Bonfires are the checkpoints of Dark Souls, but they also serve other useful purposes. When the player encounters a new Bonfire, it must be rested at to serve as the new spawnpoint if the player should die. Players are also safe from the surroundings while resting at the Bonfire, with a few notable exceptions.

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Rest at Bonfire

ItWillFade.jpg After the player lights the Bonfire and rests there, several options are available. Some will also become available later when certain stats or conditions are met or items are aquired.

  • Resting at a Bonfire will replenish the players stock of Estus and Spells.
    • Flasks will not be reset if the player's current stock exceeds the amount replenished by the Bonfire (If the player has 7 in stock while resting at a Bonfire that replenishes 5, it will still be 7 after leaving).
  • Resting at Bonfire cures the player of Poison and Toxic diseases.
    • Curse cannot be healed by resting at a Bonfire.
  • Resting at a Bonfire will respawn all enemies, excluding bosses, minibosses, certain non-respawning enemies, and npcs.
  • Bonfires cannot be accessed if the player is engaged in battle close by.
  • Online: Bonfires cannot be accessed while the player is being invaded.
  • Online: Bonfires cannot be accessed if the player has summoned phantoms.
  • Online: While a player rests at a Bonfire, mirages of other resting players can sometimes be seen around the fire.
  • Online: If in human form while at a bonfire you can be ejected from the bonfire and whatever menu you are in at any point should your world be invaded by another online player or you are being summoned.
  • If the player kills the Fire Keeper of a bonfire, it will extinguish and can no longer be rested at, but can still be warped to once the Lordvessel is obtained.



Leave the Bonfire.

Level Up

Players can level up/reinforce their stats at the Bonfire.

  • Leveling costs souls, which can be collected by killing the undead, bosses, or by collecting lost souls.
  • The amount of souls needed to level up increases with each level.
  • The bonfires in the Undead Asylum can not be used for leveling during the tutorial.


Reinforce Weapon

Players can do weapon reinforcement at the Bonfire after purchasing a Weapon Smithbox.

  • Weapon reinforcement does not include ascension, which must be done by a qualified Blacksmith.


Reinforce Armor

Players can do armor reinforcement at the Bonfire after purchasing an Armor Smithbox.

Repair Equipment

Players can repair their own weapons and equipment at the Bonfire after purchasing a Repairbox.

Attune Magic

Manage memorized spells.

  • Attuned Magic will become available to the player after learning a spell.
  • The starting classes who are equipped with a spell will have this option available from the start.


Access Bottomless Box

Players can store items and equipment at the Bonfire after purchasing a Bottomless Box.


After obtaining the Lordvessel, the player is able to warp to certain bonfires.

DLC Bonfires


  • You can warp to a bonfire even if the fire keeper for that bonfire is dead, however you can not warp from that bonfire since you are unable to rest at it.
  • The Abyss bonfire can also be warped from without possessing the Lordvessel. Any warp-able location, rested at prior, should be available as a destination as well.
  • The bonfires in the Painted World of Ariamis and The Duke's Archives Prison can not be warped from at all.



Fires.jpg Bonfires can be kindled, or strengthened, to increase the player's stock of Estus.

  • Kindling a Bonfire will cost the player 1 piece of Humanity, and can only be performed if the player is in human form.
    • An undead player must therefore use 2 pieces of Humanity to kindle a fire.
  • A bonfire can be kindled more than once, after the player receives the Rite of Kindling in the main quest. A fire can then be kindled up to three times past its default, and will refill 10, 15 or 20 Estus Flasks, rather than the default 5.
  • Kindling is permanent, but it only strengthens the kindled Bonfire; other fires are unaffected.
  • Any bonfire with a visible Firekeeper present restores 10 Estus Flasks by default (Firelink Shrine, Anor Londo, Daughter of Chaos, and Stone Dragon)
  • Online: When a player kindles a fire, it will also grant some players in nearby worlds one extra volume of Estus.
  • All bonfires retain their level of Kindling upon restarting the game in New Game+.
  • The "fire" visual effect when a bonfire has been kindled varies, which is a nice detail. The flame is huge when the bonfire has been kindled to 20.


Reverse Hollowing

Reverse Hollowing revives an undead player to human form.

  • Reviving costs 1 piece of Humanity.
    • Reviving cannot be performed if the player is Cursed.
  • Human form players are able to kindle Bonfires (see above).
  • Human form players are able to summon Phantoms, but are also open to invasion.
    • This includes online players as well as some offline NPCs.
  • Human form players are still able to be summoned as a Phantom.


Beginner Route Bonfire Progress

List of Bonfires following the beginner suggested path of the game.

Special Bonfires

Other - Not progress related

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