Darkroot Garden is usually accessed early in the game by heading downstairs from Blacksmith Andre in the Undead Parish. It is also possible to enter from Darkroot Basin, but this requires heading through very dangerous territory for a low-level character.

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Darkroot Garden is accessible early in the game, from the room containing the Titanite Demon below Blacksmith Andre. (Note: it is not necessary to beat the Titanite Demon - just run past it if you want). In here you'll find an essential ring for continuing the main quest.


Upon leaving Blacksmith Andre and the Titanite Demon, follow the path to your left. Along the way you will notice a path leading right. Follow this and you'll find a path leading down a cliff toward Darkroot Basin, but you should ignore it for now and keep heading straight down the initial path. As you go, you'll see an item on a ledge to the left that you can't reach (yet) as well as an item that you can reach on a corpse behind a rock ahead. You'll also encounter 3 or 4 Ents as you go along - Ents are animated tree enemies and have some surprisingly long range melee attacks but won't pose a threat if you keep your guard up and take them on one at a time. Beware of the grab attack they employ if you stay too close - you cannot guard against this attack. Continue on until you see some stone walls, a pile of rubble and a stone door with a glowing lock. On the left of the pile of rubble is an illusory wall that will disappear if you attack it, revealing a bonfire.

Exploring The Garden

Leaving the fire and facing the stone door with the glowing lock, you'll find a path just to the right of it that leads down to a fog gate. Before you reach it though you'll notice an item down a small path to the right - but it's a trap, of course. There are three burrowed Ents waiting for you to pick up the item before they emerge, but you can pick them off one at a time by attacking their bushes first. Once you got the item and killed the Ents, go back out and go through the fog gate. Through the gate leads to an open area where you'll encounter 5 sleeping Great Stone Knights, some more burrowed Ents, two Tree Lizards and some treasure in the distance - but you can ignore all of them for the moment. Take a right after going though the fog gate and you'll see an Enchanted Tree blocking the way to a small passage - hack away at the tree until it disappears. Travel down the passage, killing the Frog-Ray along the way, until you find another open area behind another Enchanted Tree.

Go down the end of this area, staying on the left side, and you'll eventually see three Frog-Rays jump out of the water at the end. Dispose of them and then take a left at the end of the area to find one more Frog-Ray and a corpse with a soul item on it. Still at the end of this area, go to the right side and you'll encounter your first Great Stone Knight- these enemies can be bested easily enough if fighting them 1-on-1. A good chunk of their health can be eroded while they are getting up off the ground and careful use of blocking and strafing behind them to attack is the best strategy for fighting them. You can avoid getting involved with some of the Stone Knights in larger areas entirely by simply giving them a wide berth - they won't wake up unless you approach them - but some of them are unavoidable. Now, from the end of the area, hug the wall on the left on your way back and you should find a passage with stairs leading upwards. Up here you'll find another Stone Knight and the item you saw on a ledge earlier - the Wolf Ring. Go back down and head towards the entrance to the area and back up the passage you came through. Make your way back up to where you found the fog gate and turn around so your facing the open area.

Finding the Moonlight Butterfly

As stated earlier, this area has many enemies but most can be avoided if you wish. From the fog gate, hug the left wall until you see a small passage to the left. Go in to find the Partizan and a Tree Lizard on the side of a tree. Double back out of the passage and keep hugging the left wall as you cross the open area and you will eventually make your way around, behind some rubble & straight to a doorway in the ruins. As you near the doorway you will have no choice but to incite the aggro of a sleeping Stone Knight. After you kill the Stone Knight, you can then enter the doorway into the tower. If you are in human form, roll through the bushes under the stairs to find a summon sign for Witch Beatrice. Her spells will be a great help during the following boss fight, especially if you are not a casting based class. Follow the stairs all the way up to the fog gate, and get ready to fight the first of this area's two bosses .

