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Prologue In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of grey crags, arch-trees and everlasting dragons. But then there was Fire, and with Fire came Disparity. Heat and cold, life and death, and of course... Light and Dark.
Then, from the Dark they came and found the Souls of Lords within the flame. Nito, the First of the Dead; The Witch of Izalith and her daughters of Chaos; Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight, with his faithful knights; And the furtive pygmy, so easily forgotten.
With the Strength of Lords, they challenged the dragons. Gwyn's mighty bolts peeled apart their stone scales. The witches weaved great firestorms. Nito unleashed a miasma of death and disease. And Seath the Scaleless betrayed his own and the dragons were no more. Thus began the Age of Fire...
But soon, the flames will fade and only Dark will remain. Even now, there are only embers and man sees not light, but only endless nights. Amongst the living are seen carriers of the accursed Darksign.

Humanity and the Soul

Dark Souls-The Spirituality and Nature of Humanity and the Soul

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  • And with Fire, came Disparity… heat and cold… life and death… and of course, light and dark.


Of the little [[#|information]] that is given about the time aspect in the game.

  • In Lordran, the flow of time is distorted. The flow of time itself is convoluted; with heroes centuries old phasing in and out. (via Solaire, after accepting his proposition and receiving the White Soap Stone)
  • Quelana: "A thousand years of atonement must surely be enough". Should be referring to the 'Bed of Chaos' catastrophe.
  • Kingseeker Frampt: "You have retrieved the Lordvessel, after a thousand years".
  • Big Hat Logan – "He was a royal member of Dragon [[#|School]], until he turned Undead... Only, that was a hundred years ago."
  • Salaman, the Master Pyromancer – Accepted as Quelana's pupil over 200 years ago.

Neighbouring Lands

Of Lands and Rulers outside of Lordran.


Astora is an advanced region ruled by royalty, known for its brave knights, skilled craftsmen, and overall beauty. The knights of Astora are the protectors of the Fire, and their high-ranking knights wield powerful enchanted and blessed weapons. Astora was once assaulted by a dark beast, which was slain and its spirit bound to a magic ring. The spirit of the evil eye absorbs life, and probably reflects the properties of the beast. It takes a skilled craftsman to make such devices, which also reflects their ability to craft high quality weapons, advanced utilities and intricate [[#|ornaments]]. People: Solaire of Astora, Blacksmith Andre, Anastacia of Astora, Oscar of Astora, Undead Prince Ricard, Beast of Astora
Items: Ring of the Evil Eye, Binoculars, Crest Shield, Dragon Crest Shield, Astora's Straight Sword, Elite Knight armor


The ancient kingdom of Balder, once the home of the legendary Knight King Rendal, but the kingdom was reduced to ruins after a widespread outbreak of the Undead. The Knights of Balder wielded rock-solid long swords which are excellent for thrust attacks. According to legend, the King once killed a giant drake by his sword alone, and hacked it to pieces, no doubt with the help of his enchanted ring which boosts defence against attacks. People: Knight King Rendal, Balder Knights.
Items: Silver Coin, Ring of Steel Protection, Balder Side Sword, Balder Shield, Balder Armor.


The Knight Berenike was a knight of inhuman strength, he was known for his massive shield of iron which could crush a knight in one fell swoop. Countless Knights of Berenike, once praised as the mightiest of the mighty warriors, became Undead and ventured to Lordran on a fateful journey. They were giants of men, who wielded Greatswords and wore heavy armor, but they went Hollow in the end, and became a threat to all Undead. A Warrior known as Iron Tarkus was one of the beings who belonged to the land, even though he died shortly after leaving Sen's Fortress in victory. People: Iron Tarkus, Tower Knights.
Items: Black Iron Armor, Steel Armor, Greatsword, Greataxe, Tower Shield, Black Iron Greatshield


