11/8/2015 - GT:TheEmeraldRogue - Level 1/0 souls - Xbox360 - Just looking for somebody to play co-op with.
09/20/2015 - NA (360) - Gtag: ThouShallParry - Just got back into Dark Souls 1. Looking for ppl to co-op with. I have a headset. If youre into pvp then I can duel and host as well. Send me a message and I'll we'll have some good times and I'll teach you speed run tricks.

Add me - JAKoJAKoo (XB1) - Level 144/2.5m Souls, need help on Freja bonfire 2 for MLGS.

--Wanna start a new character april 2 20 15--Dark souls 2 gamertag is KSI INQUISITION MUST HAV3 MIC

<p>New player looking for some co-op. Getting the game the day it comes out. =Xbox Live Gamertags= KillerKroNic

Read before posting:

  • Make sure you have the same version as the person you wish to play with on Xbox Live # NA version - NORTH AMERICA, includes the USA, CANADA, etc. # EU version - EUROPE, includes UK, etc. # AU version - AUSTRALIA. * You must be on the same tu, within 10 levels and 10% of the other player's level, and the summoner must be human to summon. If you leave a summoning sign, you can't summon people into your game . Example: If you are soul level 100 , you can co-op with players on your server whose soul level is between 80 and 120 , if your soul level is 50 then only players from level 35 to 65 can join you in co-op. To see your summoning range, click here. &gt; * Versions are further split between PC and XBOX 360; players using the PC version cannot summon or invade players using the 360 version and vice-versa, despite the PC version using games for Windows Live to log in. Please include your console version in parentheses in the Version column. Example: NA (360) or EU (PC). ==How to add your Xbox Live Gamertag to the list:== * Step 1: Click "Edit" at the top right. * Step 2: Click in any cell below the header (the gray row that says Wiki ID, Gamertag, ETC). * Step 3: Click on the Table Icon that pops up (an icon of a white square with a blue stripe at the top). * Step 4: Click "Row " then click "Add Row" then click "Add below" or "Add above." * Step 5: Type in your information for each item: Date, Gamertag, Character, Level, Comments, Version. * Step 6: Click "Save" at the top right * Step 7: Remember to put date in proper format: mm/dd/yyyy ||~ 03/24/2015 ||~ Region, Gamertag NA GT: Cyle96 ---- ||~ Co-Op/PvP co-op ---- ||~ faith/strengh/dex/int dex/pryo ---- ||~ SL 144 ---- ||~ Comment looking iron king help ---- || || 03/20/2015 || NA GT:Samuel DeanO || Co-Op/ Occasional Pvp || Strength/Dex || 55 || New player looking for a guide/companion. || || 03/01/2015 || North America Xbox 360 GT: Lord Resonance || Co-Op/Trade || All evenly spread in 16-20 range. Melee/Soul Spells || 50 || Noob seeking consistent adventuring companion. Add me, send me a message, we'll get this going. || || 2/28/2015 || NA, GT:BURGERBOB 486 || Co-Op || dex/ int || 128 || Looking for someone to help with the four kings. Send me a friend request/ message if you to play. || || 2/15/2015 || NA GT: BurstZyn || Co-op || Pyromancer Build || SL 145 Pyromancer, SL 105 knight, || Would really like to do is start a story with people that are new to the game, with a promise of not spoiling anything, or by taking all the kills. Message me or add me anytime. Willing to make a new character. || || 1/8/15 || NA, Masca 01 || Co-op/PVP || Varies || Varies || Looking to help others at anytime,any level or progress in game. add me anytime. || || 1/8/15 || NA, LikelyLime29 || Co-op || I have no idea || Again... || Just started playing, and I have no idea what the ***** to do. Lvl 8 Thief. Help? || || 12/19/2014 || EU, RobotReptile747 || Co-Op/Trade || Pyro || 25 || Looking For People That Need Assistance Or Want To Assist || || 03/07/2015 || NA, ThouShallParry || Speed Runs &amp; Racing Others || All Bosses FTH Build - Goal: Sub 1:30:00 || Varies || Looking for fellow speed runners who want to go to A/SGDQ (games done quick) events nd race. No casuals thx || || 10/12/2014 || NA, FHG Crow || Co-Op/Trade || Varies || 47,42,27, any more || Looking for boss killing and colllecting rare loot. Have GG for friend making || || 11/17/14 || NA, EPC Lone Wolf || Co-Op/Trade || Varies || Varies || I have almost a full list of different chars. and would like to start a new one with someone, if not