Boss Fight: Moonlight Butterfly

Once the boss is defeated, go up the tower on the far side of the walkway and grab the Divine Ember at the top. Bringing this to Andre will allow you to forge divine weapons - which are very useful for dealing with the Skeletons  in The Catacombs. Go all the way back down to the open area and hug the left wall to get to the treasure we ignored earlier. The treasure is the Elite Knight armor set, however be warned that it's guarded by 2 Stone Knights and 4 burrowed Ents. If you incite the anger of one of the Stone Knights then it'll also awaken two of the Ents. Once you've collected the treasure here there's nothing left to do but go back to the bonfire.

The Forest Hunter's Woods

If you have collected 20,000 souls on your journey through the garden so far then you can buy the Crest of Artorias from Blacksmith Andre. ( Note: Killing Andre will also give you the crest, but this is not advised if you want to upgrade your weapons) This item is used to open the glowing lock next to the bonfire. Once open, it will lead to a wooded area that can otherwise only be accessed from Darkroot Basin, thus proving to be a reliable shortcut. ( Note: The door cannot be opened from the inside and thus you'll need to obtain the Crest of Artorias to open the shortcut).

In the wooded area behind this door there are numerous high level human characters that will attack you on sight (until you join the Forest Hunter Covenant). A straight fight will prove hard work, but these enemies can more easily be taken care of, even if you are a low level character, through trickery. Run out into the woods and once you have attracted the attention of a few enemies, go back to the stairs from where you came in. Before going up, you will notice there is a ledge you can go to on the right of the stairs. If you go to the end of that ledge you can wait there and the enemies will not follow you. Instead they will go up the stairs to try to attack you, but will usually fall off the stairs, over your head and off the cliff to their death while attacking. Once your pursuers have all fallen to their death you can now more easily explore the area, althought beware that you may have not killed all the human enemies yet. If you encounter more of them you can try taking them on in a straight battle or indeed simply follow the steps above again to trick them into killing themselves. However, there is one that will not follow you - Pharis; we'll meet him soon.

Traverse the area along the left side and you'll reach a structure with a bridge behind it. Very briefly, go across the bridge out the back of the structure and go down the stairs and outside. Turn left once outside and follow the wall to find with a chest around the back, containing the Stone Knight Set. There's no need to go into these woods for the moment, so go back across the bridge and inside the structure again where you can talk to the white cat, Alvina, to join the Forest Hunter Covenant. If you don't want to join then the rest of this paragraph is useless to you, but there are benefits to joining that you should be aware of. After joining, the human enemies that once attacked you on sight in the woods will now be peaceful unless you choose to attack them - in which case the covenant will be broken. You should also be able to find Shiva of the East standing just outside the structure and behind him you'll also notice his ninja bodyguard. Killing the ninja will give you the Dark Wood Grain Ring but will also result in you betraying the covenant and cause Shiva and any other human NPC in the area to come after you. However, this ring is very useful and it's worth betraying the covenant just to obtain it.
WARNING: Before you fight the ninja bodyguard, it would be a good idea to talk to Shiva until you exhaust his dialogue. By doing so, Shiva will sell you rare and valuable weapons underneath the waterwheel elevator in Blighttown, but only if you are still a member of the Forest Hunter Covenant. It is recommended to buy all of Shiva's items before fighting the ninja for the Dark Wood Grain Ring.
Note: If you enter the Forest Hunter's Woods in human form after betraying the covenant, there is a high possibility that you will be invaded by other online players that are part of the covenant and you will be locked in the area until either you or the invaders are defeated. Absolving your sins with Oswald of Carim will stop the invasions from occurring, but you will still be attacked by the NPCs in the woods until you re-join the covenant.

Still out the front of the structure, keep going around the area with the edge on your left side and you'll eventually find Pharis. He's quite nimble and can switch between a sword+shield combo and a bow quickly depending on your proximity to him. If you kill him you'll get the Black Bow of Pharis, Pharis' Hat, a humanity item and some souls. Keep following the area, keeping on the left, and near where you met Pharis you'll encounter or drop down into a small passage leading left to a stone bridge - make a note of this area, we'll come back here in a moment. If you explore the rest of the wooded area past where you dropped into the passage you'll find there are many more Ents in this part of the forest and they're tougher than the Ents you've dealt with so far, so be prepared. Keep following the area around and you'll come across a corpse containing the Eastern Set as you travel. Now go back to the passage leading to the stone bridge from earlier.

