This section is composed of only one covenant, the Chaos Servants, which seeks to alleviate the Daughter of Chaos's suffering by feeding humanity to her. The covenant does not suggest any way in which this humanity should be gathered, nor does it give the player any additional tools for doing so. As such, Chaos Servants can just as easily be allies or aggressors, or may even join another covenant to gain access to their multiplayer items, returning later to donate any humanity gathered.

Chaos Servants

Members of this covenant are tasked with offering humanity to the Daughter of Chaos, an albino chaos witch half spider... demon... thing... who speaks an unknown language. The player can understand this language by wearing the Old Witch's Ring. Covenant members are given the powerful Great Chaos Fireball pyromancy upon joining, and will gain the Chaos Storm pyromancy upon attaining rank +2. As well, at rank +2 they gain the ability to open up the Demon Ruins/ Lost Izalith shortcut, which is needed to save Solaire and make him available for the battle with Gwyn, as well as bypassing a large part of the Demon Ruins and most of Lost Izalith itself. In addition to being the covenant leader, the Daughter of Chaos is also a Fire Keeper and can upgrade the player's Estus Flask with Fire Keeper Souls. She will also drop her Fire Keeper Soul if killed, but her bonfire will be snuffed out.
While the merchant Eingyi is associated with the covenant, you do not actually have to be a Chaos Servant to buy from him or use his services. Eingyi will initially only sell a Chaos Roster and Egg Vermifuges, and offer to upgrade the player's pyromancy flame (but not ascend it). Players will not be able to buy pyromancies from him until they have spoken to him while infected with parasitic eggs. Eingyi may give the player a Pyromancy Flame even if they already have one, but the triggers for this are not known.
This covenant does not have an exclusive multiplayer item. Instead it has the Chaos Roster, which is a constantly updating list that shows how much humanity the player and other players have donated to the covenant along with their stats and equipment. Abandoning the covenant will not affect their standing on the Chaos Roster, however their rank will still decrease. This covenant does not have any exclusive equipment or spells, and the chaos pyromancies acquired through this covenant can be used even if the covenant is abandoned. Covenant rank is increased by offering humanity to the Daughter of Chaos.
This covenant will be broken if the player kills the Daughter of Chaos. Killing Eingyi will not break the covenant.
  • Members of this covenant are able to open the Izalith shortcut at rank +2, which once opened will stay open even if they leave the covenant.

For players interested in User Made Covenants, please go here. Or visit our dedicated covenant forum.

The player finds this covenant in the dark forest by talking to the huge cat referred to as "Alvina" in a small stone building towards the wolf boss. Joining this covenant will result in Alvina giving you the Cat Covenant Ring, which she will use to summon you when other players, whom aren't part of the Forest Hunter covenant, journey into the first part of the forest. Having the ring equipped essentially puts you in a queue for PvP. You do not have to remain in the forest for it to work, though you do need to have it equipped. When a non-Forest Hunter enters the area you will be summoned to "invade" them. It is possible for more than one Forest Hunter player to be summoned to invade a single trespasser.Defeating a trespasser will gain you a random shard. Note that you do not need t If the enemy is killed, you are returned to where you were standing upon being summoned and all of your spells and miracles are refilled. If you are killed, you are returned to the last bonfire you rested at, but do not lose any souls, humanity, or items.

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