Players can be called into other's worlds, to aid their summoner. Players can also light beacons for other players, and leave behind recovery items to help their fellow players. You get the stone that enables co-op play by speaking to Knight Solaire in the Undead Parish. By putting your stone down, other players will be able to select it and "summon" you into the game to help defeat the boss of that area. Upon defeating the boss or death of the host player, you will recover as though you have rested at a bonfire(Full estus and magic recovery.). (Note - you must be human to summon other players into your world).

From Namco Bandai:
Due to several contacts we've received from users confused as to how the summoning feature works in game, we have provided this list to help.

Conditions for summoning ( White Sign Soapstone):
  • The host (person who's game world will be used) must be human. The client (person joining the game) can either be human or undead.
  • The client's level must fall within approximately 10 + 15% (since the 1.05 patch, tested with 78 and 90/88) (above or below) of the host's level.
  • The area Boss in the host's world must still be alive. A client can still be summoned even if the client has already defeated their own area boss.
  • The host must not have placed down a summoning sign. Summoning signs from other players will not appear in a host's world if the host also has placed a summoning sign down. This is to prevent a network conflict of the host joining someone else's game world while the clients are trying to join the host's game world.

After successfully summoning, the client will return to their world if the area boss is defeated, the client is killed or the host is killed.
Also, please note that there are several different servers/lobbies that are being used for Dark Souls, so you may not be able to summon a specific friend into your game even if you adhere to the steps above. We can only recommend that you follow the steps above for the best chance at being able to join a specific friends' game.

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    • Very strange: I'd just gotten into Grave of Saint (or something like that, can't remember correctly) when somebody called "First Time" summoned me as a white phantom. At first I thought he was an NPC, but he never came back and I couldn`t find the name on the internet. It happens that the person simply killed me... out of nowhere.
      I can`t explain the situation yet.

      • Anonymous

        How many White Phantoms can be summoned at once without the use of the Dried Finger? I assume 2 since it says 3?

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