Giant Cats, Mushroom People and The Great Grey Wolf

Before you cross the stone bridge, go down the ladder to the left of it and pick up the item down there. Down here you can also access an alternative route to Darkroot Basin and the Hydra by carefully going around the man-made piller to the right of the ladder, across a wooden bridge and down another very long ladder - though beware that this will place you right beside the Hydra and this isn't necessarily the best place to take it on. If you go back up to the stone bridge and cross it you will go through a small wooded area leading to the minibosses - The Giant Cats. These cats have a rolling attack that travels great distances fast, so it is a good idea to stand near the trees where you came through, because they can't enter this wooded area and it becomes harder for them to hit you. A good strategy for defeating them is to wait near the trees and lure them over to you and then attack them while they're backing away. Note that there will be three of these cats, so patience is important during this fight. Once they are defeated you can go through the small open field they were in freely. At the end on the right you'll find an item on a corpse and turn left to find yourself on the edge of another wooded area - the same wooded area found out the back of Alvina's structure.

To your right you should see a stange bright light through the mist, but go left for now and will encounter some Mushroom People. The small ones here are peaceful until you attack them and if you do, they will run away only to come back later to do small amounts of damage to you. If you venture a little more into the forest, you will encounter two Large Mushroom People guarding a chest in a pool of water - approach them in the pool and they'll starting coming after you. They have a slow but very powerful attack and can be defeated easily enough if you have some patience and attack them after they attack - but beware of their 2-hit combo. They will drop Gold Pine Resin once defeated. After you have defeated both of them, go back to the pool you found them in to open the chest and get the Enchanted Ember - this can be given to the Rickert of Vinheim in the New Londo Ruins to ascend your Magic weapons to Enchanted status.

Now go back the way you came, towards the bright light you saw earlier, and you'll eventually find a path leading down to a bridge. As you cross the bridge you will see the bright light is eminating from a very large door. Once you open this door and go inside, you'll enter a large open area and will see big gravestone in the middle of the area. This is the final resting place of Artorias the Abysswalker who, legend has it, was buried here after his betrayal of Lord Gwyn. The large sword in front of the gravestone was his, and if you go near it this will trigger the second of Darkroot Garden's bosses. Tip: It is a good idea to stock up on a few firebombs before the fight if you are not a mage or archer.

Boss Fight: Great Grey Wolf Sif

Once he has been defeated, he will drop his soul, the Covenant of Artorias, and will give you 30,000 souls. If you look behind the gravestone, you will find the Hornet Ring. Now go back to Firelink Shrine to continue your quest in New Londo Ruins or go down to Darkroot Basin for some more forest-based fun.


You will need a bow and some arrows and have opened the door with the Crest of Artorias (costs 20,000 souls, see above), save at the bonfire near the door. Make sure you're not in the Forest Hunter covenant because these guys are pretty lucrative kills. Go past the 'Artorias' door and down the stairs, head towards the forest in the direction to Alvina the Cat and fire an arrow at the first enemy (the mage), make sure you take cover in the trees to avoid his soul arrow. Try to kill him without going deep into the forest (past the tree-line) or you'll lure an invisible thief. After killing the mage and scoring 2,000 souls, face the direction to Alvina and look a little to the right, there should be a cleric in the distance that you could pull with an arrow, just fire one and try not go far into the forest again. Finally, return to the bonfire and repeat. Each run earning you 4,000 souls if you kill the mage and cleric. Add another 2,000 if you manage to pull and kill the invisible thief.

Edit: An easier way to farm here is to run in a large circle, getting the mage, invisible thief, cleric and warrior a little higher up (towards the cat) to follow you. Run back to the stairs that lead to the fire, and if you go to the right of the stairs, there is a ledge that you can easily walk onto. Go right into the farthest corner, as the enemies do not go that way. They will climb the stairs to try to get at you, and fall off the cliff while attacking you. Go back to the fire and repeat. 7000 each time and you can get 100,000 in about 20 minutes. If any of them when falling do land on the edge you are on, just hold up your shield and they will knock themselves off the cliff trying to attack you. Once you are in the corner just be patient. They will usually come after you eventually.


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