i have chars between 20 and 125. I have dark souls 1 but DkS2 broke and ill be getting it again soon. || || 9/4/14 || NA, SartorialTomb63 || Co-Op,Trade || Mage [[tel:34/30/28/71|34/30/28/71]] || 179 || Willing to help with co-op on anything. I have both Sunken, and old iron king DLCs || || 09/30/2014 || AUS, armedgummieagle || Co-Op,trade || variable || 17, 59 and 106 || wanting to play co-op with anyone, usually online at american midday || || 09/16/2014 || AUX360, NERO RAVENZBRUK || CO-OP || Melee [[tel:30/35/30/18|30/35/30/18]] w40 Endurance || 130 and slow rising || Willing to help with anything also happy to start new and co-op from start as I plan to start a 2nd build soon. || || 04/09/2014 || NA,DemotivatedBear || Co-op/trade || variable || 23-70 || Variety of builds looking for Co-Op and potential pvp at later dates when my skills get back up to par || || 8/9/14 || NA, OneLifeOneTry || Co op PVP Trade Trolling || 32 45 113 || || Just looking for some buddies to hang with im pretty flexible with things we can do as long as we can summon each other. its hard finding buddies in dark souls || || 09/16/2014 || AUX360, NERO RAVENZBRUK || CO-OP || Melee [[tel:30/35/30/18|30/35/30/18]] w40 Endurance || 130 || Willing to help with anything also happy to start new and co-op from start as I plan to start a 2nd build soon. || || june 5, 2014 || SMURF iMeRKzZ || co-op || || 31 || need help with the great grey wolf sif boss || || 7/14/2014 || NA, LocatedBody1 || Co-Op || Pyro/Melee/Cleric [[tel:30/40/39/11|30/40/39/11]] || 145 || I want to engage is some jolly cooperaton || || 06/04/2014 || NA, XGN Muffinstein || Co-Op/PvP/Trade || Melee, [[tel:14/28/30/10|14/28/30/10]] || 75 || First play through, DS n00b willing to co-op and trade. || || 07/01/2014 || NA, the dudeks || Co-Op/PvP/Trade || Melee - Faith/Dex/Str || 130 || First time playing Dark Souls with a balanced Faith based melee build. Currently working on NG+. 1) Willing to do Co-Op/PvP/Trade on NG+ 2) Willing to do fresh start for full game Co-Op/PvP/Trade || || June 18, 2014 || NA, TrYHrDiN Semi || Co-Op || Pyromancer melee || 32 || Half way in the game (not NG+) but willing to restart for co-op gameplay || || June 16, 2014 || Levisarts1114 || || || 116 || currently working on ng+ but willing to do a fresh start for full game co-op || || June 15, 2014 || NA, AvaloN1101 || Co-op, PvP || Cleric || || Any SL, Looking for any kind of multiplayer really, PvP or Co-op. I'd be fine with starting fresh and Co-oping the whole game or something, as well as helping get covenantor just some honorable fights. || || June 12 2014 || gmanwood || Jolly co-operation || warrior- str dex || 20 || im looking to play the game thorugh the first time, aby tune you are welcome to add me and send me a game invite or freind request || || June 10 2014 || NA, THE AMPLIFIFIER || CO-OP || Wanderer (with Uchigatana +5) || 23 || Just want a good co-opfor this. (NOT PVP) Like help with bosses and things such as getting good weapons armor and spells/miracles. || || June 10 2014 || NA, StarMedusa3503 || Jolly Co-operation || Bandit-STR/DEX Wanderer - DEX || 23 50ish? || At Gap demon for both. Fairly experience at DKS very experience at DKS2 (kinda played them out of) looking for help and to help message me if you'ld like. Also Im unsure if the 50 will work for online, started before the patch update. || || June 10th 2014 || EU, GEN3RAL GR3G || co-op/pvp || Warrior, STR/DEX, Claymore/Zweihander || 46 || Co-op partner towith or a pvp duel, don't really mind || || 1006/2014 || EU, kingsilver fox || co-op || pyro/melee || 37 || Looking for some casual co-op , feel free to add me and i will help you out. || || June 9th || EU, DEATH451209 || co-op || knight || 28 || Just want a casual co-op. It would be nice if they were experienced because I need help on the capra demon particularly. But yeah plzz add me I would love to play co op. || || June 9th || Ultimasta || Co-op || Prtomancer w/ spells + melee || 81 || Help with Four Kings, Ornstein and Smough. Casual co-op willing to help others within my level range as well. || || June 9th || Coops37 || co-op || sorcerer (I DO NOT want to use the master key) || restarting (add me we will talk) || Long term co-op player, i have the basics down and understand the tips and