The people of Carim are similar to Thorolund, although they worship different Gods all together, with many once residing in Lordran before the Second Lighting of the Flame of Disparity, the First Flame. Their culture in general has Dark beings who wander Lordran in general, and have done many things for the act and beliefs of the Gods of Carim. People: Lautrec of Carim, Oswald of Carim, Ingward, Sir Arstor, the Earl of Carim.
Items: Red Tearstone Ring, Blood/Poison/CurseBite Rings, (Rare) Ring of Sacrifice, Ring of Favor and Protection, Purging Stone, Shotel, Parrying Dagger, Velka's Talisman, Velka's Rapier, Black Armor Set, Armor of Favor, Sealer's Crimson Armor, Tin Banishment Catalyst, Sniper Crossbow, Dried Finger
Spells: Remedy, Resist Curse, Vow of Silence, Karmic Justice.


The land of Catarina, known for its cheerful inhabitants, festivity and drink. These gallant, honorable knights are often ridiculed for their humongous onion-like attire. They are usually disrespected and mocked by others due to their armor, despite how effective it is for defense.
The people of Catarina are few and unknown in Lordran, however they are known for their strength and cheerfulness, and are very polite when it comes to communication, compared to other beings of the world.
People: Siegmeyer of Catarina, Sieglinde of Catarina, Old Man McLoyf, God of Medicine and Drink
Items: Blue Tearstone Ring, Catarina ("Onion") Armor, Pierce Shield.
Spells: Emit Force

Far East

The distant eastern lands, home to silent assassins and fierce swordsmen wielding sharp, brittle swords. Many of the beings from the Far East use the arts of stealth and speed in their favour, and are known to gauge and attack enemies with high speeds. A few have entered Lordran, most residing in Blighttown People: Shiva of the East.
Items: Shadow Armor Set, Eastern Armor Set, Iron Round Shield, Uchigatana, Iaito, Washing Pole, Murakumo, Claws, Dark Wood Grain Ring, East Wood Grain Ring

Fivefinger Delta

The fertile farmlands at the mouth of the river. Apart from being mostly inhabited by farmers, not much else is known about the delta area.  

Great Swamp

The great swamp, assumed to be in the delta area, is inhabited by heretics who were prejudiced by their atypical looks and driven into the hinterlands. The great swamp is a treacherous area with its rugged grasslands and swamps, where poison, fire and other forces of nature are a common threat. The inhabitants, who refer to the great swamp as an abundant store of nature, are known for their 'primitive' pyromancy and tough, tattered attire.
The Pyromancers are frowned upon by others outside Lordran, and are usually hated by the living for their arts. However Pyromancers are more respected in Lordran for what they are, due to the land of Lordran being home to the First Flame, as well as the Witch of Izalith, Godmother of Pyromancy itself.
People: Laurentius of the Great Swamp, Eingyi of the Great Swamp, Salaman the Master Pyromancer, Carmina
Items: Pyromancer Set
Spells: Fireball, Fire Orb, Great Fireball, Flash Sweat, Combustion, Power Within, Iron Flesh, Toxic Mist, Poison Mist


The ancient lost land of Oolacile, reduced to ashes long ago, was a land of ancient sorceries. Its sorcerers were known for their ability to control light, to create optical illusions, and gentle survival spells in general. Princess Dusk of Oolacile, the last surviving of her kind, was taken from her home and banished to a plane of distortion. She has since remained trapped in a crystal golem. Her people once believed in, and were guided by the Great Flames. Some people claim that Darkroot Forest was Oolacile before it was destroyed, explaining Dusk's location and the ruins in the forest. This theory is further supported by the location of the mushroom people in both Darkroot Garden and Oolacile, and the fact that the geography of the two locations are remarkably similar. The stone bridge leading from the Sif boss fight and the surrounding wooded areas are almost identical to the Oolacile Sanctuary and the early stages of the Royal Wood. This may also explain why Sif guards the grave of Artorius at this location, since Artorius succumbed to the abyss whilst in Oolacile. People: Princess Dusk of Oolacile.
Items: Oolacile Ivory Catalyst, Antiquated Dress
Spells: Hidden Body, Cast Light, Repair, Chameleon, Hidden Weapon.


