Wisdom of a Sage is a Trophy and Achievement in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. To get this trophy, you must collect all sorceries available in the game. All must be acquired on the same character for the trophy to work. Sometimes a glitch allows for the trophy to trigger when collecting in different characters, but if you want to be sure aim to do the all in one place.

Wisdom of a Sage Trophy / Achievement Guide


Griggs of Vinheim

Griggs can be found in Lower Undead Burg in the area where you encounter the first Undead Attack Dogs. There you'll find a house with a locked door - Griggs is in there. You need the Residence Key sold by the Undead Merchant to open the door. Once rescued, he will appear in Firelink Shrine to sell spells. After saving Big Hat Logan, Griggs will sell even more spells, plus some more rings. Some time after buying everything from him, he will leave and go to Sen's Fortress where he will be Hollow the next time you see him. You'll find him in the second path that leads up to the mechanism that launches the large steel balls the giant on the roof is dropping. That is where you can kill him to acquire the Hush spell, but it's also available as a pick-up in Sen's Fortress once you know where to look.

  • Soul Arrow - Purchase from Griggs of Vinheim or Big Hat Logan
  • Hush - Dropped by Griggs of Vinheim when killed (do this only after he goes Hollow in Sen's Fortress to ensure you've bought all his spells) and is also available as a pick-up in Sen's Fortress. From the boulder launch room, take the winding downward trail that leads to the mimic. While turning the first corner from the boulder room, look right to see a gap in the wall. Jump through and do a jumping attack to take out the Serpent Mage that's down there. You'll land on some wooden boards. Look around you'll see a broken wall on one side and a hallway on the other. Go down the hallway and you'll be in a cell with the Hush spell on the ground along with an armor set.

(Thanks to AlejandroM for the confirmation)

Big Hat Logan

You'll initially find Logan in Sen's Fortress, locked in a cage. Free him and he will then go to Firelink Shrine where you'll find him peddling his wares beside Griggs. Once you buy all his spells from here he will then go off to The Dukes Archives where you'll find him locked up in another cell. Free him again and you will then find him in another room of the Archives, where you can purchase a new selection of best spells. Once you have bought everything from him here and killed Seath in the Crystal Cave, return to Seath's original room in The Duke's Archives to find a now Hollow Logan. Kill him here to get the White Dragon Breath spell. (Thanks to abo3lianANDbros for confirming)

  • Magic Weapon - Purchase from Big Hat Logan or Griggs of Vinheim
  • Magic Shield - Purchase from Big Hat Logan or Griggs of Vinheim
  • White Dragon Breath - Dropped by Big Hat Logan once killed, but only after buying everything from him and he has turned Hollow.

Dusk of Oolacile

Dusk is trapped in a Golden Crystal Golem in Darkroot Basin. You have to kill the Hydra first, and once it's dead follow the left wall into the Hydra's lake to find the cave with the Golden Golem inside. Kill the Golem, and Dusk will be freed. Talk to her and accept to be taught by her and she will then disappear. To speak to her again, you must find her summon sign. Luckily, it's nearby, beside a boulder in front of Hydra lake. Once you summon her here she will sell you her spells.(I got the achievement on Xbox 360 w/o buying any of her spells. Ver.1.06 -JTDestroyer5900)

  • Repair - Purchase from Dusk of Oolacile
  • Chameleon - Purchase from Dusk of Oolacile



Ingward is the guy on the rooftop in New Londo Ruins. Talk to him here to buy his spell.


Spells Only Found as Pick-Ups in Lordran

  • Strong Magic Shield - Found in a chest in the Duke's Archives. Should be easy to find if following Logan's quest-line
  • Remedy - Found in a chest in Blighttown. The chest is in the upper sections, across a tree branch on the route to / from Valley of Drakes.
  • Great Magic Weapon - Found in the chandelier in Anor Londo. Cut the chain while up in the rafters and move the staircase to pick it up from the lower level.

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    • Anonymous

      I have all of these sorceries and the achievement still didn't pop up im on NG+ in the crystal cave and I really don't wanna start another run any ideas? Also I'm on xbox one

      • Anonymous

        I'm playing the OG 360 version via Xbox Series X but the achievement won't pop for me, and I have all sorceries. Any solutions?

        • Anonymous

          Accidentally killed dusk trying to kick ber because she wouldn't wake up after I killed Manus. Elizabeth is gone too. Guess I ****ed myself out of this achievement for another cycle didn't I?

          • Anonymous

            After the Knight's Honor achievement, this one is a cakewalk. Probably the hardest part is beating up a buck naked nerd in some naked dragon's ex-bedroom

            • Anonymous

              This guide is wrong. Great Magic Weapon *CANNOT* be bought from Big Hat Logan, it can only be acquired from the chandelier in the Anor Londo Cathedral. Also worth mentioning that Rickert sells a few of the needed sorceries too, though this is rarely necessary since Griggs sells them all too.

              Also, another very important thing to note! Make sure to buy Resist Curse from Ingward BEFORE defeating the Four Kings. If you defeat them before buying it from him, the option will be gone next time you speak with him, and you will be unable to purchase it for the rest of the playthrough.

              • Anonymous

                ok guys i am very sorry that i dont know and have something urgent to do

                so basically the spell missing here is the item found in the chandelier in anor londo (the one above the entrance to painted world of ariamis)

                its called great magic weapon

                • Anonymous

                  I've just collected them all, triple checked, no achievement popped. Just killed Nito too and that also didn't appear. wondering if something has afflicted my save?

                  • Anonymous

                    Pretty sure I collected them all, Griggs, Dusk, Ingward, Logan x2 and his fight. Do I need DLC sorceries?
                    (remastered on Xbone)

                    • Anonymous

                      Ingward will no longer sell spells after you defeat the 4 kings? I am one spell way from the sourcery achievement. "Resist Curse" guess I am screwed this play through?

                      • Anonymous

                        Trophy popped for me a week or so ago on a second playthrough, before i'd progressed enough to even get all the sorceries. had them all except resist curse on my first save, and got the trophy after buying it from ingward on save 2.

                        • Anonymous

                          Just got the achievement today on Prepare to Die Edition on Steam, and it didn't pop up until I bought the Oolacile Sanctuary sorceries.

                          • Anonymous

                            I somehow managed to get this achivement without investing a single point in intelligence with a grand total of 8

                            • Anonymous

                              None of the achievements requires anything from the DLC. You don't need the Obsidian sword or Gough's bow for Knight's Honor, and you don't need any of the Oolacile or Abyss magic for the three magic achievements.

                              • Anonymous

                                The great magic weapon can only be found on the Anor Londo chandelier right? it is missing in the last category

                                • Anonymous

                                  I just obtained this trophy today on current version 2/5/17 and did have to obtain all of the sorceries from Dusk's catalog (obtained from Elizabeth personally) before the trophy unlocked.

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