tricks up until the Capra demon. I am willing to help someone but help would be desirable (everyone wants help ;D ) would like to play the entire game with a player. That means you must have only JUST BARELY killed the Taurus demon (look up a guide or add me for help with him) Must have mic. I farm alot and am increasing my ability to parry enemies. ADD ME SOON! I want to play the ENTIRE game with (whoever you are) It would also be fun to play with (whoever adds me) on other games. || || June 8Th 2014 || snyped92 || Co-op/PvP || Wanderer wieleding a Scimitar || 15 || Cant kill this bull in the parish. i need a co-op buddy for long term to bang this game out with me. Its challenging! || || june 7 2014 || Stablercrib3 || co-op || idk || 17 || i would really like someone to go through harder parts of the game with me || || may-4-2014 || Genghis Ethan || co -op || knight || i have no idea just started || friend request and private chat me i could really use someone with experience to help || || 06/01/2014 || drtyUNDRwheres || Co-op, trade, defend invaders || Dex Build Melee, Pyro || 123 || Mic'd co-op though any area will help out as needed to all. Send msg. || || 02/06/2014 || ST6 Tactician || Co-Op/Help || Not yet decided what i want too be || Legit like 7, also have a 125 || My friend gave me his account to practice on but i want too make my own and play through, would enjoy someone to play co-op with and possibly help me || || 06/06/2014 || NA, alextheGR3AT55 || Co-op || Pyro/Melee || 20 || new to dark souls. looking for some co op and helpful tips || || 05/06/2014 || Tempus Lectus || Co-op || melee/pyro || 17 || just started playing so i would like to co-op to have some more fun || || 11/05/2014 || NA, naplmdef-FTW || co-op || melee || 33 || had lv-120 and on game+ lost data so had to restart || || 02/05/2014 || NA, Jnutter819 || Jolly Co-op || Melee/sorc/self-heal || 280, 224, 63 || Message, don't friend request || || 01/05/2014 || EU, Zerthimon || coop || mage/pyro || 176 || anything, just started ng+2 || || 4/1/2014 || EU, pikysek || Co-Op || 1st: Melee 2nd: Melee and magic oriented 3rd: To be determined || 55 83 0 || Need tail cut-offs especially from Priscilla, Gargoyle in Anor Londo, Help with Sif Exploring all possibilities, wanna get to DarkWraith covenant for handy hand :) || || [[tel:31/3/2013|31/3/2013]] || NA, ZealousGolem442 || Co-op || Restarting. Halfway through and realized I Messed up || around 45 || Wanting to complete game before getting DS 2 || || 19/03/2014 || QuavuRs || Co-op, Trade, help || Bad build.. 1st ever play through Wanderer || 60 something and wanderer 43 || Need help getting into anor londo and trade items from old save! || || 25-2-14 || NA, deathray7 || Co-Op, or help || Decent buid first play though knight || 48 || Need help beating some bosses and helping anyone that needs it. || || 26/02/2014 || NA, R0BERTC0P || Jolly Co-operation! || Melee - STR/DEX/FTH (Sunlight Covenant) Melee - STR / DEX (Forest Hunter) || ~90 ~75 || Just past 4K with both characters at a relatively blind-play of the game. Always happy for jolly co-op on whichever character can help! || || EU Xbox GT - cuzer - need help with dancer boss please ||


NA, s0lidg0ldteeth Co-op Melee - Dex/Vit/End/Str 32 I'm playing this blind for the first time, so any help appreciated, will be on quite a bit for any co-op chances :D   26/02/2014 EU, Rumpel5tilzchen Jolly Co-op Cleric, Path of Sunlight ~59 its my fourth char. messeage me for help, especially in the catacombs + tomb of giants   23/02/2014 EU, dorset boys Any Any 104-148 message me if you need and help or want to pvp lets have fun   23/02/14 RawDogNBust CO-OP Anything 38 Lost in Blighttown   [[tel:23/2/2014|23/2/2014]] SILENT preferably co op faith knight 46 just got to anor londo need help!   22/02/2014 Graciano L33T Either Dragon Knight 88 send to me a xbox live message and i will help you, or duel with you !   19/02/2014 EternalSpartan7 Either Heavy Cleric ~125     22/2/14 Dyingplayer Jolly co-op, Trade God knight 87 I have dlc and I am looking for armor of the sun, green titanite, white titanite or occult/divine weapons   20/02/2014 NA, Who Is Jesus 2K Co-Op Wanderer 21 Looking to play through the game (with dlc) before grabbing Dark Souls 2.   [[tel:16/2/2014|16/2/2014]] NA, MINI MINI NOTCH COOP ANYTHING 1,20,40,90 Looking for some Jolly coop with people! Willing to make a new playthrough and do a coop run with people! Hit me up!   04/03/2014 NA, SkateLakai84 Co-op/PVP Str. Dex. Fai. Build dex. pyro. low Vit. 141 81 always down to pvp and co-op just message me and let me know which build i can help you with  


