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Updated Jun 14, 2014 7:52 am
This page is dedicated to site suggestions. Don't like the layout? Having problems with site? Post your ideas and suggestions here.
Two things to note:

1. Layout = give solutions not just problems

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    • Anonymous

      Tested with Crossbow Hollow (Damage stable, 1 attackmove)HP 1649->1529=120 with ringHP 1576->1464=112 without ring ----- - 8 More damage taken but 73 HP gained from VIT bonus(8/120)*100 = 6,2/3% damage increase

      • Anonymous

        "There are multiple illusionary walls in Dark Souls such as the one in firelink shrine with the corpse that has 10 souls of a great hero, This is located to the side of the statue in the water pit."

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