Land of believers governed by the House of Thorolund, known for its stalwart clerics. Followers of Allfather Lloyd, with his white halo, and members of the Way of White. The people of Thorolund are very devote towards the way of Lloyd, and they are known to have their affection and ties towards the Former Lord of Sunlight, Gwyn. Gwyn was the nephew of the God, Allfather Lloyd, who was Gwyn's Uncle. Being devoted to the gods, they frown upon both Dragons and Sorcery, and despise both for what they are.
Their ties towards Gwyn led the citizens of Thorolund to the idea of Kindling the Bonfires, and towards keeping the Flame lit, rather than letting it wither away. However Holy, they are known for being strong-headed and stubborn at times, and are known as snobby by outsiders. They also understand what the meaning of the Dark is as well, aside from the Flame.
  • Vereor Nox: Fear/Respect the Dark, or fearfully respect the Dark
People: Petrus of Thorolund, Reah of Thorolund, Vince and Nico of Thorolund, Allfather Lloyd, Paladin Leeroy, Havel the Rock
Items: Thorolund Talisman, White Seance Ring, Havel's Ring, Havel's Greatshield, Havel's Set, Paladin Set, Cleric Set, Gold Coin, Lloyd's Talisman, Sanctus, Crescent Axe, Grant, Canvas Talisman, Ivory Talisman, Holy Cloth, Maiden Set
Spells: Force, Wrath of the Gods, Heal, Great Heal Excerpt, Great Heal, Magic Barrier, Great Magic Barrier


Home of the Dragon Scholar Sorcerers of the Vinheim Dragon School. Their intelligent and scholarly looks often invite insult. They are the masters of the realm of research through the art of the soul, Sorcery, having the famous Dragon School, which researches such arts. They were also known for their students who studied in the arts of Stealth, and covert operations performed by those students these for the Dragon School, and the rumors of such beings are feared for those who know.
The Great Hero, known as "Big Hat" Logan, was a great Sorcerer and Teacher to many students, even though he preferred to not be bothered, and always studied in his books, wearing a large hat to hide his face. This earned him his nickname.
People: Big Hat Logan, Rickert of Vinheim, Griggs of Vinheim.
Items: Sorcerer Set, Black Sorcerer Set, Big Hat's Set, Small Leather Shield, Logan's Catalyst, Sorcerer's Catalyst.
Spells: Fall Control, Hush, Aural Decoy, Soul Spear, Heavy Soul Arrow, Soul Arrow, Magic Shield, Strong Magic Shield, Great Magic Weapon, Magic Weapon, Great Heavy Soul Arrow, Great Soul Arrow, Homing Soulmass


The historical ancient land of Zena, with its quirky inhabitants known for their thoughtful, mature looks. Little is known of Zena, however the people of the land seem to have no ties towards Lordran, other than the scavenger Merchant known as Domhnall, and possibly is also tied towards Seath as well, although hard to say. People: Domhnall of Zena.
Items: Adventure Set


  • Lordran, land of the Gods, birthplace of Lord Gwyn.


Firelink Shrine

  • The ruins that house the entrance to the Kiln of the First Flame and a crossroads for many of the areas of Lordran.

People: Kingseeker Frampt, Crestfallen Warrior, Petrus of Thorolund, Anastacia of Astora, Undead Merchant (Female)

Undead Burg

  • Once a bustling hive of activity and civilization kept safe within high protective walls, the city and its parish are now over-run with the undead. It's currently plagued by one of Lordran's only remaining Dragons and two demons that have found their way to the surface from the Demon Ruins. It's said that ringing the bell in the parish tower can awaken a Giant from its slumber.

People: Undead Merchant (Male), Solaire of Astora, Griggs of Vinheim
Bosses: Taurus Demon, Capra Demon

Undead Parish

  • An extension of the burg, contains the bell tower within the church; watched over by the two Bell Gargoyles.

