Enchanted Ember


Ember required for weapon ascension.
This enchanted ember, a form of sorcery,
is a vestige of the lost land of Oolacile.
Ascends +5 magic wpn to enchanted weapon.
(enchanted weapon can be magic reinforced to +5)
The sorcerer's enchanted weapon that inflicts
magic damage and is boosted by intelligence.

Enchanted Ember is an Ember in Dark Souls.


Enchanted Ember location




Enchanted Ember usage








Chaos Flame Ember  ♦  Crystal Ember  ♦  Dark Ember  ♦  Divine Ember  ♦  Large Divine Ember  ♦  Large Ember  ♦  Large Flame Ember  ♦  Large Magic Ember  ♦  Very Large Ember


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    • Anonymous

      Another small advantage with enchanted is that you can get the ember pretty early, and should be guaranteed at least one blue chunk from the BKH in darkroot. And if lucky with the RNG, more blue chunks from the crystal golems by the hydra lake.

      This would allow you to ascend at least one weapon to enchanted, provided you farmed green shards from the depths or blight town.

      A dedicated Int build player could, in theory, get this done before ringing a single bell...

      • Anonymous

        The numbers between this and the Magic upgrade path are confusing to me. If you invest solely in Intelligence, with minimum requirements for a weapon of choice, is it more effective to do Enchanted weapons or Magic weapons?

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