Poise is an in-game statistic that increases your resistance to being staggered or stun-locked as an effect of taking hits from opponents. 

Staggered: an enemy's attack interrupts your action. High poise will allow you to perform an action to completion despite being hit by enemies in their course (example: swinging a slow weapon, or casting spells).
Stun-locked: an enemy's attacks causes you to temporarily be paralyzed, leaving you vulnerable to consecutive hits. Poise will allow you to soak up heavier hits and increase the number of consecutive hits you can take before getting stun-locked.


How it works:

  • Poise is a passive trait that is raised by wearing armor that gives you poise, equiping the Wolf Ring, casting Iron Flesh and/or using the Havel's Greatshield stoneskin buff. Note, however, that both Iron Flesh and the stoneskin buff are personal buffs and cannot be used concurrently.
  • Increases resistance to staggering and stun-locking.

Where to view Poise:

  • You can view your Poise on the Character Stats screen, and is located on the far right.
  • Also viewing the stats of armor by pressing Square will show how much Poise that specific item will give you.



  • Becoming staggered is a very serious situation, and can become very difficult when surrounded by numerous enemies.
  • Being staggered means that you will not be able to control your character after taking a heavy blow from an opponent.
  • It should also be important to remember that two handing a single weapon increases the poise break damage and can be used to stagger opponents unexpectable.
  • Note that some opponents cause instant staggering, and is not dependent on your Poise count.
  • Counter Damage also has increased poise break, This means you're easier to stagger while mid attack, or being hit from behind.
    If you're using a heavy weapon with high poise, be careful for quicker weapons as they may be able to cancel your attack with this counter damage bonus.

Poise Break Points
It has been found that certain weapon classes will stun people at very specific poise amounts. For example Ultra Greatswords , when used 2 handed, will stun anyone at 75 poise or less. So a poise of 76 will prevent you being stunlocked by a hit from an UGS. However these values will only save you from 1 hit. If you are hit again before your "poise bar" empties completely you will be stunned.
Poise is also a recharging value, much like stamina. It is an invisible value, but will quickly recharge damage has not been taken. This means to break someone's poise, attacks don't have to directly be after one another, but due to how quickly it recharges, it is hard to take advantage of delaying before your next attack.

Poise break damage can still be taken through shields (including 100% damage resistance), although significantly reduced can still result in being stunned when stamina remains when blocking.

The amount of poise needed to resist an R1/RB attack:

Weapons: 1-handed 2-handed Other
Ultra Greatswords 51 76  
Great Hammers 51 76  
Great Axes 51 76 2h Black knight great axe: 61, 1h: 41
Greatswords 36 53 1h running attack: 41, 2h: 56
Claymore 1h R2: 42
Curved Greatswords 36 53  
Hammers/Axes 36 53  
Straight swords 21 31  
Curved Swords 21 31  
Katanas 21 31 1h running attack: 22, 2h: 32
Spears 21 31  
Halberds 21 31 2h Black knight halberd 46, 1h: 31
Whips 21 31  
Fist weapons 21 -  
Piercing swords 6 8  
Daggers 6 8  
Bolts/Arrows 21    
Great Fireball 81    
Black Flame 61    
Great Combustion 41    
Wrath of the Gods 21   (Needs Confirmation)
Always stuns, less than 21 poise gets you knocked down
Sunlight Spear  

(Needs Confirmation)

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