People: Knight Lautrec, Reah of Thorolund (after rescuing from the Tomb of the Giants), Andrei of Astora, Siegmeyer of Catalina
Bosses: Bell Gargoyles

Darkroot Garden

  • The wilderness upon which what is now Undead Burg was built long ago at the start of the Age of Fire. It's currently home to a fearsome band of forest dwelling hunters, a mystical butterfly and a great wolf who guards over the final resting place one of Lord Gwyn's legendary knights; Artorias the Abysswalker. The Darkroot Garden has also been speculated by some to be the ruins of Oolacile, given the fact that many of the enemies seen in the trailer, including the Stone Knights, the Mushroom people, and a creature similar in design of the Ents, albeit clothed and brandishing what appears to be gardening tools.

People: Alvina the White Cat, Shiva of the East
Bosses: Moonlight Butterfly, Great Grey Wolf Sif

Darkroot Basin

  • The lowest point of the Darkroot area. Without the Crest of Artorias it becomes the only viable path to Great Grey Wolf Sif. This area also serves to create a shortcut to the Undead Burg, via the tower Havel the Rock is located in. This area also contains the Hydra and one of the Golden Crystal Golems (contains Dusk of Oolacile), as well as a Black Knight wielding a halberd. If the theory that the Gardens are the remnants of Oolacile are to be believed, further evidence can be presented as the Artorias trailer shows the portal to Oolacile being located in the Basin, in relatively the same spot where Dusk is found trapped within the Golden Crystal Golem.

People: Dusk of Oolacile
Bosses: Hydra


  • Beneath the sewery depths of Undead Burg lies Blighttown; the dark and treacherous underground dwelling of Lordran's mutated undead; most likely mutated by the effects of the swamp at the base of the town that leads to the domain of a mutated entity of Chaos who guards a bell tower. It then leads further into Lordran's fiery underworld. One of the three sorcerers who sealed New Londo ventured here, bringing about her a spell she hoped to use to quell the disease found in this wretched place. Unfortunately, she died instead, leaving behind only her robes and the spell. You will hate this place.

People: Laurentius of the Great Swamp, Quelana of Izalith, Quelaan of Izalith, Eingyi of the Great Swamp
Bosses: Chaos Witch Quelaag

Ash Lake

  • Found at the bottom of a hollow arch-tree that's accessible from Blighttown swamp, Ash Lake is the last remaining vestige of the world as it was before the Age of Fire in the Age of Ancients and is home to the last of the Everlasting Dragons.

People: Everlasting Dragon

Lost Izalith

  • Below the demon-infested ruins that are under Blighttown, sits the crumbling city of Lost Izalith. Home of the Witch of Izalith and her daughters of chaos, legend has it that all the demons in Lordran were once spawned here.

People: Solaire of Astora.
Bosses: Bed of Chaos

The Catacombs

  • A place of levers, never-dieing skeletons, and sinister necromancers. This place may prove challenging until the necromancers are slain, as the skeletons will not stop coming back to life until they are dead.

People: "Trusty" Patches the Hyena
Bosses: Pinwheel

Sen's Fortress

  • A proving ground for adventurers trying to reach Anor Londo, created long ago by the Gods. Only accessible after ringing both bell towers.

People: Crestfallen Merchant, Siegmeyer of Cantalina (slumber outside the entrance before opening. Once opened, he can be found in the room where the boulder is first encountered).
Bosses: Iron Golem

New Londo Ruins

  • Once a city known for its culture, New Londo was flooded by three sorcerers at the command of Lord Gwyn in order to contain the Darkwraiths and the Four Kings, killing its inhabitants in the process. The dead now roam the ruins as ghosts, with more sinister enemies lurking beneath the frigid depths.

People: Rickert of Vinheim, Ingward
Bosses: Four Kings

Anor Londo

  • Anor, probably borrowed from Tolkien, means 'Sun'; Anor Londo means "Sunny Londo". The sun died long ago, and the city was forsaken. Only the Dark Moon remains. The current Sun, along with the Sun Princess, is only a mirage crafted by the last remaining deity.

