Starting class: Thief

Soul Level: 120

Vit: 36
Att: 16
End: 25
Str: 14
Dex: 40
Res: -
Int: 44
Fth: -
Right hand 1: Uchigatana +15
Right hand 2: Logan's Catalyst
Left hand 1: Crest Shield +5 (For the magic defense it gives.)
Left hand 2: Black Bow of Pharis (For those guys that like to run.)
Headpiece: Big Hat +5
Chest piece: Armor of Thorns +5
Gloves/Gauntlets: Giant's Gauntlets +5
Leg gear: Xanthous Waistcloth +5
Ring 1: Dark Wood Grain Ring (For the ninja flips! Flip, flip, flip. So fun!)
Ring 2: Ring of Favor and Protection
Spells: Crystal Magic Weapon, Homing Crystal Soulmass, Crystal Soul Spear
Preferred Items if INVADER: Humanity, Lloyd's Talisman, Green Blossom
Preferred Items if HOST: Estus Flask, upgraded as much as possible, but refrain from using it too much, as it's frowned upon to flask in honorable combat. Green Blossom.

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