Class-Knight Versatile Paladin Build

Max Soul Level-125


  • Great Heal
  • Wrath of the Gods(x2)
  • Great Lightning Spear
  • Sunlight Blade


  • Vitality-32
  • Attunement-19
  • Endurance-32
  • Strength-26
  • Dexterity-22 (i have it at 22 for the silver knight straight sword which is my favorite weapon to cast sunlight blade on, it has an awesome move set)
  • Resistance-15
  • Intelligence-10
  • Faith-50


  • Head-Paladin Helm+5
  • Body-Paladin Armor+5
  • Hands-Paladin Gloves+5
  • Legs-Paladin Leggings+5


  • Left Hand1-Silver Knight Shield+5 (pretty much the best standard shield you can get overall)
  • Left hand2-Darkmoon Talisman (best Talisman)
  • Right hand-heres where the versatile part comes in, with the spread of points between dex and strength you have access to quite a few weapons heres a few of my favorites-DIVINE BALDER SIDE SWORD+10,LIGHTNING ZWEIHANDER+5,SILVER KNIGHT STRAIGHT SWORD+5,CRESCENT AXE+5,LIGHTNING GARGOYLES HALBERD+5
  • Right hand2-can be anything you want really i usually keep a lightning black bow of pharis+5 on i don't care what people say its always handy to keep a bow on you even if just to annoy the other person in pvp.


  • Ring1-Havels Ring
  • Ring2-Darkwood Grain Ring


The whole idea of this build is to keep opponents on their toes with powerful miracles and unpredictable melee. Spreading points between both dexterity and strength might seem strange to some but it gives you a lot of choice in terms of weapons and it also helps in case you find yourself fighting near a ledge and possibly fall off (as dex increases your safe landing distance). my usual strategy is to draw them in close with lightning spears and then start lighting off WotG's if anyone doesn't immediately die from this i usually whip out sunlight blade to finish them off. the other important thing about this build is to keep only ESSENTIAL weapons in your inventory so you can switch between them mid fight to keep yourself unpredictable during melee combat (it takes some getting used to at first).I have made several pvp characters and this guy has become my favorite thus far.

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