NA, XDefiedLogickzX Co-op/PVP Jack of All Trades (SL 221), Cleric (SL120) 221,120 My SL120 build isn't complete yet, but should be sometime soon, I'm on most of the time so feel free to shoot me a message and we can mess around :D   14/02/2014 NA, Tycoon 6 Co-Op/trade pyromancer, sorcerer. tank, dps, stunlock. 27, 41     12/02/2014 NA, BrandonMJC coop Pyromancer 190     11/02/14 EU, J0hnnyKay77 Both Random SL - 1,50,200+ quite good but nowhere ner the high standard of playing of some people.   02/06/2014 NA, BucklingSwashes Co-op Swashbuckler (all-rounder, parry focused); Barbarian (high strength, low shield use); Spearwoman (high dex, some bow use) ~ 40; ~25; ~20 Always looking for opportunities to earn some extra humanity. If you spot my soul sign near a boss, feel free to summon me up.   2/5/14 NA, AcRiMoNiUs co-op /help pyromancer 20 total noob LF help and tips   2/4/2014 DemonicAngel365 Both Just random builds 35-135 I have been playing for quite awhile, and just looking for some PvP. If your looking for help or a good PvP match, send me a message.   04/02/2014 EU, ryuzzo69 Co-Op Mainly full tank/dps 79 I have played alot since four or five months ago when i stopped playing, some days ago i took Dark Souls in my hands and decided to begin playing for some more time, 'til the coming out of Dark Souls 2 i guess, i don't need help i just enjoy some jolly cooperation :D   2/3/1014 EU, KitsuneNoAkuma Jolly Co-Op Thief random build and Cleric/knight 71 203 I play this game for fun :D and i like to help other ppl. im not going to rank up on 71 yet beacause im waiting for my friend to level up.if u need help in the start ill make a new one:D   2/2/2014 NA, thebowserkiller co-op no build 30, 710 got all the achievments in the game starting a new charcter and looking to just have some fun and getting ready for #2   &lt; 2/02/2014 &lt; DaveAvengers &lt; co-op &lt; no build &lt; &lt;   02/02/2014 xAhou Both No set build 1 through 40 Message me   02/02/2014 xkiller201 Help   38 or above Im looking for help on my best character who is a level 38 build that in having trouble with in anor londo   [[tel:28/1/2014|28/1/2014]] Nevict Both Wanderer - Dragon torse stone build 105, but I'm aiming at 120. Please anyone capable of healping message me   1/27/2014 DarkVoid1794 PVP / Jolly Co-Op   80-300 range Message me don't add me.   1/26/2014 SLOTHFULRECLUSE Co-Op         25/1/14 EU, Devils Saber co-op dps (no shield) Tank 84 110 Up for any boss except four kings or dont mind helping grind levels   1/24/14 NA, Wisdomdragon02 both Warrior Mage 1 shot challenger 128 118 16 Looking for a manus cat. willing to trade just message me for help or if willing to barter.   03-02-14 EU, Sasan87 Both Artorias Warlock Tank Pure Dex Paladin Xtreme (lvl 1 all the way) 329 206 96 154 96 1 Dark Soul player willing to help with both Co-op and Soulfarming PvP I also help with achievements and guidelines for this for those having a hard time. Also looking for highlvl co-op. Msg me on xbox for jolly cooperation. *NOTE when adding a note to this page, dont delete others, insert above!*   1.8.14 NA, II Stevee II PvP multiple SL65-130 PvP, fight clubs   07-01-2014 EU, GentlemanBuffer   my own build sl 25 i just wanna play co-op and have fun and du what ever you guys want to do =)   08.01.2014 EU, Cr0w the Fool   Samurai build sl 125 Fair 1vs1, with honorful battles Anor Londo, Dark Anor Londo, Painted World of A., Sen's Fortress,     DVS FOXX   DEPTHS (IMPROVING ARMOR THROUGH FARMING SLIMES) ASSISTING WITH BOSS WHEN SUMMONED. STR, DEX, RES. SL: 50-60 TRADE, BOSS HELP, CO-OP, AND SOUL FARMING. UPTO SEN'S AS OF NOW.   22.02.2014 NA, DAH DEbON jolly co-operation Any (will start new if asked) Wanderer SL:22 Stuck at the Capra Demon at the moment. Message me first then ill add you.     