People: Darkmoon Knightess (Bonfire keeper), Solaire of Astora, Gwynevere
Bosses: Smough and Ornstein, Dark Sun Gwydonlin (optional)

Painted World of Ariamis

  • A cold, painted world created by Ariamis and protected by mysterious guardians in a Cathedral at Anor Londo. The painting serves as a vault for the gods, and holds objects and persons dangerous to the people and lords of Anor Londo, including the mysterious Dark Ember: an ember capable of crafting weapons which can be exceptionally lethal to the gods. It is also the dwelling place of Priscilla, the Crossbreed, whose existence is considered taboo and who was banished to the realm eons ago. She lives in quiet tranquility within the painting, going to lengths to preserve her sanctuary formed of exile. It holds the inventory and miracle of the Goddess of Sin and Justice, Velka. Can only be accessed with the Peculiar Doll.

Boss: Crossbreed Priscilla (optional)

The Duke's Archives

  • The Forbidden regal archives, a storehouse of knowledge. Constructed by Seath the Scaleless after his betrayal of the dragons for Lord Gwyn. This impressive bastion of information served as the center for Seath's quest for obtaining the one aspect of the dragons he never obtained: immortality. Through intense experimentation and dangerous obsession, Seath eventually created a crystal-like device capable of sustaining everlasting life, but not without costing Seath his sanity and the Archive's their pristine condition as both succumbed to the influence of the crystal. The knowledge within is dangerous to mortals and gods alike, turning them insane with every turn of the page.

People: Big Hat Logan
Boss: Seath the Scaleless (invulnerable)

The Crystal Caves

  • A treacherous cave created by Seath's madness and experiments in his search for unending life. The caves are perilous and are plagued with surprisingly formidable Crystal Golems, Moonlight Butterflies (which unlike their boss counterpart, make no attempt to land; this aspect makes them much more difficult for melee-based builds), and invisible pathways. The source of Seath's power is located within these caves--thus, his vulnerability.

People: Sieglinde of Catarina (trapped within Golden Crystal Golem)
Boss: Seath the Scaleless (vulnerable)



Four Kings

The Four Kings were the beings who ruled New Londo, before they had fallen to the Dark. Recognized for their Foresight, The Lord of Sunlight granted them a piece of his Soul, the Lord Soul, to the four kings. However, after the departure of Gwyn, the Kings had fell to the Dark, tempted by the Primordial Serpent, Darkstalker Kaathe. After which case New Londo was plagued, as the Knights of New Londo had transformed into the Darkwraiths, hunters of Humanity. As the Sealers flooded New Londo to save others from the 'Reavers of Humanity', the Four Kings resided into the Abyss as their permanent domain.

People: Ingward, Knight Kirk of Thorns, Artorias the Abysswalker, Darkstalker Kaathe
Items: Dark Armor Set, Darksword, Dark Hand, Cracked Red Eye Orb, Red Eye Orb.

Seath the Scaleless

Seath the Scaleless was a dragon who betrayed his own kind and allied with Lord Gwyn, most likely because of his absence of scales/immortality. Frampt refers to him as Gwyn's former confidant. After the victory over the Everlasting Dragons, he was awarded a Dukedom and a small piece of a Lord Soul and was embraced by the royalty. He began pouring research into the Scales of Immortality, eventually going insane. He had servants called "snatchers" who would steal away maidens for nefarious reasons (most likely his research into crystals). The blue octopus creatures are mistakes resulting from this research. Aside from insanity, having no scales, being an albino, and having no legs he apparently has very bad eyesight, this being the reason his Channelers have six eyes on their mask. What he does have, though, is a form of immortality through the Primordial Crystal, a dragon artifact he pillaged when he defected. He is also speculated to be the father of the Crossbreed Priscilla.
The argument has been presented that Seath and his machinations were responsible for the downfall of the kingdom of Oolacile. If understood that the Darkroot Gardens are the lost remains to the kingdom, it becomes more clear as to what may have happened. The evidence that many of Seath's creations are found outside of his archives and caves only in the Gardens gives support to this theory. In addition the Crystal Golems appearing in number within the Basin, the Golden Crystal Golem (a creation used to ensnare people, trapping them for lifetimes) holds Dusk of Oolacile, the princess of her former kingdom. In addition, a lone Moonlight Butterfly roams the ruins, another indication that the land is not unfamiliar to Seath.

