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This build allows you to make effective use of dual Gravelord Swords at a low level. It is not recommended to use this build unless you have at least a moderate amount of experience with low health and stamina as well not using a shield. Learning to effectively use dual Gravelord Swords in any pvp situation will allow you to win most of the fights you come across.

SL: 35

Starting Class: Pyromancer, Alternate: Cleric


Vitality: 20--16

Attunement: 12 (base)--11 (base)

Endurance: 19--20

Strength: 24--24

Dexterity: 13--13

Resistance: 12 (Base)--11 (base)

Intelligence: 10 (Base)--8 (base)

Faith: 8 (Base)--14 (base)


Head: Thief's Mask+10
Chest: Black Cleric Robes +5
Hands: Havel's Gauntlets
Legs: Havel's Leggings


R1: Gravelord Sword +5
R2: None-- Thoroland Talisman
L1: Gravelord Sword +5
L2: (Optional) Dark hand


Ring of Favour and Protection-- Dark Wood Grain Ring
Havel's Ring

Recommended Items:

Estus Flask (+3 minimum)
Eye of Death(s) [To curse other players' worlds]
Green Blossom(s) [To provide a boosted stamina recovery for 60 seconds]
Prism Stone(s) [If you wish to keep count of how many you killed, drop where the invaders died]
Dried Finger [To reset invasion timer which increases the chance of someone invading you]

Guide (Incomplete):

After reaching Lordran via Firelink Shrine, you have three options; Option One, collect any items you want in Firelink and head towards Undead Burg, rest at the bonfire and use the Master Key to go down and kill Havel (Keep Taurus Demon Alive, use the shortcut near Havel to Progress.) Option Two, collect any items you want in Firelink and go down to the Catacombs to rush for the Gravelord Servants (Only recommended for those who know their way around the Catacombs.) And Option Three, go down to New Londo Ruins and rush for the Firekeeper Soul that resides there.

Coming from Option One, go up from Darkroot Basin to Darkroot Garden and head up to Undead Parish. This can be a temporary Gravelording area once you are in the covenant. If you don't want to curse this area and want to have better gear then go ahead and defeat the gargoyles so you can move on.

Coming from Option Two, after rushing the Catacombs for the Gravelord Servant covenant and the sword, come back to Firelink and choose Option One or Three. But now that you have your sword, gather the souls needed to level up your stats to use it (try for one-handed but if you only have enough to wield it two-handed, that will work for now)

Coming from Option Three, now that you have the New Londo Ruins Firekeeper Soul, make sure to upgrade your flasks and head to Option One or Two. Option One would provide a decent place for souls so you can gain the levels and stats needed for the Gravelord Sword. Option Two would provide souls as well because of the patch allowing skeletons to give souls (being the low level that you are at this point, the skeletons would not be such an easy fight, best choice for here is rushing) as well as the sword required for this build.

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