The Furtive Pygmy is an unknown character. Rumors and speculation say that your character in Dark Souls is the Hidden Pygmy. All that is known is that the Furtive Pygmy was around one of the first to gain a soul and has hidden themselves for years. Some Speculate that Manus the Father of the Abyss was once the furtive pygmy. But how can one be only the Pygmy for a time? Darkstalker Kaathe's dialogue tells you the truth about the pygmy, the three lords rose from the flames and found the lord souls, but our progeniter found a unique soul, The Dark Soul. The pygmy claimed the soul and waited for the fire to subside, and soon the flames did fade, and only dark remained, and thus began the age of men, the age of dark. Gwyn sacrificed himself to save the humans from the flames fading and obscured your past, preventing the birth of the Dark Lord. Kaathe is the only being in Lordran to know your true fate, you will become the dark lord, just like the furtive pygmy did once before. With his dark souls he separated it into fragments so humans could live. the humanity item description asks "If the soul is the source of all life, then what distinguishes the humanity we hold within ourselves?" It is distinguised by the fact it was a fragment of the Dark Soul not any normal soul.

Why Manus is seen as the Furtive Pygmy

There are many things that contribute to this idea. First of all, how can one simply just come along, and corrupt a whole towns humanity, unless you were the controller of humanity originally? And also, why does he drop 10 humanity, and also, why is his soul a humanity black colour on top of that? At the start of the game he is seen holding an item in his hands, and what is it? I speculate it to be the broken pendant found in Seaths archives, and he went crazy because that was what caused him sane, until it broke. Why did Seath steal this from him, and also, why does Manus kidnap Dusk? Another thing that links him more to the pygmy is his magic. These small black orbs are the colour of humanity, which we all know came from the pygmy. How does he hold so much humanity that he can just release it that often. All of this is just my speculation but anyway, I think it's accurate, What do you think of the Pygmy and Manus?

More Theories

If Princess Dusk was supposed to be rescued by Knight Artorias, why did he become evil and hated after his defeat in battle vs Manus and why was Manus the controller of humanity in The Chasm Of The Abyss. Answer: Artorias was beaten and corrupted by Manus, sacrificing himself to save Sif. Manus broke Artorias' arm during the fight, leaving him solely with a greatsword. He is still revered in legends as the Abysswalker, but the real truth is that YOU stopped Manus in Artorias' name. Manus was the controller of humanity in the Chasm because, if assuming the above theories are true, he is the furtive pygmy, the master of the dark soul, the root of Humanity and the Age of Dark.

    • Anonymous

      28 Jun 2019 07:26  

      Iā€™m curious to why Dark Stalker Kaath wanted Manus resurrected. Perhaps the Abyss was critical to starting the age of dark?

      • Anonymous

        28 Mar 2019 01:32  

        Please disband your simpleton theories that insist on the furtive pygmy being a single individual. Please recall that the introduction to DS1 shows MULTIPLE figures approaching the dark soul, reinforced by the multiple pygmies found in DS3. The western mode of thought that emphasizes the individual has caught all of you in this misunderstanding, not realizing that "forgetting" the pygmy functions as such due to their very nonexistence in a singular sense. Miyazaki's demonstration of Daoism is clear in this story point as the flow of the humanity from the dark soul is one that is simultaneously united and multiple, "shattering" in the sense that Manus may be the pygmy at the same time that those in the Ringed City are, and that the Chosen undead is. Also, Gwyn does not begin the age of flame to save humanity as someone has suggested, but rather to save HIS race of gods from humanity who are manifesting from this source (plural).

        • Anonymous

          09 Aug 2018 19:57  

          read this during intro to game It lined up so the narrator said " soon the flames will fade and only darkness will remain" And the text : and the flames did fade , and only darkness remained. . . I feel like I'm going back to church xD

          • Anonymous

            09 Jun 2018 03:45  

            Manus is the Furtive Pygmy originally, but I believe each humanity is a part of him, spread out over time, which each new humanity he loses more control, until eventually his own humanity runs wild and overwhelms him, so the Chosen Undead is the culmination of Manus' excess humanity in a new vessel with none of his madness

            • Anonymous

              27 Feb 2018 20:33  

              What about the pigmy that taks to you at the start if tge ringed city? after you land on the cliff. the one that seems to know exactly what is going on, is appearently an enemy of the gods and then just disappears after everyone forgets about him?
              could he be the furtive pigmy? hes easily forgotten after all

              • Anonymous

                01 Aug 2017 23:53  

                Manus was the master of the dark's Gael who's the master of dark soul now he more tougher than manus

                • Anonymous

                  27 Mar 2017 18:20  

                  i dont get it why so many people think manus is the pigmy, it were so *****ing lame when they make the pygmy appear in dark souls he is more a symbol like batman ... wait a minute....... the pygmy is BRUCE WAYNE !!!

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Jan 2017 00:16  

                    There's a few bosses that give you 60000 souls when killed, Seath, The Four Kings, Witch of Izalith, Nito and Manus. I believe this is not a coincidence and is another fact that point the power of Manus being on the same level as the other souls of the lords.

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