Slayertidus21   Not really a build, but most of my points are put into Vitality/Endurance, though now I am looking to get Faith/Intelligence up to use some advanced spells SL. 60 Current as of [[tel:12/4/2013|12/4/2013]] Just finished Sen's Fortress, so starting Anor Londo at the moment. It's my second playthrough, my first ended last year sometime when I got frustrated around the depths/blighttown area and quit. So I started again fresh and created a new character. Not too much into PVP, I can't stand invaders griefing low-level people. I do enjoy co-op a bit especially assisting in boss fights to get some souls &amp; humanity. Just Msg me on Xbox if you want to play.     Blades Burden13   Resistance/heavy armor build Lv.67, [[tel:12/4/2013|12/4/2013]] If anyone want's to help me in new londo help me out, but if you got cast light miracle or sunlight maggot shield I could use it     bigbenj21   dex/faith build 120 happy to help and like pvp message me thanks     DeathPandaHD   shotel 120       Syilph   Knight of Astora (Jack of all trades with emphasis on Miracles) 170- probably increasing Always happy to help with anything that sounds fun enough. I'm fine with pvp and similar stuff as well, just message me and mail the details. I'll help if I'm able to. Currently on NG+ and doing the lord souls, so I wouldn't mind some assistance as well.     WAR OF WINTER   Everything 1-175 Looking for Co-op and pvp go to for assistance     EU, DeBrazer   "Tank"-Build SL-35, aiming at SL-55 Add me if you want to co-op a little. Mainly helping out with the O&amp;S Boss-battle. Maybe leveling up a bit in the future to help with the Artorias-Addon stuff.     NA, Ang3lusMortis54   melee/strength/dex/end build SL- 202 SL-127 SL-35 wanting to co-op and make more friend who play this. if interested send a friend request along with dark souls wiki message. would love to co-op a bunch of bosses and plain missions. only on xbox live. mic available at times.     stillforreal1   melee/pyromancer SL 32ish Brand, spanking new to both xbox and gaming (love it!) Muddling through as best I can offline hoping for someone kind enough to want to help out a doddery old guy when I decide to venture online!     KingOfKings136   Melee/Faith-ish Build SL ~135 Requesting assistance in defeating the Four Kings in NG +3. (Sorcerers preferred but anyone can help, so don't be discouraged by my preferences) Am willing to give Dragon Scales or other materials that I have, including some boss souls). Message me on Xbox Live for details (Must include Dark Souls Wiki in message or it will be regarded as Spam)     NA, Sickningnoise69   sorcerer; paladin; melee 50,61,91,70 I Love pvp! summon me for some great support or lets have some fun fights! Always looking to help someone out too. just send me a message and i'll message you back. :)     FulfilledBlock4   Melee/faith build 60 Looking for coop or pvp, i wants to help     NA, SaintMichael238   Themes,PVE,Co-op,Fun 15 - 125+ Love to help people in Co-op and if you want help with anything send me a msg. Make sure to head it with DarkSpace wiki     Urbanassassin0   Pyromancer SL- 6 (planning to increase) Looking for someone who wants to start a completely new playthrough of the game. Love to co-op and pvp I'm up for anything.     NA, XxVac4ntxX   Multiple 98 New to the game just looking for people who like to coop. I am sitting in new game+. I'm willing to part with items and trade as well beings I have ALOT of items. Hit me up on xbox live, I have a mic. I'm also willing to start a new character soon so let me know.     NA, Caustic Waves   Str/Faith mixture SL-137 Currently Looking for people to play the multiplayer with. Also need help on some bosses during NG+     Undutifulsum   First build is a dexterity build. Second build is a spartan build. Third build is a build to help new players. First-126 Second-75 Third-18 (I plan to increase the Second and Third build.)       NA, XDeathScorcherX   Tank/Support 75,220,120 Any level you need Currently Looking to help anyone with anything you need If you need help with any bosses/PVP, Anything you need help with ill help. . I also have a mic! :D GT: XDeathScorcherX ( JUst incase the other was missspelt )     NA, the_feist   cleric 20-30 ish new to game - looking to learn a lot and help anyway possible     NA, TF9 Roberts   VIT/END/DEX MED wt. SL 54 If anyone needs help or wants to give me a hand, just send me a message when I'm online and I'll see what I can do!. On my very first run through of the game so I'm not very knowledgeable of secrets in the game. Currently in the first section of Anor Londo.     