People: Big Hat Logan, Anor Londo Firekeeper, Kingseeker Frampt
Items: Soul of Seath, Channeler Armour Set, Tin Crystalization Catalyst, Crystalline Set
Spells: White Dragon Breath, Crystal Homing Soulmass, Crystal Soul Spear, Crystal Magic Weapon

Gravelord Nito

  • Gravelord Nito, the First of the Dead, was one of the original four lords that fought against the dragons. While Lord Gwyn pierced the dragons with lightning bolts and the witches weaved great firestorms that scorched the land, Nito unleashed a miasma of disease and toxin that would kill all that got caught in it. At some point after the battle there once was a plot to destroy the gods and the followers of an occult once attempted to steal the power of Nito to do so. Nito now resides within the deepest part of The Catacombs, The Tomb of the Giants, and is the leader of the Covenant, Gravelord Servant.

Items: Soul of Nito, Gravelord Sword
Spells: Gravelord Sword Dance, Gravelord Greatsword Dance
Covenant: Gravelord Servant

The Witch of Izalith

  • One of the original Lords who aided Gwyn in the war against the Dragons. The Witch of Izalith attempted to duplicate the First Flame from a soul, but instead created a distorted being of Chaos and Fire. Its power formed a bed of life which would become the source of all demons. The Flame of Chaos also engulfed the Witch and her daughters and molded them into deformed creatures, with only Quelana escaping. The Witch of Izalith had been transformed into a Firekeeper of the Chaos Flame, although is just an unmoving Grub being protected by the Flame, rather than the Witch protecting the Flame Itself. She resides under the roots of the Chaos Flame.

People: Quelana, Chaos Witch Quelaag, Quelaag's Sister, Ceaseless Discharge
Covenant: Chaos Servants
Items: Bed of Chaos Soul, Orange Charred Ring, Gold-Hemmed Black Set
Spells: Chaos Great Fireball, Chaos Fire Whip, Chaos Firestorm, Fire Tempest.
Ceaseless Discharge: It has been confirmed by Hidetaka Miyazaki that Ceaseless Discharge is the little brother of the Daughters of Chaos.


The Furtive Pygmy

  • The progenitor of the Player Character, the Pygmy discovered the unique Dark Soul amongst the other lords before fading into obscurity. Passing the soul down through his lineage, the Pygmy hoped that his descendants would extinguish the Age of Fire and usher the Age of Darkness, installing the humans as the new rulers of the world over the old Gods.

  • Speculation has given rise to the theory that the Dark Soul found by the pygmy during the Age of Ancients was the source of all humanity. Just as Lord Gwyn demonstrated that the greatest souls can be broken into shards so to was the Dark Soul. Within the power of this soul was the basis for all humanity and life through humans. Darkstalker Kaathe would seemingly support this theory as his insistence on collecting humanities found in others could be construed as an attempt to recreate as much of the Dark Soul as possible for the eventual rise of the Dark Lord.


  • Another theory says that Furitive Pygmy is Manus. Manus is referred to as "primeval man" and "father of the abyss", while the Furitive Pygmy is both master of the Dark Soul and one of the primeval men



Lord of Sunlight. He challenged the dragons, together with the other Lords. After he sacrificed himself to link the fire, he became Lord of Cinder. He has an army of trustworthy knights, Black Knights who haunt Lordran. There were also four higher ranking knights, Ornstein, Ciaran, Artorias and Gough. He once led the Silver Knights as well, when he was once the Lord of Sunlight, however his lost of Godly Status had lost his grip across the outside world after lighting the Flame for the second time.

