Stats are the player attributes in Dark Souls. They can be increased up to a level of 99. Increasing any stat will also increase the players Physical Defense, as well as the Magic, Flame and Lightning Defense. At around level 80 the player won't get increases in all defense stats, rather just a few of the defense stats each level (i.e. physical defense one level, and the next level flame and magic defense).


Stat Information

The player status screen keeps track of your Level and Souls as well as your values in the following categories:



Vigor  Vitality

Attunement  Attunement

Endurance  Endurance

Vitality  Strength

Strength  Dexterity

Dexterity  Resistance

Intelligence  Intelligence

Faith  Faith

Luck  Humanity





Physical Defense  Physical Defense

Strike Defense  VS strike

Slash Defense  VS slash

Thrust Defense  VS thrust

Magic Defense  Magic Defense

Fire Defense  Fire Defense

Lightning Defense  Lightning Defense


Bleed Resistance  Bleed Resist

Poison Resistance  Poison Resist

Curse Resistance  Curse Resist


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    • Anonymous

      If anyone has any positive suggestions, I'd love to hear them... I have levelled my Endurance to 49 (I've read that the soft cap is actually 40) but without Havel's ring I fee like I'm running in butter. I currently have the gold hemmed robe outfit (minus hood), black knight halberd, silver knight shield, and ring of fog and the sound negating ring... With such a low armour weight and only 2 weapons that weigh anything, I can't believe that I'd fat roll, which is what I'm still doing. I'm NG+2 and trying to do a quick run through a few areas to quickly get to bosses and light some new bonfires... Thanks. I'm hanging out to being able to put Havel's ring on again... How do players wear the heavier armour at all?

      • Anonymous

        Too bad we can't respec our stats in RM. I'd drain the ten resistance points to 0 and level up other things. So very Sad. Can't wait for Elder Ring. Word Out

        • Anonymous

          The star links don’t work on mobile devices for some reason while all other links on this site work. Any fix for that?

          • Anonymous

            To all you people who say raising resistance is a waste; I'd like to see you fight 10 basilisks in a small room >:D

            • So I got DS for 360 awhile ago as a free download and finally got around to giving it a go. I've only been playing for a couple of days and am just now finding these guides and build suggestions. According to what I've gone though on here in the last couple of hours, I lucked out and chose the right class and gift (Pyromancer and Master Key); but have also made some grave errors in my leveling. Vitality - 15 Attunement - 13 Endurance - 16 Strength - 20 Dexterity - 15 Resistance - 20 Intelligence - 12 Faith - 12 Should I slightly modify a build and just stop leveling certain categories, or just start a new game file?

              • Anonymous

                I have a couple of questions. First what are the soft caps for strength and dext? 40 like dark souls 3? Is it worth going past that if you are already meeting the weapon requirements?
                Second, how important is Resistance? I am leveling up and every other stat seems to do the same job improving the defences so why resistance?

                • Anonymous

                  Hi I'm a huge fan of dark souls and every time i play this game i happen to stumble on some new information to help me to the next game play through. I'm currently on my 6th or 7th run and I'm currently level 227, I noticed while i was leveling up my character today that humanity is at the bottom of the skills list that you may choose to level. I have seen it many times and never thought too much about it, (due to the fact that you can not scroll on it or click it) until now. I was curious to know if having more humanity displayed in the number counter in the top left of the screen has any direct affect on leveling your character. An example i could give to best clarify would be, does having more humanity in the counter increase stats higher than if i had lower or no humanity in my counter? I haven't noticed a difference while leveling but I'm not a hundred percent on this theory if someone could clarify this better for me i would much appreciate it. Humanity has a lot more purposes than i have been aware of and i don't won't to miss out on making my character as strong as i can.

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