Slip sold by bishop of Velka, Goddess of Sin. If you are killed by an invader, use this to report the crime of that trespasser.
The indicted player will be added to a list of unfortunate souls who will one day face the wrath of the Blades of the Darkmoon

Indictment is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls.


Indictment Usage

  • Online play item.
  • When slain by an invading player, this item can be used to add that player's name to the Book of the Guilty. (Being indicted by another player online will give you +1 sin)
    • Being indicted gives you +1 sin, and will leave you open to invasions from the Blade of the Dark Moon faction.
    • If slain by a player in the Blade of the Dark Moon faction, you will get -1 sin, and be notified that the invading player cannot be indicted.
  • Red phantoms summoned from their Red Sign Soapstone can not be indicted after killing the host.
  • Forest Hunter and Path of the Dragon members can also be indicted while invading with their covenant item. They will not be added to the Book of the Guilty scoreboard, but will still be open to Darkmoon invasions.
  • This item is not consumed upon use, so it only needs to be bought once.


Indictment Location

  • This item can be bought from Oswald of Carim. . He will appear at the base of the bell-tower, in Undead Parish, after the Gargoyles are defeated and the bell is rung.



  • The "Indict ...?" prompt goes away if the indictment is discarded.
  • A host can indict an invader even if killed by something else while the invader is present.




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    • Anonymous

      Altough you can stack up to 99 Indictments you only need one (infinite use) so it's only 200 souls (or free if you kill Oswald).

      Please buy it and USE it.

      If you like PvP and if you want this part of DS to be active use Indictment every time you are defeated by dark spirit. If you don't like PvP but only want to co-op also use it. It costs you almost nothing.

      Why? Because it's the core of PvP for Darkmoon Blades. So be friendly player and give Darkmoons chace to have fun too.

      There's no shame in using this. This is simple game mechanic allowing characters invade as vengeance spirits and go after characters who invaded as dark spirits. That's all.

      You know how hard is to farm Souvenirs of Reprisal without PvP? And there's no PvP if there are no active players in the Book of Guilty. So use Indictment. Yeah I know Darkmoons can also invade dark Anor Londo using ring but it's completely devoid of any life so rarely anyone can be found there after he kills remaining enemies.

      So by using Indictment you help other players have fun. There's nothing noobish or wrong about it.

      I have it on every character no matter if he's Darkmoon, Darkwraith or Forest Hunter and I use it everytime I can so somebody else will have a chance to invade using Blue Orb and have fun too.

      • Anonymous

        I don't get why their use is deemed shameful by some. If you use game mechanics on your end to achieve your goal, expect others to to do the same, whatever those mechanics are. The spirit of Dark Souls was always to use everything and anything you want to your advantage.

        • Anonymous

          I used to indict everyone who invaded and killed me, thinking it was all in good fun and both the invader and the Darkmoons would appreciate getting some action. It wasn't until my third playthrough that I realized this was looked down on as a salty loser move...

          • Anonymous

            I've noticed that once I get 5 of these in a day I get soft banned from invading for 12-24 hours. Not sure of exact time. Not cheating, I have several character's with same name. Anyone else have this problem?

            • Anonymous

              What a sad tool
              Imagine being made for such a good purpose as finding cheaters and instead being used when you can't win a fight

              • I think everyone should carry one of these. They cost what, 200 souls? That's chump change right out the cage and it helps proliferate pvp further for those of us who enjoy it.

                • Anonymous

                  Please everyone use this on your invader. Hell, drop 1 to the host before you kill them. It helps out the Moonbros so much

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