  • Ornstein: The Dragonslayer. With his spear, and the ring given to him by Gwyn, he was strong enough to slice boulders in two. He was placed as one of two guards of Gwynevere's throne room, the other being the city's former executioner, Smough. His Leo Ring allows him to deal more thrusting damage during counter-attacks.


  • Ciaran: The Lord's Blade. She was the most talented assassin under Gwyn, laying waste to his enemies. She wielded a dagger and a curved shortsword as her weapons of choice. Her Hornet Ring boosts critical damage, allowing her to more efficiently eliminate her targets.


  • Artorias: The Abysswalker. Armed with blessed weaponry, he traversed the Dark, in order to stop it's spread, but was overcome and possessed by it. He was given the Wolf Ring, based on his companion, Sif, in order to improve his abilities as a greatswordsman.


  • Gough: The Hawkeye. He and his army of archers, the Dragonslayers, used mighty greatbows to slay dragons mid-flight. He was the most skilled archer in Lordran, rivaled only by the human Pharis.

Covenant: Way of White
Items: Great Lord Set, Great Lord Greatsword
Spells: Sunlight Spear


Daughter of Gwyn, who left Anor Londo with the other deities and is currently wife to the flame god Flann. An illusion created by her younger brother, Gwyndolin, mimics her, sitting in her old room in the keep of Anor Londo.


Covenant: Princess's Guard
Items: Ring of the Sun Princess, Divine Blessing
Spells: Bountiful Sunlight, Soothing Sunlight


Gwyndolin is the last born child of Lord Gwyn, and the last deity left in Anor Londo.
Since his power was found to be closely tied to the moon, he was raised as a daughter. As the last deity in Anor Londo, he protected his Father's grave from any assailants, and unleashed his Blades upon any who would desecrate or insult the gods.

Covenant: Blades of the Darkmoon
People: Darkmoon Knightess
Items: Darkmoon Seance Ring, Gwyndolin Moonlight Set, Darkmoon Bow, Tin Darkmoon Catalyst
Spells: Darkmoon Blade



The goddess of sin. Little is known about this rogue goddess, who meddles in the affairs of humans.
Her followers deal with the guilty, be it pardoning their sins, or punishing them. Her talismans are said to be made of her raven hair, and along with her following, is based around intelligence, not faith.

People: Oswald of Carim
Items: Black Set, Velka's Rapier, Velka's Talisman
Spells: Vow of Silence, Karmic Justice


Said to possess fateful beauty. Fina found favor in the knight Lautrec, and the armor he wears symbolizes her embrace, while his ring symbolizes her favor and protection.

People: Knight Lautrec
Items: Favor Set, Ring of Favor and Protection

Blacksmith Deity

An old deity of smithing. He crafted weapons for the other gods, and his legendary slabs turned simple weapons into tools of legend.



Taurus Demon

A bull demon who managed to escape to the surface when Lost Izalith came into being.

Bell Gargoyles

Four (although only two attack the player) who guard the entrance to the first Bell of Awakening. Presumably a test for the Chosen Undead.

Asylum Demon

Capra Demon

A goat demon who managed to escape to the surface when Lost Izalith came into being.

Ceaseless Discharge

The brother of the Daughters of Chaos. He watches guard over his sister's corpse.

Centipede Demon

The Ceaseless Discharge was once given the Charred Orange Ring by his sisters to stop his pain. When he dropped it, the centipede Demon was born.


One of the Daughters of Chaos. She stays in her domain and gathers humanity for her sister, the fair lady.

Crossbreed Priscilla

Speculated to be the daughter of Gwynevere and Seath the Scaleless.
Being a half-breed, she lives in the Painted World, hiding herself away from the Gods. Ironically enough, the Painted World holds much of what the Gods fear.

Dark Sun Gwyndolin

Son of Gwyn, raised as a daughter because of his affinity for moonlight sorcery. Is the guardian of the Darkmoon Tomb and leader of the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant.
He is keeping up the illusion that Anor Londo is still under the gods' control with his magic.

