judged Match'. Refusal to participate in the 'Judged Match' will result in immediate disqualification of the refusing party.

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