NA, Sesshy81   Paladin Build ( sort of ) SL 133 Just looking to help anyone throughout the game, I'm currently on New Game + and I'd prefer to help others progress through the game. If you need help with an area, a boss, or an item in which you may be in need of feel free to add me and I'll be more than glad to help. I'm tired of sitting around with my summon sign in random places and never getting summoned.     NA, dragonreaper16   multiple characters mainly working on my second shoes a strength endurance dexterity and vitality SL 177 SL 105 mainly needing help with bosses for lordvessel. willing to help with any part of the game as long as I can get there. also willing to trade but only on my lvl 105 character. mark request with dark souls wiki or it will be considered spam.     EU, Decrepitxiii   STR DEX VIT Build SL 128+ Looking for anything really, Dont mind starting new new and co-oping with people or helping with bosses/PVP. Also looking for people who run PVP tournaments and such. Feel free to add me, mark request with Dark souls wiki.     NA, LivinOnEdge   Dexterity, Heavy Bleed Iaito +15 Warrior of Sunlight Covenant Lightning Spear SL88 Message me with what I can help you with. If you add me to friends please state that it is a Dark Souls help. My heavy Bleed damage makes quick work of most bosses and enemies.     NA, Sodo25   SL 7 - 125 SL 7 has RSS and can be used for item transfers. SL 125 Heavy Tank (104-148) SL 100 Int Caster (81-121) SL 100 Dex Melee (81-121) SL 80 Faith SunHo (female) (63-99) SL 50 Dex Pyro (36-66) SL 7 Mule (1-18) Add me, and message me if you need help with anything. I usually start playing at 10pm CST everyday. I could also use some help hitting Patinum. I need help to transfer boss souls for the weapon achievement.     EU, dreamforger1   Sorcerer, currently 40 Love co-op and helping people but am looking to branch into the dark world of PvP. Will gladly accept duels and criticism of my probably awful PvP 'skills'. I do get a buzz out of helping others, too, so please ask as I've played the game through several times.     NA, Zoan948   Vitality:16 Attunement:19 Endurance:34 Strength:40 Dexterity:26 Resistance:12 Intelligence:19 Faith:30 113 I am on New Game Plus and need help with the Four Kings, If anyone could help me out, that would be nice. Please Message if you are going to help, Thank you have a Nice Day. ^^     NA, SpartanOmega 85   52 Strength, 34 Dexterity, 30 Endurance, 28 Vitality 140 Helping with lvls and bosses just message me for summon sign     timma time69   40 strength and dex 125 looking for 1v1 if u want to message me on xbox not here i am ark wraith so i can invade wherever u want to 1v1 and if ur waiting to gank i will leave     NA, gokulvasi   Dex 101 and rising Can help with any boss, just need souls to level up, I don't have the dlc. If you need any item, you can ask me, I will give you if I have. You need to be between level 82 and 122 to summon me.     EU, Oo RobBerta oO   vit : 50 mag: 16 end: 45 str: 58 dex: 41 res: 17 int: 44 faith: 35 225 and rising can summon 192 - 257 message me if you need help with bosses or like to play some Co-op. I have the dlc. And if you need any item feel free to ask. I´m german but my second language is english.     NA, sunnyxmuffins   str/end/faith/pyro 33 and rising im still learning if anyone wants to help message sunnyxmuffins on xbox thanks (p.s love co-op)     EU, SilverBone11   Dexterity/Pyro Strength/Dexterity/Miracle Dexterity/Sorcery 104 100 54 (and going up) Can help with any boss, like to co-op. Version with last updates &amp; DLC. Th last one is NG, so if somebody wants to play together - message me up.     NA, Marcus Hustles   Endurance, Dexterity, Strength 173 Can assist with anything. Friendly PVP. Co-op. Don't be afraid to say what's up and add me. just tell me from the wiki. Enjoy :D ehhh ath the moment I'm currently stuck at 4 Kings. so if you can help I'd be grateful.     aky***** k1ng   all even 710 40 rising can help with any boss anywhere,on ng+6 or 7? prefer co-op,have dlc


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