Demon Firesage

Gaping Dragon

Huge dragon with human hands that lives at the bottom of the Depths. Mutated by his insatiable hunger into having a huge mouth as his body.

Great Grey Wolf Sif

Friend and companion of Knight Artorias. Accompanied Artorias into the Abyss but was unable to prevent the Dark of the Abyss from enslaving the once brave knight. Sif was saved from the evil of the Abyss by Artorias's last act of goodness by covering the wolf with his healing greatshield. Sif now guard the corpse of his former friend deep within the heart of the Darkroot Forest.

Iron Golem

The Final test for warriors heading to Anor Londo. The only heroes to have defeated him are the Chosen Undead and Black Iron Tarkus.

Moonlight Butterfly

Ornstein and Smough

Two knights of Lord Gwyn, they are tasked with guarding Gwynevere.


Necromancer who stole the Right of Kindling and fled to the Catacombs.
Pinwheel has three faces: Father, Child, and Mother. Pinwheel was once a man who lost his son and wife. He attempted to bring them back through necromancy, but ended up fusing their bodies with his. When Pinwheel clones himself, it is actually his attempt at unfusing the three bodies.
Throughout the Pinwheel boss fight, the masks can be heard whispering in the background of the music. What the Mother and Child say is difficult to make out. The Mother chants something along the lines of, "We will never die," which refers to how the player will always obtain one of the Family Masks. It is believed that the Child chants, "Help me." Although it is difficult to hear the Mother and Child, it is easy to hear what the Father says. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

Stray Demon





Way of White

The Way of White is the covenant of Lord Gwyn. Those who are a part of this covenant seek to aid one another and ward off Dark Spirits. They search for the Rite of Kindling, which is believed to grant great powers, and wish to continue the Age of Fire by Linking the Bonfires. - Petrus of Thorolound
- Reah of Thorolound

Princess' Guard

The covenant of Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight. Those who are a part of this covenant are guardians who will stop at nothing to protect Gwynevere, believed to be one of the last remaining Deities in Anor Londo. They also seek to aid one another and are specialists in healing. - Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight

Blades of the Darkmoon

The covenant of Dark Sun Gwyndolin, the last true remaining deity in Anor Londo. Gwyndolin will call upon his faithful followers to punish the guilty - they are assassins fighting to enforce the laws of the Gods. - Gwyndolin, God of the Dark Sun

Warriors of Sunlight

The covenant of Solaire of Astora. The main aim of this Covenant is to help others in their journey. Those who are a part of this covenant have a golden summon sign that shines brilliantly like the sun. Praise The Sun! - Sunlight Altar
- Solaire of Astora (while at Sunlight Altar)

Forest Hunters

The covenant of Alvina, the white Cat of the Forest. She has lived since the early Age of Fire, and was a trusted friend of Knight Artorias and the Great Wolf Sif. Those who join this covenant will be called upon to fight off any grave-defiling intruders that dares to set foot in the forest. - Alvina, Cat of the Forest

Chaos Servants

The covenant of the Daughter of Chaos, The Ancient White Spider (A.K.A. Quelaan, as referred to in the credits and in subtitles). Chaos Servants devote their life to the Daughter of Chaos, who sacrificed her own health to ease the pains of those suffering from the Blight. - Quelaan, the White Spider Witch and Daughter of Chaos

Gravelord Servants

The covenant of Gravelord Nito. The followers of Nito will be granted the power to spread disaster in the world of others. - Gravelord Nito

Path of the Dragon

Covenant of the last dragon, The Everlasting Dragon. The followers of the Dragon, the Dragon Apostles, seek the transcendence of life itself, attainable by transformation into an ancient dragon. - Everlasting Dragon


Covenant of Darkstalker Kaathe, the primordial serpent. The Dark Wraiths seek to preserve Humanity, and thus collect it in order to prevent the feeding of Bonfires. Unlike the Way of White, they wish to end the Age of Fire and to usher in the Age of Darkness. - Darkstalker Kaathe, the Primordial Serpent

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